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Day 455: Warmth

We are approaching the Christmas festivities and for me, the introductory events have already begun. The way Christmas is celebrated in my country of Sweden, is usually by eating a lot of food and drinking alcoholic beverages of different kinds, and then by giving gifts. I do ... —

Whorling / Worlding What does a structural resonance ? Day 801

Recently, I have noticed information flow in a way that moves to normalize what is not normal. It does so through repetition, the infamous way of repeating something again and again until it is considered a truth. This even gets to a point as statements made that appear to be ... —

Redefining and Living Words in the Classroom

Although I regularly get up in the morning and pick a word a word to express for that day, I have yet to expand my living-word vocabulary beyond 5 or six words. Let’s see, there’s joyful, joyfully interacting, excitedly engaged, interested and maybe one or two that just aren’t... —

Day 671: Focusing in Focus (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to focus too much on focusing and fine myself looking for things to think about. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in a moment of silence look for things to think about, which comes up the most ... —

Day 670: Focusing in Focus

As a Caution sign to self, stating Life is Present, and seeks your attention, right Here, right Now in whatever you’re doing, in this moment/At the moment/After this moment and to the next, into infinity and beyond, beyond the devil of a mind sitting on your shoulder assisting... —

Day 669: A Freedom Perspective

The happiness that comes with the idea that one is free from something is short lived when one finds oneself back in the same self-created bondage one just removed oneself from, i.e. relationships, belief system (That feed you the idea that freedom comes from conformality), a ... —

Day 126: Love 1

Or what I hate on you. Yes, I see on him something negative too, because I know him so much time and we have ups and downs, so I can see his pluses and minuses and this time I see minuses or how different is than me. I forgive mysefl that I have accepted and allowed mysel... —

Day 668: Apologize

The knowingly unknowing that what we willingly did on purpose would had a negative effect on those we’ve perpetuated it towards, the more we get, the more lies we spit/say throughout our day to keep what we have, and half the time we don’t mean it, but only because it was brou... —

Day 125: Love

Yes, I write that I'm in love, but in real I don't know what think about. I know this men a few years and last 2 years are single. And I'm tired because I want to tell him direct and indirect that I like him, but he don't react on any suggestion, so I don't know where I am. An... —

What is the Meaning of Life and What is My Purpose?

As I have been asking almost all of my classes this week to write on this subject, I’ve also written several blogs on this topic - each one a little different depending on their English levels. This one is for a high level class. I have thought a lot about the meaning of lif... —

Day 667: The Gullibility of Content

Being inundated with content is the acceptance of nonsense that we’ve become Content with. “Give them just enough to be satisfied, that’ll quench their thirst for more”, is how we’ve become sedated and educated to be grateful for what we got, which is not a lot, but in compari... —

SAU3 Blog post 3: What is the Meaning of Life and What is my Purpose

In order for me to answer the question, what is the meaning of life, I first have to define life - at least a little bit. Furthermore, in order for me to answer the question, what is my purpose, I first have to give myself a purpose. Why? Because when I was born, I didn’t come... —

189. dan: Bog pomagaj

Jah, tako je to. Saj se vsi trudimo, ter ker stvar ne pride do nas v najkrajšem možnem času, se ustavimo in prepustimo, da se dogodi. Vmes tudi pozabimo na tisto stvari. In ne pride. Tudi če molimo k bogu, stvarniku, kličemo angele in svetnike. Spremeni pa se nič ne. Tudi sama... —

Day 666: Six/Six/Six

Continuing from Day 632: “Six” (6) But I wouldn’t be Here if it wasn’t for Desteni and the Desteni I Process that started me on this Journey to life, for that I am eternally grateful, and I may see you again on this subject matter on day “666”, with a bit more detail into the ... —

188. dan: Govoriti iz vedenja oziroma izkušenj

Ko vem nekatere stvari, sem nato najpametnejši človek na svetu in nato hočem to znanje deliti z vsemi. Nisem prepričana, ali je stvar resnična ali ne, ali stvar deluje ali ne. Ker vem, moram deliti in pika. Ko pa delam na temu znanju in pridem do ugotovitve, da stvar deluje in... —

