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Day 233: Blame

There was this ole television series called Family Matters where one of the main character’s named Steve Urkel, every time he would do something/mess up something or make a mistake, his favorite saying was; “Oh, Did I do that” and everyone would laugh, but at least he acknow... —

Day 4 - Systematic Limitations With Diabetes

With diabetes we're obviously going to face some things within the system that are going to be limiting. Money is the biggest one. If we don't have insurance then money is going to be a larger issue for ourselves and a massive limitation. Money always has been a limiting facto... —

Day 645 I am the Self Directive Principle of Me.

I noticed this week that in not reacting to the words of another, as the very measure of value and/or understanding about being here, that the emotional reactions as I see them manifest - as justifications based on good and bad, as a fear of ‘ what if’- quickly passed. The mom... —

Day 240: What Is Real Independence?

If you who are reading this have reached an age above 18, I’m quite certain that you can relate the phenomenon called teenage rebellion, or the ‘breaking away from your parents’-phase. My own breaking-away period was to put it mildly, very aggressive and destructive, and the f... —

Day 232: Living Alone

One of the most difficult living situations that I have lived in is living alone. I mean I’ve lived in almost every living situation that you can think of, not to say that they’re any better, they all have they’re ups and downs, highs and lows, conflict situations within a sit... —


Here I am sharing the self-forgiveness that I am walking in my DIP course (Desteni I Process Pro) in relation to my how I react to my partner. Continuing I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to limit myself and another in my mind, where I experience myself as inf... —

Dan 241 - Obsojanje, iskanje krivca, nezaupanje

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in si dovolil obsojati politike, za katere opazim/dojemam, da so sebični in nerazumni, kot manjvredne in bolj krive za zlorabe, ki se dogajajo. Ko opazim in se zavem, da obsojam politike, za katere opazim/dojemam, da ... —

Es Posible Generar Riqueza? - Día 335

Hemos sido la manipulación consciente e inteligente de los hábitos y opiniones que rigen nuestras vidas -según Bernays, somos predecibles y esa predictibilidad muchas veces nos da sentido y seguridad - no asumimos que hemos aceptado y permitido subyugarnos a una campo que hemo... —

Day 21 - OCD: My Extremely Large and Incredibly Small Victories I have been walking a process for about 4-5 years now where I am practicing living self-forgiveness and learning self-acceptance, self-love and self-understa... —

Dan 50: Če jaz ne izboljšam, ne bo nihče

Tokrat govorim o enem najbolj pomembnih spoznanj mojega življenja. Moj osebni spletni portal: Vas zanima, kako deluje naš um, kako si ustvarjamo čustva in kako se lahko razbremenimo vseh samoomejitev? V brezplačnem spletnem tečaju DIP Lite boste ... —

Day 20 - OCD: There Is No Reset Button

OCD is exhausting. Dermatillomania is damaging. Sometimes at night I fall into an OCD possession and after some time I am able to tell myself “just go to bed, Kim.” And I go to bed. I wake up the next day and it’s as if I am another person; someone who is not inflicted with un... —

Day 231: One of those Days

It started with watching a movie the night before I went to bed, where I then dreamed about the movie with awareness meaning every time a scene from the movie, a picture of one of the actors or the dialogue would come up in my dream, I would stop it, wake myself up, apply self... —

Welcome to the (New) Family!

The Supreme Court’s opinions in the Obergefell vs. Hodges case, legitimizing same-sex marriage, has predictably generated much scandalous controversy and angst among the dissenters, particularly from the Evangelical and Christian fundamentalists who are panicked that this ruli... —

Day 562 - Removing Self Judgements

So with working on the point of self judgement what I have been applying myself within is not going into the thoughts of self judgement. So like when I sleep in for quite a while or when/as I am not active in writing and/or I am lazy then I apply myself in not entering the tho... —

Land Value Tax and Basic Income

Is taxation of land and natural resources a sensible way of funding a Basic Income System as a form of citizen's dividend? Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed proposal - a system that will provide Equal Opportunity for all and secure a dignified level of existence and ... —

