Thomas La Grua

The Delusion of ‘Representative’ Democracy

What is “Representative” Democracy doing in the age of communications/information technology? It’s like having all of our most important decisions, phone calls and emails transferred to people who we’ve never even met but we voted or abstained from voting for them or their opp... —

Another dream fun dream, this one with an Epiphany

As I was walking out I saw a car with a man in it sinking in a spot of water. I ran and said to the people around, that a car with a man in had just suck and we had to jump in and help. They said to me that pit is a bottomless one, he is gone. I looked into the water and I cou... —


Recently I wrote something to the effect that, I would care for all that cared for all, “I will care for the machine, the physical or the energy that care for others, that care enough to stop the sacrifice.” I now realize that within this statement, I was judging some to be wo... —

Man know Thyself, or is it, Man no Thyself?

Last night’s dream was reminiscent of the kind of dreams I’ve had all my life. Earth had been invaded by some sort of seed or something, kind of like along the lines of Invasion of the body snatchers. Something was getting into, growing and taking over peoples bodies. Once it ... —

2014 New Year update

2014 Update of me —

A Scrambled State of being

At first I thought that there was a secret code within/as the symbols of the sounds of words. However, what I am now beginning to realize is that, there is no ‘secret’ code, no-one has pulled the veil over my eyes. I’ve just scrambled my expression within and as myself to such... —

The Matters of Earth, the Heart of the Physical Reality

 Getting back to the physical matters of humanity: when and if we apply common-sense to the question of our “physical” origins, the closest and most logical link to the “physical reality” is planet earth. Accordingly, we humans are of earth, and earth is the heart of the matte... —

Today’s writing, December 23, 2013

Throughout most of last week, I noticed an usual amount of energy, kind of like a form of anxiety trying to build up and take hole. No, it wasn’t due to the holiday season, it was more subliminal, like fear of an uncertain commitment. Dreams have also been more extensive this ... —

Writing to realize and understand Integrity

I have often used the word, “realize” without actually understanding what “realize” says about me in terms of my internal and external relationships, realizing me within and as this physical-reality. I guess ‘realizing’ is a step in the process of determining the answer to the... —

Welcome to the Machine – Part One

For some time now, I’ve been writing on the subject of information accountability and its relationship to integrity, how through information accountability we may be able to assist ourselves individually and collectively to cultivate a form integrity within and as humanity. I ... —

Self Forgiveness

The last 6 months have been like the last 6 years, a journey of realizations and changes. The main points for me continue to be stopping the mind and changing my relationship to alcohol. I have come to realize that these two points are one in the same: participate in one, and ... —

Self Forgiveness on Power and Authority

In the last two days, I’ve had some more strange dreams. I wouldn’t call them nightmares because I don’t associate fear with them; however, there has been once again the issue of escaping, so I guess the fear is there, just on a level that I’m not recognizing its source point ... —

Heading which way?

I’ll begin with the dream last night. Somehow I lost my head. A doctor was however able to give me a donor head. I felt that it made me look kind of like a female; however, it was certainly better than no head at all. When I returned from wherever it was that I had gotten my n... —

More little points

Yesterday as I was exiting a 7-11, I looked up and saw a woman walking into the store, smiling at me. I smiled back; we both said hi, and I continued walking, but not without turning around and looking at what had brought me to suddenly smile, a smile just came out. As I looke... —

The Harboring an Energetic Personality system

I now realize to an extent why we as beings of and as existence have for all-time been spiraling towards non-existence – as beings. It’s because the principle of equality and oneness (as a state/statement of existence) had never before been realized or understood by beings; th... —

Self Forgiveness

Self forgiveness I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think/believe that, in general the vast majority of people are just plain stupid. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge “people” as being stupid, and within this judgment, no... —

Desteni Testimony: Part 4

The way I write what I call technical writing – sometimes for the purpose of explaining and/or persuading people to consider, and sometimes just for fun to see if I am able to put the pieces/words/me together so that they and I are able to stand as one – is to write out fragme... —

Information Secrecy vs Information Accountability

Where there is a lack of Information/Internet Accountability, there is a lack of Integrity; where there is a lack of Integrity, there is Abuse. For us to end the abuse within and as the Internet, we must establish Accountability. It begins with the people. —

Desteni Testimony: The Cult Question Revisited part 3

Continuing with my Desteni Testimony, which is also a testament of me, where I am in my process. Process is as it sounds, a series of actions directed to an end/beginning. The Desteni I Process (I would say) is a process in which one – with the assistance and support of others... —

Desteni Testimony: The Cult Question Revisited Part 2

Continuing on with my observations, experiences, and changes that I have realized through my participation with Desteni. First let’s once again get this cult question out the way. I’d say that the word, “Cult” implies brainwashing, a word that triggers in many people a reactio... —

Internet Information Accountability

The issue of Internet Privacy is being used in reference to keeping one’s digital information/data secret/concealed from criminals, corporations, governments and the likes of the NSA. However, I would say that this term is being misused, perhaps intentionally for the purpose o... —

Desteni Testimony, the Cult question Revisited

I’m writing this testimony about me and my involvement/participation with Desteni, not as an insider who has physically been to the Desteni farm, but as one who has extensively researched the information, and participated in the I-process. To be honest, what most surprised me ... —

Equal Money and the Basic Income Grant | Equal Money for Dummies

Getting representatives of Equal Money elected to the positions or offices where changes may be initiated in accordance with the Rule of Law requires the support of a lot of people, not just your votes, but also your money, time and your labor. Here (again) the question of “Wh... —

Writing through

For the last 5-6 months, writing has been an extreme chore. It’s not that it’s been difficult for me to sit down and do it; no, it’s that what has come come out hasn’t stayed on the point. What point is or was there to stay on I might ask myself. I don’t have any points that j... —

Life’s Matter of Relationships | Equal Money for Dummies

Life as a foundation is a matter of relationships from within and as which, a seed may – depending upon the Equality its relationships or Ecosystem – grow and flourish or wither and die. The Equality of the relationships define and determine the nature of everything within and... —

Equal Money and some Real Change | Equal Money for Dummies

Historically speaking,   change has usually been defined “For us” in  the lines  of the Revolution, hypocritical politicians, and misinformation of the Corporate media. And, as long as the consumers were kept well fed, few seemed to notice or care that the change for the “bett... —

Equal Money for Dummies 1

Some points that have come up in writing about Equal Money: my starting point, direct democracy, the role of the human, robotics... —

Equal Money and The Political Process | Equal Money for Dummies

Although Politics, in it’s traditional role will no longer Be in Equal Money, it’s important to understand the workings of the current political processes: firstly to realize why it is necessary to redesign the entire system, and secondly so as to facilitate the implementation... —

The New World Order: Perception vs Reality | Equal Money for Dummies

There is an enormous gap between the physical reality and our perception of it; so enormous that we may even be perceiving ourselves from the inside looking out, like a hole in One in reverse. Everyday, we are bombarded by so much external stimuli that we end up filtering-out... —

Investigating the Frequencies in/as the words I speak

Taking a detour from what I’ve recently been focused on, I’m going to write about what I’ve been experiencing over the last couple of weeks concerning words. While teaching sentence patterns to a group of teenage students, I noticed that the words I was using were coming up wi... —