Member since September 2011.


Education bio:
1. Finished secondary Machine Engineering school
2. Certificate for Pre-Press by Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
3. Certificate for Professional Photography by New York Institute of Photography
4. Self-Study in graphic design
5. Course of video production at Studio 12
6. 30 years of experiences in visual communication
7. Self-employed as photographer and graphic designer since year 2000
8. Owner of studio with professional tools to produce photo, video and printed stuff
9. Will apply for Psychology study in fall 2011

Desteni participation:
1. Studying Desteni material from October 2009
2. Became SRA/DIP student in January 2010
3. Became DIP agent/recruiter in January 2011

Valentin Rozman

You've been tagged! What will you be in an Equal Money System?

This is my rant of how would it be when waking up in an Equal Money System that is a peaceful political proposal from Desteni in order to change the values in our society and take care for the need of every human, animal and plant on this planet. ... —

Facing the fear of being judged by others

I am still dealing with subconscious and unconscious manifestations of fear that result as vertigo and nausea. This patterns are very subtle and hard to notice. Many result as accepted and allowed personality of being a nice and perfect guy, as my father wanted me to become. S... —

Am I here and am I real?

While walking the Desteni I Process of self-realization, I got the feedback from the group members that I am hiding behind my personality and that I am not allowing to express myself or to face myself in full depth. This video is a feedback request for others to give their per... —

My impressions after first year of participating in Desteni I Process

After one year of participating in Desteni I Process self-realisation and life coaching program, I have become much more inner stable, more expressive, removed a lot of unconscious fear, my head does not hurt in the wind anyone, the pimples are gone, I overcame addiction to po... —

Silverpoint time share holidays & vacation club

A week ago some man called me on the phone and invited me to come to presentation of Silverpoint holidays program at Vila Bled hotel and they will give me a gift in form of dinner for two persons or something similar if I come. I explained the man that I am not going on holida... —

Attending Studio 12 video production workshop

For the last several days I have been visiting our capital city Ljubljana quite frequently due to looking of possible locations for my apartment and business office. Today I have checked out one very interesting room in the basement of Geodesic Administration of Republic of Sl... —

Opening of Theosophic library in Celje

A week ago I received invitation to opening ceremony of theosophic library and reading room in Celje city that was named by famous Slovenian female theosophist Alma Maksimiljana Karlin. Celje is quite far from where I live, about 1,5 hours of highway driving so I was wondering... —

Observing myself from point of all existence

I am more and more sorting out my life, and yesterday I have tidied up all my stuff so the kitchen and living room and computer desk is finally clean thus I can now fully focus on my projects. Now I have to process the photos from my blogging in nature and from one business pr... —

I got my first recruit

It is 1am and I again can't sleep. After last self-forgiveness, I felt very refreshed and my head was crystal clear the next day, but now thoughts started to accumulate again, so it is time to do some more writing. Yesterday morning when I woke up, my body felt very tired and... —

Exposing nasty tricks of my ego

It is 3am and I am not able to sleep. This is a very rare case and I can not remember the last case when the thoughts did not let me to rest. I also feel a bit of muscle pain in legs and shoulders, probably due to starting to go in the mountains twice a week and picking very s... —

Fear attacked me again, stronger than ever

Today fear attacked me once again. It has been about 6 weeks since the last attack that happened while I was visiting Desteni farm in South Africa. Bernard warned me that if I continue my activities without effectively doing my process, it will reappear. But I did not believe ... —

Going deeper in my mind-patterns

After my last blog post, where I asked for additional support, I have been given very detailed support that have assisted me a lot in realising my procrastination at going deeper into my mind and releasing my unconscious mind patterns. I have perceived that my process is adequ... —

How to give an effective support

Within my Deseni process of self-realization, I have been given different kind of support by different people. As part of Desteni I Process life coaching program, one is firstly introduced with basic principles of self-realization like Self-Honestly, Self-Directive Principle, ... —

Considering support of the group with boy who can see aura

A group of people from Slovenia has been using the boy who can see aura as a tool to support their process of self-realization for about 7 years now. After they discovered Desteni two years ago, they have started to use the basic tools of self-forgiveness. Now they have contac... —

