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Day 685: Morning Zombie (7)

So continuing with my 21-days of writing about how I wake up in the mornings, as suggested by none other than the Ex-god Anu himself. (see Strange, no specific feelings or emotions to report this morning which is a good thing, as for someone who always woke up with ... —

Day 306: Thanksgiving

What is it that you have to be thankful for, is it because you’re alive and chose to be here, then on this day eating a turkey as your next of kin, then after you finish you turn the game on, and sit in your chair that you call your throne, then you dose off why’ll eating a sn... —

Day 300: The War Within Lies

Sometimes, I can’t believe this is how my story goes. Meaning the way my life is at the moment with where I am as I continue to get well from cancer. Within that realization my mind is like on mourning mode and sometimes I get lost in it… Then, last night I dreamed I was at wa... —

Day 684: Morning Zombie (6)

So continuing with my 21-day process to write about Morning Blues, followed by speaking of self-forgiveness, to get myself going for the day on the right foot, as Anu mentioned, morning moods set the tone for the day. (see I notice that I didn’t have any emotions as... —

Day 683: Morning Zombie (5)

So continuing with my 21-day process of writing the morning blues. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel a bit depressed as I got up this morning. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel tiredness, like not rested, sleepy. ... —

Day 305: Shifting Gears (A climate for giving up or Change)

Ok so the other day, I took a bike ride to go visit a family member that stays quite a way’s from where I live, now I’ve done this ride plenty of times before, where on the last stretch of the ride, it’s about a mile or so uphill ride and each time, I would do this stretch on ... —

Day 247 – Driving Self-forgiveness part 2 – positive

So, driving – in the previous I sketched most of the fears, now let’s bring the opposite side to the table…positive! One would ask why to investigate positively defined reactions, but in truth, it still can be self-interest, self-delusion the same way as the ones defined as ‘n... —

Day 275: Paranoia – The Fear of Forgetting Things

Paranoia when it comes to forgetting and missing things, that is a point that has been recurring for me recently. In my line of work, it is all about the details, and here I am not exaggerating – it is ALL about the details. Hence it is different from ‘normal’ life in the sens... —

Day 682: Morning Zombie (4)

So continuing with 21-day process of writing how I wake up. Late last night I was reading some emails pertaining to some official matters, which created a sense of fear, tension in me, obviously in going to sleep with that tensed state you can predict the kind of morning zomb... —

Just some Ramblings

There are times when I experience what I would only describe as dread, a feeling of dread coming from deep down inside. I guess it is just fear, perhaps of the future or perhaps of now. A few months ago, just before I awoke, I dreamt I was standing in front of my partner and I... —

Stifling THAT child, Stifling the Whole World. 113 | A Teacher's Journey to Life

As teachers, parents and adults in general we have become accustomed to categorizing the people we meet into neat little boxes of judgment and preconceived prejudice based on first hand impressions dictated by our biased minds. Sounds brutal, unfair? Well it is, especially for... —

Day 681 A self divided upon itself.

Today I had a meeting, and it seemed I could hold so much of it in one consistent form. It is an interesting thing, self discovery, because it is normal, it is practical, it is here. The chaos of a memory that has been allowed to become bigger than reality is the problem. The ... —

Day 681: Morning Zombie (3)

So continuing with my 21-day process to write about how I wake up. I felt some confusion, disoriented, aimless, almost like lost as I got up, had a bit of physical pain on my left shoulders, that may be due to my gym workout yesterday, even that might contribute to makeup the... —

Día 115 'Sentido de pertenencia'

Del latín pertinentia, pertenencia es la relación que tiene una cosa con quien tiene derecho a ella. El concepto, por lo tanto, se utiliza para nombrar a aquello que es propiedad de una persona determinada. A nivel social, la pertenencia es la circunstancia de formar parte de ... —

