Yogan Barrientos

Connotations: A secret we should all know 201

What are connotations? So it turns out we have divided our languages into the positive and negative. Relax-lazy confident-arrogant brave-foolhardy (brash) determined-hard headed (stubborn) So you will notice above that all the words on the left have positive connotations an... —

Hidden resistance, hidden Gift Day 182

I wanted to continue with part 2 of resisting M, however what I experience is not resistance, as how I have defined it. A closer word would be a reaction, and more specifically a kind of sad emotion. This is a bit perplexing, but it is here. I don't see any logical reason, at... —

Creating Peace in My Life Day 176

Peace above all. No more relishing in anger or revenge. No more violence. An active peace, a constant peace. A constant step by step movement towards peace for everyone. Living practically in such a way to mathematically guarantee peace on earth. Living peace as myself as no ... —

Justice Character Day 170

Knight in Shining Armor to serve Justice When someone tells a lie, my Justice Character activates. Even though it feels like I am charged up, and shout/speak with a loud voice, I feel peaceful. Something that happens sometimes is that I would suppress this character, especi... —

Feeling good with the Power of Creation? Day127

Feeling good with the power of creation? So something I went through and maybe some of you can relate, how when in a moment we have succeeded in creating ourselves to be a certain way, like we have moved certain actions or certain points in our lives so we can live a certain ... —

I do not care about what others think of me day71

I am very confused. I do not like what I am feeling, or what I am participating in. But I am doing it anyway. Why? I feel like there is something inherently wrong with me. That I cannot do anything. I question whether I am just playing the victim. Am I? Why would I accep... —

Day 52: The Environment that is Best For All

As a student who was intensely interested in Behaviorism (a.k.a. Learning), I was surprised that the other disciplines in psychology fell prey to unsubstantiated theories and claims that lacked physical/behavioral evidence. This is a discussion I will have throughout my blogs,... —

Beliefs, Words & Images

Are we all actors? Have we ever lived outside the beliefs we have been telling ourselves is who we are? Can we be more than a belief? Can we exist as something real? What is illusion? What are the lies we have bought into? How can we tell the difference between what is real an... —

Day-42:Being Unaware of youself is Laziness

Laziness. Where have i accepted and allowed laziness to manifest? its funny, laziness does not have to be inactivity. Being here could be an "inactivity" for a moment and breathing while i sit for example. Though its not inactive. In looking for laziness, its in those moments... —

Equal Money and Competition

Equal Money System, how will we raise our children in a system that supports life? In what way will our relationship with ourselves change? How will the relationships between parent and child change? What will a world that does not compete with itself be like? How come we have... —

Day-39: My Emotions at Arms Length

When I was in the first year of highschool, towards the end, my mom had visited an astrologer to see about what would be best for me. She went on some day magical, like 5/5/05 which both her and I took as a sign of the value of the following, that I should change schools to a ... —

Day-36: Love Starts Here: With a Commitment to End Starvation

I will in posts to come walk various characters. Right now (which is related to the characters i am focusing on, isn't it all related? um yes lol) im gonna see how love is missing from the equation of those with intelligence. SO. Love. Right, WRONG? What we as humans tend to m... —

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