Thomas La Grua

Day 22

Sometimes I'll do unto others - people, bugs, animals, etc., that which I would have done unto me, even when no one else sees. Leaving me to ponder: “perhaps, deep down..?” And then the voice of logic, “Nope, just deceiving myself again.” Because if I were that which truly lov... —

Day 21: What is Best for all

To say, “It's just the way it is.” is like saying, “It's God's will.” It's a lame excuse to not investigate what “is” here, not take responsibility, stay ignorant, experience the lie and then die without ever having stood up and questioned: Why? Some would say, it's not a lie,... —

Day 20: Skeletons in the closet: Here's mud in My face

The title refers to the symbolism of two dreams I recalled upon waking on two separate occasions. Usually I try not to focus on or remember dreams unless their symbolism is immediately apparent; sometimes I'm successful, and sometimes not. On this occasion, it seemed as though... —

Day 17: Laughter: Character or me?

Yesterday, I went and taught a class of four 1st grade kids. Since most of the students are on vacation, it was basically me just keeping them busy. So I started out with my usual thing: what's your name, where are you from... and I heard one of the kids say, “Earth,” which I ... —