Day 246 – Driving Self-forgiveness

Continuing with the fears I held onto before starting driving. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from hitting by a car and thus defining cars as things I do not like. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from identifyi... —

Prodajalci na domu + religija + demenca 3

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila verjeti, da sta moja obrazna mimika in resonanca dovolj glasni, da bo drugi točno razumel kar želim sporočit. Zavedam se, da so ti intenzivni občutki energije prisotni v moji notranjosti in da ne morem biti prepričana kako in koliko... —

Day 304: Prolong – Self-Forgiveness

This post is a continuation from Day 303: Prolong (For Context; I mean knowing that I would eventually get to doing what I had/have to do, just made it worst, from the perspective of being consumed with the thought of knowing that I have to do something, but have not yet start... —

Day 680: Morning Zombie (2)

So continuing with the morning zombie series for 21 days. Not every morning triggers the same set of feelings/emotions, some mornings one particular feeling is very strong, may be I was thinking along those lines the day/night before, so come next morning, one emotion/feeling... —

Day 680 Moving from mind consciousness to presence here, forgiving the stim of limitation.

I was out walking this morning, when I could see how I funneled myself into ideas, beliefs and opinions. Like I take the very focus of and as me and force it into a measure, like a construct of values within a creation as an image. There is this memory of a fear of not fit... —

Day 274: Getting Out Into The System

In my process of birthing myself as life from the physical I have had the tendency of isolating myself from the rest of the world. I have always thoroughly enjoyed my own company, and the process of writing, and applying self-forgiveness, and designing self-corrective statemen... —

429: Consider Something New - Living Forgiveness

This is a continuation from the previous blog - here writing out and committing to how I can and will change in a moment in relation to reacting to another's reaction towards me, and the pattern of 'same old, same old.' When and as I see myself wanting to automatically react ... —


Day 679: Morning Zombie

This is a pattern I can easily identify within myself nearly every morning of my life. Its like I am carrying this background feelings of dreadfulness, tiredness, even slight depression, crankiness, agitation etc. Often I attribute these to my habit of going to sleep around mi... —

Day 679 Moving into reaction instead of solution.

Moving into reaction instead of solution. Yesterday I met someone while out in my world and had a conversation where I talked about some behaviors with a certain person in relation to dealing with someone we both knew. After the conversation, as I walked in the market, I ... —

Day 678 The ease that comes with self responsibility.

That a child is born without language and without culture, means that a child eventually is programmed. This means a human is a programmed man. What is behind that program is a form, that can take in information as what is impulsed within an environment. If what is programmed ... —

Day 303: Prolong

Throughout my life I have become a Pro at taking a long time to do something, complete something, start something and in general, where I would wait until the last minute to do things and excuse it as, “just taking my time, because I want to get it right” or “I have to build m... —

Day 273: Morning Experiences – Part 2: Remembering Myself

In my last blog I opened up my morning experiences, and these have included: Depression, not feeling like, not experiencing motivation, feeling hopeless and as if there is no point in getting up, feeling as if my time, and my life is being stolen from me, because I have to get... —

Day 245 – Seeing the Matrix with Self-forgiveness

Today wanted to continue with the fear-paranoia aspects I had before started driving, but this point opened up to be able to explain Self-forgiveness. As more people asks about what and why I do with this Process around me, it’s supportive to clarify it, even to myself. And sh... —

Day 761 - The Flow of Money Reflects the Brutality of Our Everday Flow

The "making of money" within and as how things exist now is so much so the art of war...the manifestation of separation, constantly and consistently perpetuating dissonance as our information relationship definitions....evolving and upgrading the rules of law/war as the re... —

Day 759 - What Word is Synonymous with, "The Mother of all Fuckup's?"

ASSUME ASSUME - is so much so the mother of all fuckup's So much bullshit, as unnecessary consequence is created through the participation within and as the relationship to the word "ASSUME". To put assume loosely is a guessing game of sorts. In many instances Assume can ... —

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