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Day 93: Time to check out the countryside

This is basically how I’ve been making my way through the world system as far back as I remember, stopping for a while, exploring, and then moving on. There are considerations that I apply to where I work and live, such as the cost of living, the currency rate, the environme... —

Day 92: Why do I write similar Self-forgiveness and Self-corrective statements over and over again?

Writing the same statements over and over again makes it appear as though I am making the same mistakes over and over again, which leaves me exposed as being less than I have imagined/ portrayed myself to be. So, why do still it; because (as is seen from the statement above) m... —

Day 91: Cannibalism

I just had another dream, it was similar to the scary ones I used to have while growing up. The dream was of seeing and participating in the aftermath of a societal-breakdown. It was chaos and cannibalism – hunger rules. In the dream, society quickly breaks down, and food beco... —

Day 90: Projecting outward The inward Path

Yesterday, in reference to Transitioning to Equal Money capitalism, I wrote the following: The way to win this game is to end it once and for all, terminating the old and birthing the new at the same time. We start at the bottom, and systematically begin turning off the power... —

Day 89: Suppressed Negativity Part 2, Ending the Game, Brick by Brick

I usually write with some measure of pretense that the nature of who we are as beings, deep down inside will eventually show, growing to become an unstoppable force of Benevolent change to bring about the new world order of Equality. It really is just a pretense – me in writin... —

Day 88: Suppressed Negativity

Over the last 3-4 weeks, I've experienced kind of a condensed version of what I experienced a while back when I suddenly stopped writing. It feels kind of like withdrawal symptoms – writing and self-forgiveness withdrawals. What happened (from my perspective) is that right aro... —

DAy 87: Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, Chinese New Year, the Festival of Spring: cleaning the house, doing things that require to be done every so often, and just relaxing a bit. Spring Festival is a time to visit family, clean the house... Really, it's just like any other holiday, corrupted by con... —

Carrying Past definitions

A point that has come up regularly through-out my life has to do with cars/vehicles – specifically their potential to break-down or malfunction, unto which I have often projected my aggravation/exacerbation/desperation... Today has to do with registering my car, the old car th... —

The immaturity of Today's so-called of the so-called Free world

What may I say that hasn't been said so many times, already in so many ways. Looking at the world through the eyes of mine, at the news, at the so-called leaders of the so-called free world, I would laugh if it weren't so pitiful. Really, is this what maturity is about; is thi... —

Implementing an Equality System

Removing the Current World System and Implementing of an Equality System Desteni EQAFE DIP Lite Creation's Journey to Life Heaven's Journey to Life Earth's Journey to Life Thomas La Grua —

Day 84: The little energies

Lately, I haven't had that much in terms of reactions or energy participation that I saw an urgency to write about. Mostly it's just been thought projections that I’m still accepting and allowing – as though the little stuff is not so important. About three weeks to a month ag... —

Day 85: Reacting to students who refuse to participate in the Program.

The other day in my 3rd grade class, I kept asking a girl, to pay attention and take notes. Finally I asked her why she wasn't taking notes, and she says, “My father doesn't want me to write this.” Right there I reacted, and the words came out inside me, “What do mean you Fath... —

Day 82: Who has earned the Right to Life?

Equal Money Newsletter So it has been through history, the right to life, mortgaged to the bank, crown, government, slave traders..., what's in a name, miss a payment, they still take your home, your life away. Smooth talking politicians, puppet poster boys and girls for t... —

Seeing where I am.wmv

In this video I'm speaking about me, so as to see me, where I'm at. DIP Lite Creation's Journey to Life Heaven's Journey to Life Earth's Journey to Life Thomas La Grua —

Day 81: Mind - your Weapons of Mass Destruction

Today I was reading a “Heaven's Journey to Life” blog, and it occurred to me (I guess you could say clicked), why it is that we as human beings continue to argue/fight among each other, about “everything,” and never actually get down to addressing the source-point from which “... —

Day 80: No Doom's day today

I’d be lying if I said that I haven't for a long time been hoping, perhaps the last of my hopes, that the end of the Mayan cycle would produce something, a wake-up call if you will to humanity, that change is now the order of the day. Alas, the day has come and almost gone, an... —

Day 79: Self Observations

I almost always look over or what I’ve posted on my Blog and You tube. It’s interesting to once again do video blogs. I still enjoy (although not as much as I used to) watching myself on YouTube, and the same goes for reading what I’ve written. It's not “All” ego at play here;... —

Sandy Hook Massacre: What if it were you and Yours?

The senseless murder of children is a point for which I have no words to accurately describe the pain felt by those parents who are left behind. Why did it have to be their children? What did they do to one day be safe in their homes, as dutifully loving and protecting parents... —

Holiday Message

My message for the Holidays: Make it Real Desteni ( EQAFE ( DIP Lite Creation's Journey to Life Heaven's Journey to Life Earth's Journey to Life Thomas La Grua —

Responsibility to Life

Each being is an inseparable part of all that is here, and thus equally as one responsible responsible for the whole. Yet still the condition of the Whole-World spirals downward with far too few even willing to take the first step to stopping and reversing this trend. We fear ... —


I created this video using my Logitech webcam software. —

Day 76: A forgotten piece of me

It's 10:40 pm (3 days before), and I just woke up after sleeping just an hour and a half. What's interesting is that I feel/felt that I’ve slept for about 6 hours. The same thing happened to me yesterday after an afternoon nap of about the same amount of time. And as with yest... —

2012: Dying to Ascend in Love and Light

As the prophesied end of the Mayan calender fast approaches, many have begun to realize that it's time to decide (for real this time) to hold onto one's dreams of ascension – the energetic illusions of love and light within and as the mind; or stand and take responsibility for... —

Day 73: World inside of me

I live in a world of contradictions. I look at the news and I see suffering that in my imagination must be worse than death. Where do so many find the will to continue to experience such despair; hope may be their god, yet common sense says he's not there. I hop on my scooter,... —

Day 72: Consumer Zombies

Zombies, that's what their calling them, and if you have a look at the many videos posted on the internet, of the Black Friday consuming frenzies, they – the consumers do look like zombies. I wish I was kidding, yet this is not a satire. Watching the the videos of the hordes o... —

Day 71

Ever wonder why it's called “the fruit” of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and why it's the Serpent that is portrayed/imaged into our minds as giving the Ripe red apple to Eve to eat? Why is it called, “The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Why not jus... —

Day 70: Hugging

There are (as I stated in my last post) some more “little things” that I have addressed before, yet still occasionally come up – as questions. Earlier this week, on two different occasions two little children – first graders tried to hug me, or I guess I could say did give me ... —

Day 69: Pride

On Monday, I was actually quite successful in stopping my participation in the majority of my thoughts for most of the day and into the evening. What I found interesting is that around 2:00 am, I woke up with an extreme hunger or emptiness feeling in my stomach area. It wasn'... —

Day 68:

There is once again that feeling in my gut, as though trouble is coming and there is no escaping it – so I will face it, for I’m certain it's only me that I will see. Which leads me to wonder what it is within and as me that causes so much angst, that I just want to open the d... —

Day 67: Continuing to explore my relationship to “Work”

On the subject once again, of work. I wasn't really going to blog about it because I’m doing a mind construct on the subject, and I was thinking that perhaps I would leave it to be expanded on in the MC. However it doesn't appear to be happening that way. What does appear to b... —