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I created this video using my Logitech webcam software. —

Day 76: A forgotten piece of me

It's 10:40 pm (3 days before), and I just woke up after sleeping just an hour and a half. What's interesting is that I feel/felt that I’ve slept for about 6 hours. The same thing happened to me yesterday after an afternoon nap of about the same amount of time. And as with yest... —

2012: Dying to Ascend in Love and Light

As the prophesied end of the Mayan calender fast approaches, many have begun to realize that it's time to decide (for real this time) to hold onto one's dreams of ascension – the energetic illusions of love and light within and as the mind; or stand and take responsibility for... —

Day 73: World inside of me

I live in a world of contradictions. I look at the news and I see suffering that in my imagination must be worse than death. Where do so many find the will to continue to experience such despair; hope may be their god, yet common sense says he's not there. I hop on my scooter,... —

Day 72: Consumer Zombies

Zombies, that's what their calling them, and if you have a look at the many videos posted on the internet, of the Black Friday consuming frenzies, they – the consumers do look like zombies. I wish I was kidding, yet this is not a satire. Watching the the videos of the hordes o... —

Day 71

Ever wonder why it's called “the fruit” of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and why it's the Serpent that is portrayed/imaged into our minds as giving the Ripe red apple to Eve to eat? Why is it called, “The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” Why not jus... —

Day 70: Hugging

There are (as I stated in my last post) some more “little things” that I have addressed before, yet still occasionally come up – as questions. Earlier this week, on two different occasions two little children – first graders tried to hug me, or I guess I could say did give me ... —

Day 69: Pride

On Monday, I was actually quite successful in stopping my participation in the majority of my thoughts for most of the day and into the evening. What I found interesting is that around 2:00 am, I woke up with an extreme hunger or emptiness feeling in my stomach area. It wasn'... —

Day 68:

There is once again that feeling in my gut, as though trouble is coming and there is no escaping it – so I will face it, for I’m certain it's only me that I will see. Which leads me to wonder what it is within and as me that causes so much angst, that I just want to open the d... —

Day 67: Continuing to explore my relationship to “Work”

On the subject once again, of work. I wasn't really going to blog about it because I’m doing a mind construct on the subject, and I was thinking that perhaps I would leave it to be expanded on in the MC. However it doesn't appear to be happening that way. What does appear to b... —

Day 66: Mind noise and Mind constructs

Sometimes during this process of writing to explore/understand me, self forgiveness to release the energy/physical relationships, and the self-corrective application as a road map to actual physical living: I go silent – figuratively speaking. Basically, I'm assessing where I ... —

Day 65: Dreams and Memories

Early this morning I woke up with a dream fresh in my mind. Usually (for some time now) I wouldn't hold onto it or even look at it unless there was knowing or feeling that it's important and I should look at it. However, since I had seen the subject of dreams come up on one of... —

Day 64: Considering Consciousness

A couple days ago I wrote on the subject of Consciousness – the system-awareness that has taken over in absence of our awareness. After a day or two I didn't post what I had written because I was uncertain of some of the information that I recalled from “Consciousness – The En... —

Day 63: Scheduling

Thursday morning, cool because I have four days off and I still have a job – that I enjoy. Basically it's putting a week's worth of teaching periods into three days, which is physically tasking yet fun at the same time because the students are cool and the in-classroom support... —

Day 62: Today's Backchat

Today was basically an uneventful day and as far as it being a working day, I’m kind of thankful for that. There was one point when I spoke with the principal of the school. I spoke to him about the midterm exams that he wants me to write, but doesn't want to pay me to write. ... —

Day 61: No-one to Speak to

I wrote a quite a bit today: technical stuff – theories/hypotheses; the kind of stuff I enjoy studying and writing about. It's weird because I’m starting to wonder where this enthusiasm for this kind of studying and writing comes from. Until I started exploring myself and exis... —

Day 60: Pieces of what's inside of me

It has been said in different ways and I agree: stop hoping, let go of everything, become self-honest, live within and as what is best for all – give unto others what you would have given, and so forth. There is nothing new about such advise, and as always it is still easier s... —

Day 59: Exploring and Facing Fear, part 3

Continuing with my writings on Fear: I now see that what I've experienced over the last week goes much deeper than it first appeared to on the surface; I guess it would, being that it is “fear” that I'm addressing. To recap last week: when I received my pay I realized that it ... —

Day 58: Fear - of not being in control, continued

I'm continuing with yesterday's post on fear of losing control. The goal of this writing is to place before me a path of principled living on which I may direct me in this and other endeavors. Last night it occurred to me that tomorrow is a chance for me – as in to change from... —

Day 57: Fear - of not being in control

Yesterday afternoon I went into reaction mode; not as intensely as I may have in the past, yet still in reaction. It turns out that the really cool job I started working at is only paying about seventy-five percent of what I had interpreted we had agreed upon. This goes back t... —

Day 57: Hell

This morning I felt this lack of energy feeling, translated in the mind to mean “feeling down.” It's interesting because mostly these days I don't feel up or down, yet lately off and on I’ve felt a physical sensation in my solar plexus as though I’m scared or nervous yet I don... —

Day 55: Visualizing Existence

Yesterday I read an article about the scientist who was awarded a Nobel prize for for showing or photographing the same particle in two different places at the same time; at least that's what I got out of the article after having scanned it – actually it was quite lacking in s... —

Day 54: Starting to target personalities

A point that has been with me for a long time is the point (while reading/studying/listening to Desteni material)of interrupting myself with thoughts of me demonstrating, showing / explaining to others the significance/meaning of this material. It's reoccurring and obtrusive i... —

Day 53: That sinking feeling

What I want to write about is how ridiculous people are, how dumbed-down they seem to be – these days. That's what I want to write about, and that's after watching the first season of a TV series that came out last year. I fast forwarded at least sixty percent of each episode... —

Day 52: And... not so quiet

Why is it that when my mind is quiet, I don't write as much? Because I write to write out issues that I've allowed myself to become / occupy me as the mind, minding my business. Where as when I am quiet, issues are not pressing me for attention and I am not minding them. This ... —

Day 51: Quieter

What to write about that I haven't already written about? I'm now working long days on Monday, through Wednesday, and on those days I prefer to come come read/study, relax, listen to some interviews and go to sleep, i.e., without writing so much. My conscious mind is fairly qu... —

Day 51: Process Update

Yesterday I asked my wife: “How do you know that your memories are you own; maybe they were just implanted into you.” I was just having fun with her. Yet the reality is I have no idea who she or anyone else is; why would I when I don't even know who I am. I'll just come out an... —

Day 50: Relationships

A problem that I sometimes encounter when sitting down to write is not having a subject or an issue to write about. By issue I’m referring to a point within me that I've allowed to occupy me on various occasions let's say for more than a 10 seconds at a time before I stop it. ... —

The Pillar of Resistance, the Rebel in Fear

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically believe that I am this standing pillar of stability (unseen within, but known to be there as who I am), without fully investigating or even seeing from where this so called pillar originates and why I as... —

Day 48: Teaching Children

I wrote before about my starting to work at another school. I'm teaching English, Math and Science (in English) to first and third graders. It's cool, I finally have an audience that listens to me – sometimes. In other words, along with their regular programming which I do not... —