Reprimiendo la Personalidad Sombría - Dia 334

Chateando con mi buddy sobre este muchacho del que escribí en el post anterior y viendo el avance sobre la culpa le comenté que estaba más alegre, menos 'sombrío', así fue la conversación: Buddy - Qué te hace notarlo como sombrío? Graciela - Cuando escribí la palabra sombrío... —

Dan 49: Odpor do političnih vsebin

Redki so ljudje, ki ne doživijo občutka odpora do političnih tem in vsebin. Še posebej, kadar je treba prebrati kakšen politični tekst ali zakon. Z ustvarjanjem in dopuščanjem takšnega odpora samemu sebi preprečujemo enakovredno udeležbo pri ustvarjanju družbene politike in se... —

[97] Acting Local while Thinking Global

Does Localism propose a feasible way to transform the global capitalist system? Is decentralization of the economy a viable way to liberate ourselves in the system? Does Localism look at the structures of the system that must be changed at a political and economic level? Is th... —

Day 749 - Word Recognition Continuation

Continuing from my previous post: "So, what I would like to reiterate in this sharing here today, is the point that often times, there is a particular moment of reactionary impulsing to particular language that is used...and this is often reflected back to us or another in an... —

239. Is Boycotting the Way to Save the World ?

Is blaming a single product for the destruction of our environment a clever move or should we question our consumer needs instead? Are corporations the only ones responsible for how their products are made? What can we do to actually sort out the unsustainable use of resources... —

Day 239: Feeling criticized

Today I am going to open up a physical reaction that came up today as I was barbecuing. Now, basically, I was standing by the barbeque, tending to the meat – and then another person enters into my environment. This person began to speak, and utilized a piercing tonality, where... —

Day 230: Only Because They said so

Who are you waiting for? Why do we only listen when certain people tell us the same thing that we’ve heard from somebody else and didn’t listen to them for some reason or another, and then turn right back around and say what you’ve just heard (for the second time) to the first... —

Day 644 Culture, Tradition, and Nutella. Emotional bonds and reality.

Culture, Tradition and Nutella. Emotional bonds and reality. Europe Discovers Chocolate How the War Changed Everything, Even O... —

Day 748 - Word Recognition and Exploration

It's fascinating to examine the specifics of our communication. Like for instance, when sharing words with another here, often times, we will pick up...or the other will focus in on a particular "word" within the exchange of many words. By giving attention to the particular wo... —

Day 229: Ultimatum

How many times have you given a person an ultimatum or received an ultimatum from someone? In other words; “you better do this or that and if you don’t, this or that will happen”. I mean we’re driven by fear so much that we will do just about anything that someone says, if we’... —

Day 561 - Self Defining Ego

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to backchat about my ego, backchat about ego, wherein I allow myself to think and backchat about justifying my actions or excusing my actions and making myself feel and believe that I am right when/as I particularly feel... —

What Who I am with My Pet Reveals about Me. DAY 359 24 Wednesday Jun 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Process Blog ≈ Leave a comment

Tagscat lady, Catlover, living with pets, pet owner, taking care of a pet, the psychology of pet owners, what your pets says about you Almost two weeks ago, my partner and I moved from an apartment in the city across the country to a farm on the countryside along with our tw... —

Day 228: Looks can be Deceiving

Or might I say, looks are deceiving. The statement; “what you see”… is not always what you get, because we chose things for the looks, not the actual getting to know it/them. I mean when you go grocery shopping and pick up a piece of fruit or vegetable, you don’t just put it i... —

SRA - Always With Me - A Testimonial

This photo was taken in a cute little cafe in Munich where I had some freshly pressed orange juice and M. some hot cocoa. It had been raining for some days and we needed some change of environment. We hardly go anywhere without our laptops since we both are very keen on gettin... —

Day 603 - Homesick for a Place

There is a very supportive EQAFE series on Homesickness that I will post here. http... —

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