The collaboration of Zeitgeist and Desteni members in Slovenia

My conclusions after attending a meeting of Zeitgeist people from Slovenia in the capital city Ljubljana on 2. April 2011. I describe what are the barriers for joined collaboration and what are the open potential for all of us to support each other in bringing a better world. ... —

Self-Forgiveness - How it works and why is it effective

While I drive in the car to Zeitgeist meeting in Ljubljana, I explain the basic of the self-forgiveness tool, how it works and why it is suggested for all to use it in order to effectively clear you problematic mind-patterns. http://www.valentinrozman... —

Backchat 24. March 2011

This is the example of writing out the back-chat, which are voices or thoughts in ones head, as support to stop the constant uncontrolled self-chat that distracts us from what is really here. The text will be used to develop the Back-Chat phase of Desteni I Process, it has bee... —

Facing the point of dissapointment in photography session

This is after two months my first vlog, since I have been busy moving to new apartment and then been away due to my one month visit of Desteni farm in South Africa. Now I have purchased a new computer, a voice recorder, latest video software, and I am going to restart facing m... —

How disaster in Japan influenced me

When earthquake hit Japan a few weeks ago, a lot of production facilities were destroyed, and also the nuclear reactor got damaged extensively. A radioactive dust has escaped in the air and a few days ago, some sources reported that radioactive cloud is about to cross Slovenia... —

Walking process alone vs. walking in the group

There are many ways of self-realization in this world. We all experience many things in daily life which assist us at realization how we function and how this world functions. We act and we see the results of our action. The speed of self-realization process depends of how one... —

Landmark Education / Forum - a Destonian perspective

In my previous blog I have described how I have been introduced with the information about Landmark Forum, which is a flagship course from Landmark Education global company. While we were waiting for Zeitgeist meeting to start on past Saturday, I noticed one girl at the bar of... —

Group of Slovenian people with a kid who can see aura

Yesterday was extremely fascinating day with two very interesting meetings. I departure from my home at 7:30 and at 7:50 picked up a new female friend at Kranj city. We then continued highway to the second largest Slovenian city Maribor, where there was suppose to star a meeti... —

Running out of time for doing all the things that I plan

My experience at Desteni farm while I was staying there was that a day is very long, and I had a lot of time to do many things. Well in fact I was there on holidays, the internet was slow, and I focused on my process and resting. From beginning the days passed slowly, but towa... —

First week after returning from Desteni farm report

It has been 7 days since I came back from Desteni farm in South Africa, so I decided to share what was going on in past several days. I arrived to Ljubljana airport exactly to the minute on time. My father awaited me with his wan to pick me up. On the way to home, he asked me... —

Valentin's impressions after returning from Desteni farm

I have 10 hour flight from Johannesburg airport in South Africa behind me, just finished passenger control procedures, it is 8:00 hours, I am at gate B13 of Frankfurt airport in Germany, expecting my last connecting flight to Ljubljana airport in my home Slovenia country at 10... —

Dream about innocence, unconscious mind and self-responsibility

I had a dream tonight, about 5am, a night mare I can say, where I have been fighting the concept of innocence, conscious and unconscious mind and self-responsibility. I remember Sunette to be in the dream, and also Bernard. While I was lying on my bad and having this dream, I ... —

Valentin travelling to Desteni farm in South Africa report

The 10. February 2011 when I was to departure to Desteni farm in South Africa was getting closer and closer. The night before I had the third speech about Desteni at some youth club at Škofja Loka. I was invited so speak there by some guy who runs the web site (Uje... —

Support for Relationship Demon possessed females

This is support for all women, who long for some specific person, who are in deep love into someone, but this someone is out of their reach or does not want to be in relationship with you. Understand, that when you grow up, you are being imprinted with billions of information... —

The second Desteni speech executed, upgrading my computer

Yesterday before noon I went out for a hike on a nearby hill, since I needed to ground myself. On the top, I was very surprised to meet my ex-coworker Valentina, who has been assisting me at photography projects a few years ago. Last year she managed to get employed at the Kra... —

My first Desteni speech over, tomorrow will have the second one

Yesterday I had the first speech of sharing my experiences with Desteni, by focusing on the tool of self-forgiveness. The location was at some health spa center half un hour drive away, where I already taught Taijiquan several years ago. The initiator of the speech was me, and... —