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From Self Sabotage to Staring Over - Decade With Desteni

Walking through the 'Absolutist' habit and what it takes to be flexible and give oneself another chance to start over again If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: 452. Absolutism i... —

543. Living Simplicity

Or how to step out of a complex mindset and over-wrought approaches towards life § Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction Before I dive into the word to look at today, I’d like to reflect on what this process of making a list of all the points that I have separa... —

Life Support with Eqafe - Decade With Desteni

Thanks to the Library for Living Education for everything I've learned to apply in my life in this process: If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: —

542. Living Expression

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction I have identified the word ‘expressive’ with a set of personality traits where a person speaks in an assertive, directive manner and using mannerisms that look somewhat ‘effusive’ or ‘extroverted’ to me, like moving hands... —

Day 546: Intimidation Pt. 2

Interesting point of a look, is when you are unaware of your facial expressions in the moment then find that someone was intimidated be the look on your face, although your intentions wasn’t as such. This was the case for me, plenty of time where people would tell me, you look... —

Learning from Mistakes - Decade With Desteni

How to transform Self-Judgment into a Learning Process for Self-Expansion and Change 517. Mirroring Judgments Blog: 516. What Will Others Say? —

541. Creativity and Self-Creation

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction This word right here is ‘close to my heart’ so to speak considering how I have previously conceived creativity in a rather limited way, linking it to artistic skills for the most part and traits within myself and others t... —

The Support of Self-Writing - Decade With Desteni

What happens when we procrastinate writing and what do we create when we get back at it? Sharing here 521. The Invaluable Benefits of Self-Writing If you're up for starting ... —

Day 747 My own structural resonance and emotional firewalls.

My own structural resonance and emotional firewalls. I recently interacted with what I saw as a very large emotional firewall. I have had enough experience in my life that I realize in moments that it was not so much what I said, but more in how I said what I said. What I m... —

540. Being Funny

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction This word relates to the relationship to humor and jokes specifically where I genuinely enjoy laughing at someone’s jokes or expression that is generally intended within enjoying a moment of laughing out a bit. At some po... —

Correcting Corrupted Commitments

In the last couple of months, I have written some posts relating to commitments and my fickleness in address them. Here, I would like to like to close this subject out some clarification and a written commitment in relation to making commitments. A common theme associate... —

Day 316 – A decade of Process

Reflecting back to my process of what I have realized and sharing one of my greatest challenges I faced during the last decade and how supportive and inspiring the desteni community, online and study material is within changing self-dishonest patterns. I am grateful for the co... —

From Antagonism to Self Responsibility

What does it mean to stop fighting the world out there and embrace one's own responsibility as co-creator of this world? #DecadeWithDesteni Blog: 408. Taking it All Back to Self-Responsibility —

Day 545: Intimidation

The loud talk, the screaming, the fear, the dirty looks and rumors that we hear, In -Timid- I live my-Day and at nights I have nightmares, I shy away from people that’s bigger than me, looks different than me, that’s a different color than me, I mean they look so angry, but if... —

539. Taking Life Seriously

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction A particular trait that I had also defined as ‘superior’ was the expression of seriousness within people linked to a particular intellectual character wherein both points – the characterization or ‘portrayal’ at a physica... —

There Used To Be A Darkness - Decade With Desteni

Sharing about Embracing Living Potentials (Or how I plan to get rid of the ‘Doomsday character’) If you're up for starting doing this for yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: http:/... —

Day 382: Achievement and Significance

The way I have decided upon a purpose and direction for myself in life has generally speaking been decided/moved by a feeling of pressure/stress/lack. Today I looked at one of the decisions I have made recently in my life, and I could see that this stress/pressure was part of ... —

538. Living Authenticity

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction What does it really mean to be authentic in this world? And how have we shaped ourselves according to a desire to be authentic yet without having self as the starting point? Upon focusing and reflecting on this word today... —

Day 544: Mistaken Assumptions

Just because someone is not dressed to your level of afford-ability, doesn’t mean that they’ll come up and ask you for money, things are not what they seem nowadays, the wolf in sheep’s clothing has traded it in for a tuxedo, so to speak, where everything is right out in the o... —

537. Comfortable in My Own skin

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction Being comfortable in my own skin’ is something I’ve been paying close attention to and looking at with more detail these days, more so in the presence of more people, whether it’s people I know or simply people while walk... —

536. Transparency (No Pretense!)

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction Here I look straight into the word ‘pretentious’ as it being something that I have a general negative association to – and it being the opposite of the word I’m looking at integrating here which is transparency, without p... —

Day 543: Looking Vs Experiencing

Pulling up a chair with a bag of popcorn watching life pass you by, often times seem better than actually participating in it, being that of an observer verses being a participant, seem to be a safe way of looking at thing, the same as looking for something to say, instead of ... —

535. Self-Enjoyment and Expression

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction These two words expression go hand in hand and I’ve seen that in my case, they are also a result of me first sorting out any point that is creating noise within me and so discomfort in my body. Speaking of which, I just w... —

534. Comfort in Solitude

§ Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction One of the outcomes of being used to being with another such as a partner in a relationship is that one becomes used to being in the company of another and that becomes a form of comfort for some of us, where whenever t... —

Day 542: Hidden Resentment (Self-Forgiveness)

Have you ever played Hide and go seek where NO one ever found you, where they look all around in the obvious places, (on the surface) but you’re not there, and then because you’ve hidden yourself so well, they get bored with the game and want to give up/not play anymore, and y... —

Day 746 MOTHER earth is speaking.

I remember when performing that a key could change, and the whole tenor as the very fabric of the music could change. I remember asking myself in my earlier years, how I could move with this more, as become more fluid within the content. In time, as I practiced and mastered th... —

534. Living Passion in Purpose

Next word to explore and see who I am in relation to currently is passion and this word ever since I watched Gian’s video on it, it stuck with me in the sense of what I can consider a livable definition of passion in fact, and I share his vlog here for reference: Passion, You ... —

532. Expressing Self-Trust and Confidence

§ Continuing from: 531. Redefining Self-Confidence Here I’ll apply self-forgiveness on all the points I wrote out in the previous blogs, in order to tackle my self-created limitations and for once and for all rather see the benefit of owning my creation as my expression. I... —

Day 541: Hidden Resentment Pt. 2

More Deconstructing – A composition of an act easy to follow, playing out the emotion of hidden resentment, was the score of my life, creating piece after piece, unaware that I was doing so, because I didn’t realize the power that hidden resentment wills through manifestation,... —

Day 381: A Moment With Many Dimensions

I walked through an interesting experience at work that revealed many points and it played out as follows. I was sitting with one of my superiors, to whom I usually feel inferior. We were together working on a project, and my superior asked me some questions, which I answered,... —

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