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Desteni Movie Night - Horns

"Horns" Supernatural forces give a young man the blessing/curse of seeing people's "true" natures and the people around him act out their deepest thoughts and desires that were otherwise "hidden" or "suppressed". How does this relate to "backchat" and possession as we unde... —

220. #Fightfor15: Let’s Get Rid of Fear for Once and for All

How is it that the current fight for higher wages and CEO’s redistributing their profit between workers aligns with the Living Income Proposal and how does it integrate various necessary changes in our economy like the provision of a basic income, higher wages and solving inco... —

Day 196: Things We Do/Say Unaware

Why do we fall asleep and not realize that we are asleep, and when we wake up we say, W.T.F. was that? How is it that we forget what date and time we have to be someplace when it was just told to us and hour ago? When you’re in the middle of doing something that you like/love ... —

Day 628 Going into Positive Value.

Going into the positive value, I notice how going into a positive value is defining a moment without really looking at many implications of what it means to get to the idea that is the positive value. I am so acclimated to being idealistic that being the practical steps to ... —

Day 297: Moving beyond the two-year mark – Day 5: Test results are in, what’s next?

In this podcast I share the results from my recent hcg test.  This test being the base-line I use to gauge the effectiveness of the alternative treatment plans that I’ve been walking for 2 years for Breast Cancer. I also share the role that Desteni I Process continues to have ... —

Day 627 Reviewing Spite which is Fear.

I am looking at the word ‘spite.’ It is different from blame. Spite is to have a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone. It is having a feeling of contempt for someone. Contempt is a feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless or deserving of scorn; ... —

How Suppression Makes You An Emotional Ticking Time Bomb. DAY 349 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

How Suppression Makes You An Emotional Ticking Time Bomb. DAY 349 April 15, 2015 in Anna's Journey to Life Today I was faced with a particular emotional experience. It was interesting to see how the emotional experience deve... —

Social Benefits - Support or Humiliation?

Investigate Living Income Guaranteed - a system that will provide Equal Opportunity for all; functioning as the medium through which nations will be able to remediate the most direct and negative effects of capitalism, while maintaining many of the unique strengths that such a... —

Day 626 Self Pity is Self Righteousness

Self pity is self righteousness. At time I go into self-pity, which is really a form of self righteousness, because after I have believed something as been done to me, or something has not moved in he way I expect. I move into self pity, which is making what I believe to be a... —

Day 359: Fearing Your Own Fear: Part 4: Having to Face the Fear that I Had Suppressed

Please refer to the previous posts beginning at:  Day 356: Fearing my Thoughts moving too fast: Part 1   To re-cap, it seems like all the major fear points-existent within me, are coming up, one after another throughout the last month or so. Although I understand they are not ... —

Day 559 – Going into psychosis over desire/suppressing of reactions.

The last 10 – 15 days I have experienced talking to a woman, about normal life and trivial stuff that we participate in. I soon took on a character of seeking relationship and desire from this. This talking with this woman, have resulted in me, having lots of reactions and fri... —

Day 225: A Slight Movement of Anxiety | Viktor Persson

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654 – Fulfillment or Self-Completion? Commitment Statements (3/2)

This series starts with 650 Fulfillment or Self-Completion and continues with 651 Fulflllment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness and Commitment Statements (1) and 652 Fulfillment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness (2) and 653 Fulfillment or Self-Completion? - Self-Correct... —

219. The Vicious Cycle of Poverty

Mexico has become the #1 Meth producer, why? Because people have no other means to make a living. But these people’s income depends on drug addicts around the world paying for drugs, so why do we focus so much on the ‘war against drugs’ instead of tackling the sources of the p... —

Day 625 The measure of myself here.

The measure of myself In dealing with people and presenting the measure of my understanding, I react. It is as though the patience to follow through, to let go and to move with the measure of what is here is not fluent. This means I am getting stuck on beliefs, opinions and... —

Day 195: When You Haven’t Seen Someone A While.