Day 353 – Relationship mind decomposition

Continuing from my last post, to decompose my submissive and insecure attitude towards relationships based on worry. This post became a bit longer, but certainly helps me to understand the specificity of what and how to change. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowe... —

Day 453: Dealing With Money

Money, it is a fascinating thing. Not only because it controls so many aspects of our lives, but also because it is a great reflection of ourselves. I have recently faced a couple of situations where I have come face to face with how I value myself, and how this comes through ... —

Changes in the World System

Right and wrong are constructs of polar perspectives, percentages of truths or lies that we are able to replace with the principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not that hard with practice; all we require to do is to use our imagination practically... —

Day 665: A Parable for Thanksgiving (You may not like)

Why is it that we’ve created a custom to say Thanks, when it should be a natural occurrence to give as you would like to receive, if only we could see behind the curtain of courtesy, the you and me that exist for ever, forever instead of once a year, to eat meat and wear warm ... —

PETRIfication and changeability What is a structural resonance? Day 800

Petrification and changeability One of the things I notice, especially in talking with people, is interest yet also, a sense of an inability to move, as in take the next step into following through. This would suggest, that an ability to realize in inherent, and yet that ab... —

Day 664: Why did I!

After the realization that We Know, comes the question; “Why did I”, as in; Why did I not take the blue pill, was my initial reaction into being overzealous when realizing the Hell bent fashion in which I lived, unable to see the future of who I am at this moment, verses who ... —

610. The Mirror Process: Changing How I Look at Myself and Others

I watched a couple of videos from SOUL about the mirror process which is based on how we tend to judge, compare ourselves to other people based on certain appearances and expression that we judge as being better than our own or us lacking what we see in others, and I could rel... —

Day 663: We Know

But don’t want to see and face the question that is us, while asking why, claiming that we’re intuitive by nature, but don’t want to go into it, the it of ‘I Think’, then blink twice, storing into memory the mental picture of what we just saw ourselves do, and didn’t want to c... —

Day 352 – Seeing the Matrix : Relationships

It is crucial to realize – the very definition and expression of the word RELATIONSHIP – determines any and all I experience, create, form and participate with in this world – let it be with objects, animals or humans. All what we do is relate. Interesting word itself: re-late... —

Day 662: My Relationship with A Mirror (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have been afraid to look myself in the eye in the mirror in my past, because of not liking the me that I saw at the time, being that I didn’t like the person I was, growing up and blamed it all on the church I grew up... —

609. Courage in Self-Expression

I want to share about the ways in which I’ve been opening up to a new understanding of what ‘living’ is about and letting go of a stifling rigidity that I’ve kept within an idea of what I like, enjoy, the kind of person I, what I dislike, what I’m supposed to be and do and I’v... —

Day 661: My Relationship with A Mirror

From the walk by and sneak peeks, to the shaving of my head and brushing of teeth, at times have been afraid to look myself in the eye, without ever once investigating why, what are my likes and dislikes that I hadn’t stood one with and equal to, the changing faces to bring di... —

Day 660: Sentimental

On so many levels and emotional outburst of feeling, when feeling bad or sad about a situation we think we have no control over, lost in the statement of how did this happen, as a perpetuation of they, them and the other person created this mess, that struck a nerve in me, to ... —

Day 659: Looking to be Offended

And when it doesn’t come, we mount an offense towards others, in other words, we’ll find a way to fuck up the words fuck up, (if that was the case), in essence addicted to the energy that conflict brings, while eating eggs and things for breakfast, waiting for someone to say s... —

Day 451: Why I Persist

One thing that I have found in my process is that they key to self-change is found in the basics. And with the basics, I am referring to the basic tools of self-change presented by Desteni: Writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitments, breath and corrective application. These a... —

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