Member since September 2011.


Education bio:
1. Finished secondary Machine Engineering school
2. Certificate for Pre-Press by Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
3. Certificate for Professional Photography by New York Institute of Photography
4. Self-Study in graphic design
5. Course of video production at Studio 12
6. 30 years of experiences in visual communication
7. Self-employed as photographer and graphic designer since year 2000
8. Owner of studio with professional tools to produce photo, video and printed stuff
9. Will apply for Psychology study in fall 2011

Desteni participation:
1. Studying Desteni material from October 2009
2. Became SRA/DIP student in January 2010
3. Became DIP agent/recruiter in January 2011

Valentin Rozman

2010 with Shaman, Kiesha Crowthe - Lecture video review

I have watched a YouTube video recording of a speech that Shaman Kiesha Crowthe, also known as Little Grandmother, had at Santa Fe Soul in the USA in the beginning of year 2010. The video has been sliced in ten clips, and the links to the video have been published on the wall ... —

Alcohol and celebrations, ex-apartment prepared for takeover

The Sunday celebration of my father's 60th birthday went well. The first point that I would like to bring up is, that father awaited guest outside on a terrace with a glass of whisky. So when some guests would come, he poured them a glass, even if they said that they do not wa... —

Another strong but short collapse, moved furniture to basement

Yesterday I spent the first night at my father's apartment. The bed was very soft, so I did not sleep very comfortably since I am used to much harder bed. When I woke up, I stayed in the bed, picked my MacBook and started to watch vlogs and to answer emails and FaceBook massag... —

Finally moved out to my father's place, who became 60 years old

Today I finally moved out of my apartment since the phone company disconnected the internet and this will be the first night that I will spent in the top apartment at my father's house. I also received the confirmation letter that my bank debts were payed, so I managed to open... —

Our country Slovenia soon facing bankruptcy

I have been watching a video recording of a lecture titled "Financial distress of Slovenia", where Zoran Dernovšek, independent financial counselor, who also studied international finances, presented disturbing financial information regarding our country. He showed the trend o... —

Bought new photo equipment, met new interesting people

Yesterday morning I have been busy packing and moving out of my apartment and I managed to make two rides with my car, fully filled with the stuff. In the afternoon I went to Kranj city where I met with the real estate agent, and we went to the public notary to authenticate th... —

Continuing with moving out, spreading the message of Desteni

Today I have been busy packing my stuff in order to move out of my apartment, and I have been also very active in communicating with a lot of new friends on the FaceBook. Many have found the new Desteni videos that I promptly post on by FaceBook wall every day very inspiring, ... —

Curing cancer effectively with sodium bicarbonate and iodine

Today I have watched a two hour footage of lecture of Primož Verbič who is the president of SVOOD - Slovenian Society for Freedom of Choice. He had a speech in the Youth Cultural Center in Škofja Loka, where I am also to have a speech about my experiences with Desteni on 9. Fe... —

Message to the girl who is madly in love with me and the vertigo

Herewith I am going to expose my thoughts related to the girl who came to visit me all the way from other side of our country and stayed here for period of five days in order to also help me with packing and moving out from my apartment that I sold recently. But before I conti... —

How physical supports me with itching and vertigo in detail

I have been raised up to become a good brave boy that my parents could be proud of. My mother worked as a midwife and my father was firstly a chimney sweeper, than a head of a air cleaning unit in the steel factory and then he finally started his own business. In the beginning... —

Got money from selling apartment, bought ticket to Desteni farm

After two days of delay, the buyer of my apartment finally wired me the money, thus my apartment definitely got a new owner. So for the past few day, I have been very busy with paying all the past bills, delayed taxes, closing bank credits, ordering passport, preparing the vis... —

Considering farming in order to relieve my butt

It has been now almost one year since I started Structural Resonance Alignment Training. When it was firstly introduced, there was no detailed description of what it would include and how will the lessons be structured, so I was not able to predict how will it influence my lif... —

Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Movie review

Today was the world premiere of the third Zeitgeist movie titled "Moving Forward". I reserved the ticket a few weeks ago, since I am in touch and following the activities of the Zeitgeist Movement in Slovenia. The screening took place in several major town in our country, and ... —