The first thing that goes through your mind is what am I going to do and say when I see them and during the time leading up to seeing them, we bring up past memories of the last time we saw them, under what circumstances and what condition they were in, verses how they are no... —

[JTL Day 224] Decomposing the strive for CONTROL

Home fields I continue with my personality decomposition, this time choosing the word: CONTROL. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want control, to have control, believing because otherwise I have nothing against fear and pain, meaning fearing from l... —

426. Giving up vs. Letting Go

There was an interesting interview I listened about being able to let go of someone that is not willing to support themselves. Throughout my past, I have had a pattern of wanting to save people which then throughout this process became a necessity to want to show others their ... —

Dan 36: Čakanje nase - primer samoodpuščanja

Ljudje radi odgovornost prenašamo na druge in čakamo, da nas kdo drug premakne. Tudi sam sem imel takšen vzorec, zato sem si ga v samoiskrenosti zapisal, naredil samoodpuščanje in zapisal tudi korekcijo, ki sem jo potem začel izvajati v praksi. Kako to gre, lahko slišite v pos... —

Day 358: Fearing My Thoughts Moving Too Fast: Part 3: Playing Savior

Please refer to the previous posts:  Day 356: Fearing my Thoughts moving too fast: Part 1  and Part 2 for proper context to this blog.  To re-cap, it seems like all the major fear points-existent within me, are coming up, one after another throughout the last month or so.  Alt... —

Day 624 Allowing pressure to define me. A rage of belief.

Pressure I notice that I allow myself to believe that I am under pressure to perform. Within this I go into fear, because I go into comparison and then I begin to build beliefs about how things are moving around me. I lose myself in becoming fixed in my definitions within thi... —

Day 15- Walking Through Anxiety, Dis-Arming Dermatillomania

"In my next blog I will continue with how I applied the practical steps of walking through anxiety, and how I was able to successfully avoid an anxiety reaction in one of the circumstances . This experience has changed my entire self-experience, opened up a new understanding o... —

Day 558 – Irritasjon / anger / malfunction

I realize that I today have some instant fall backs within my mind & living, and within my way of letting things get into me, and create a bother out of it. I let into myself grains of sand, issues, I react inside to them with anger. Instead of seeing the pearl wisdom of these... —

day 665: All consuming memories

Today I listened to an awesome interview, blinded by reactions, this is an eye opener. Basically, this being realized for herself how one memory had defined her entire life, and how much emotions, feelings and energy were vested in that one memory. Even though she had a pretty... —

653 Fulfillment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness (3/1)

This series starts with 650 Fulfillment or Self-Completion and continues with 651 Fulflllment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness and Commitment Statements (1) and 652 Fulfillment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness (3/1) (Image Source) I forgive myself that ... —

[86] Thriving on a Basic Income: is it Possible?

Basic Income and a Community Created Economy are bold ideas for humanity that promote human welfare, strong interdependent relationships and alternatives to our current individualized and self-interest driven economy. How do you manage your basic needs with a fixed amount of m... —

Day 194: From the Inside Out

A while ago I took everything in my office/studio apart and broke it all down to do a “spring cleaning” (per se) and a little rearranging. What you will find when doing this is an accumulation of dust and dirt that has built up over a period of time and in some cases engrained... —

218. Freedom in a Time of Mental Slavery

“Propaganda is today a greater danger to mankind than any of the other more grandly advertised threats hanging over the human race” Discussing David DeGraw’s article and introduction to his  upcoming book “Freedom in a time of mental slavery” and his organic evolution from co-... —

Day 224: Seeing The Opportunities Here | Viktor Persson

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. Zdijo se mi smešni. Ker je okrog njih nabranih toliko čustev. Po eni strani veselja – kadar je zaradi praznika dela prost dan in se lahko združujemo in družimo po drugi strani zaradi obremenitev in obveznosti, ki si jih naložimo v imenu spoštovanja običajev in tradicije. ... —

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