Thomas La Grua

Day 26: The First Character - wrong direction, wrong directive

Having just finished reading day 79 of the Blog, “Heaven's Journey to Life” I can definitely say that I resemble in a big way, the first character of our existence, “there must be more than ME, there must be more than HERE” Apparently, so too do we all because we’re all of and... —

Day 24: Blame

I’d like to say that I don't play the blame game. Unfortunately, it does sometimes play me. It's when something is not going the way I would prefer it, that I as mind sees opportunity, looks for and too often finds someone or something to directly or indirectly blame for my ne... —

Day 23: Lost in Time

If someone had told me a long time ago: where not to look, where not to go, I would have ran there just to have a look because that's what I do. As far as I can see, it's what I've always done, explore where I'm told not to go. It's easy to fool me; just tell me the correct wa... —

Day 22

Sometimes I'll do unto others - people, bugs, animals, etc., that which I would have done unto me, even when no one else sees. Leaving me to ponder: “perhaps, deep down..?” And then the voice of logic, “Nope, just deceiving myself again.” Because if I were that which truly lov... —

Day 21: What is Best for all

To say, “It's just the way it is.” is like saying, “It's God's will.” It's a lame excuse to not investigate what “is” here, not take responsibility, stay ignorant, experience the lie and then die without ever having stood up and questioned: Why? Some would say, it's not a lie,... —

Day 20: Skeletons in the closet: Here's mud in My face

The title refers to the symbolism of two dreams I recalled upon waking on two separate occasions. Usually I try not to focus on or remember dreams unless their symbolism is immediately apparent; sometimes I'm successful, and sometimes not. On this occasion, it seemed as though... —

Day 17: Laughter: Character or me?

Yesterday, I went and taught a class of four 1st grade kids. Since most of the students are on vacation, it was basically me just keeping them busy. So I started out with my usual thing: what's your name, where are you from... and I heard one of the kids say, “Earth,” which I ... —

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