Contract closed, climbed the hill, researched sexual intimacy

Today I went to real estate agency and signed a contract with the couple who decided to buy my apartment. All went well and I should receive money to my bank account next Monday. Thus I have pushed the preparations for holidays on the Desteni farm and visited travel agency who... —

Sold apartment, girlfriend visited, holidays at Desteni farm

I have found a buyer for my new apartment after only three weeks of advertising. Some young couple has came to look at apartment past Sunday and tomorrow we are to sign a contract, so I will be out of my apartment by the end of January. I am satisfied with the price we agreed ... —

Gold standard is not the solution - Support Equal Money System While some suggest to buy as much gold and silver in order to protect your wealth since prices of those metals are suppose to skyrocket when Americas debt bu... —

How Desteni and the tools of self-realization influenced my life From being a lightworker, angelic counselor and reiki healer, I met Desteni in October 2009 and became aware that all what I have believed in was just a shin... —

Sound Money - The gold standard is not the solution

I have watched some very interesting videos today that speak about money and current world economic crisis. Stansberry & Associates Research Institute released a very controversial presentation video that in very great detail explains how USA is slowly but surely drifting into... —

My chat experience with founder of Wikileaks Slovenia

Today I have had a Skype audio chat with a guy from Slovenia who I met on FaceBook and is managing some Slovenian environmental FaceBook group. I have checked his profile and noticed that he is also involved in the Wikileaks project. So I contacted him and we talked about our ... —

My chat experience with founder of Wikileaks Slovenia

Today I have had a Skype audio chat with a guy from Slovenia who I met on FaceBook and is managing some Slovenian environmental FaceBook group. I have checked his profile and noticed that he is also involved in the Wikileaks project. So I contacted him and we talked about our ... —

Exposing secret mind related to submissive personality

This blog post is the extra support for the point that I stopped in the moment a few moments ago and started to expose and defuse verbally. I experienced the tiny skin irritation while I was listening some Desteni video and meanwhile browsed my Record of participation spreadsh... —

No more mercy in regards to my mind-fucks!

I decided to do more blogs in order to defuse as many subconscious reactive mind patterns, since I have noticed that my mind produces a lot of thoughts that I have been unable to stop by focusing on breathing. I remember to be more successful a few months ago, but now it is li... —

About one man who impressed me a lot in past several years

There is one man who I also dreamed about yesterday and who impressed me a lot with his approach, but who is also running away from open contact with me lately. This man has a certain qualities that I admire a lot, however he has also made some actions that I am not a great fu... —

My lectures about Desteni and self-forgiveness announcement

There is a guy who created a Slovenian web site with content that expose world inequality, New World Order, Chemtrails and similar stuff. I met this guy in person firstly at the Slovenian conference "Let us create the world of peace of love" this summer, where I also introduce... —

Facing my fears regarding politics

With my recent decision to go into politics, many thoughts and fears appeared. By observing the political arena in our country by watching TV news and political shows, reading newspapers, and by watching many videos and movies regarding American and world politics, like lectur... —

Analyzing my dreams of deep water and great hight

I had I dream while I was waking up today. It was at the sea beach and I was part of some group that had vacations there and we had a delicious free meals and we were able to swim and jump into the water from different hight. The weather was warm and sunny, and the access to t... —

Reactions in regards liking on the FaceBook

One of the noticeable reactions that manifested as itching sensation on my skin today was when I was liking the new posts of Destonians on my FaceBook latest feeds. I decided to click all the "I like it" buttons on the feeds, starting from the top and moving down all the way t... —

Defusing reactions regarding YouTube continued

I was surprised how many points popped-up when I started to write about my suppressed reaction regarding YouTube. I learned that only while writing, one is able to slow the mind enough to effectively expose all the secret mind. This has been especially clearly shown while walk... —

Defusing reactions regarding YouTube

I am continuing with defusing the small points of suppressed reactions that instantly manifest as pinching itching points on my skin around genitals. The most recent reactions I experienced a few moments ago was after I watched several ITD videos and I did comment them as "Wat... —

The emotional December girl

The girl who I met online one month ago payed me a visit this Wednesday. She came with the bus and I picked her on the bus station and then we went to my place. This was the firs girl I dated that was older than me, and she had I lot of concerns regarding this, expressing thou... —