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At the age of 20 I grew more and more sick of myself, and my constant failures to produce something of enjoyment and meaning in my life. I searched for fulfillment everywhere but here, as the fulfillment of living breath; and so one day whilst I was contemplating what I could do in this world, and how come I experienced this world and myself as meaningless; I found desteni!

And consequently – I found meaning and a point to existence: birthing myself as life from the physical and stopping this world as it currently exist.

Viktor Persson

How I like to have sex! Equal money means more sex :)

We are not seperate from the whole. —

New Music Revolution against Profit and Ignorant Behaviour

She'd been sitting twenty hours a day. Behind a sawing machine. A smal pawn in the big scheme. And she'd been working. Since she she was a child. In the same sweatshop-factory. Where only profit was satisfactory. And she didn't. Know there was something more. She'd been used... —

Isreal stops aid shipment! Politicians are imature children! Equal Money for all!

Equal Money For all —

War and Profit turns me on lol! Equal money means more sex!

Equal Money For All —

Prostitutes, Sex and Money!!!!!!!!!!!

Trafficking, prostitutes forced in prostitution because they had no money. A free market economy? Where is the freedom for those sold as slaves? Equal money for all! —

Independent music: Viktor "the winner and the loser"

Whatever happened to honesty and dignity Words forgotten turning profit into misery Though we all have eye's to see We've been blinded by our own wish to be free But our luxury and comfort comes at a price Life becomes a casino where you cast the dice Where there is a ... —

EYE will remain SOUNDLESS

Author: Bernard Poolman Artist: Viktor Persson Lyrics: Sound is what EYE Found Words that forever Bound Fear that SUDDENLY HOUND A Sound EVER VIBRATING setting in Motion all Hating As EYE wish for Love and look for help from above Words turn in my MIND Soundless... —

The origin of crime

Is the lack of money EQUAL MONEY FOR ALL —

Politik är bullshit

Politik är bullshit —

Finanskris och jämlikt med pengar för alla

Finanskris och jämlikt med pengar för alla. Sådan simpel sak. Som att ta hand om alla människor gör vi förbannat svårt. —

Dare to answer questions that you usually do not get —

I shaved my hair

I shaved my hair, enjoy self-expression visit: —

My purpose, talent, ability and god given skill seen in self-honesty

My purpose, talent, ability and god given skill seen in self-honesty visit: —

Growing up in a equal money system

Growing up in a equal money system, —

End Game End Fame

End Game End Fame I walk through the shadow valley of death I remain here in every breath and face my death And many thoughts come up saying this is to hard But I have not choice as I am life´s singing bard And without choice I walk and face my hell I don't remember I ... —

Equal Money for All is not NWO and it's not slavery

Equal Money for All is not NWO and it's not slavery Enjoy —

Understanding Oneness and Equality

Structure that which is the Physical-Manifest, is Here in its manifested equality and oneness. The Structured-Physical as Structure-Manifest that exist by, through and as laws, rules and regulations as its very Limitation of its very existence as Structure in itself. ... —

Coffe and Cup Part 2

Therefore as a coffee cup, I serve the function of providing this illusionary drink into your belly which you have come to believe will give you strength, so that you may become more of a mind consciousness system. Man enjoys this illusion, whereby you create this entire 3d re... —

Coffe and Cup

Hi everyone, I am a coffee cup as the manifestation of me in this world at the moment. In my current manifestation here as I type my story, next to this computer I am blue cup with a brown outside. My contents of course coffee. I write to you today from the perspective of wha... —

The shit that nobody wants to do

Equal Money for All - The shit that nobody want's to do, Who´s gonna do it? With equal money - no more slaves - are we willing to honour each other as life and actually take care of our own shit? —

Equal Money For All Does anybody give a fuck?

Does anybody give a fuck? For more information visit: fuck, money, equal, spiritual, energy, desteni —


THE SOLUTION TO THE POWER OF MONEY ENSLAVEMENT All human beings on earth are the power behind the agreements, the consciousness and the manifested consequences of the existence of money. Money has become the GOD of ourselves and GOD in this world. Thi... —

The story of love

This is The Story of LOVE: Love is the Prophet of Doom The Great Damnation Sensation With Divorce as the Source That closes Loves Doors As if all the Elation, Was after all only a Sexation When Love went Bust, and Dreams turned to Dust, were all trying to Adjust, looking for... —

Equal Money for All will it work?

Equal Money for All will it work? —

I'll give you love for money

I'll give you love for money - Viktor Persson My love is cool My love is .... My love is ..... I'll give you my love I'll give you my love I'll give you my love for your money We kill in the name of god We hate in the name of love And in greed we have funny As we grab all t... —

Money Money Money

Money Money Money I go out and interview people. I share what I find and go around in my town looking at the practicality of how the current money system operates. And what could be done better in a money system where all have equal amounts of money visit: —

Somliga går med trasiga skor

Somliga går med trasiga skor - Cornelis Vreeswijk Viktor Persson —

Scientific scientist song

A song dedicated to scientists Is science needed? Have evolution brought actual change? How come millions die from starvation? Will science ever solve anything? Is science a ego-trip? Yes. Enjoy —

Blood Money

Blood Money Music by Viktor —

You are the one you have been waiting for

You are the one you have been waiting for Music - Viktor Art - Marlen Vargas —