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Dag 551: Släpp Kontrollen | Viktor Persson

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Dag 369 van 2555: de ziekte van een ander persoonlijk nemen

Recentelijk kreeg ik het bericht dat een dierbaar familielid kanker heeft. Het woord kanker heeft, ook al ervaar ik dat niet dagelijks, toch een nare bijsmaak voor mij en roept veelal beelden van vechten tegen een ziekte op die vaak niet overwonnen wordt door verdere uitzaaien... —

Day 540 - Victimization of Myself Within the System

With work another dimension opened up with anger towards the point of working 12 hr nights and the point that this job is really pushing the body to it's limits when it comes to diabetes, so in this I allowed myself to get quite pissed off last shift because of the thoughts th... —

Podemos or Not Podemos? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live o...

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[71] From Archaic to Holistic Psychiatry

Today we are looking at psychiatry in our world today, specifically getting to know the treatment in Norway, the deficiencies, the short and long term challenges, what’s useful and what requires a complete paradigm shift within approaching mental health issues. Discussing this... —

Day 685 - The interconnectedness of the Good and Bad

What's interesting and is often neglected is the correlation of events and the influence and impact that different events/actions cause as a rippling effect and outflow in seemingly far away places...where one could think that nah it's all good here....the problems over there ... —

Eye for an Eye: Policemen Shot by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast...

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[JTL Day 210] Open Source Investigation part 3 - Equality

Continuing on how exploring Open Source: [JTL Day 208] Open Source Investigation part 1 [JTL Day 209] Open Source Investigation part 2 - Is it really Free? I write about my ideas of how I would imagine a world system. It is a crucial point of realizing - "what is best for al... —

Dan 214 - Kritično razmišljanje in vzgoja

Danes sem skoraj cel dan pomagal na kolinah, kjer smo po starem kmečkem običaju dva prašiča pretvarjali v klobase in kar je še podobnega. Na žalost še vedno živimo v svetu, kjer moramo drug drugega jesti, da lahko obstajamo, vendar se v to temo ne bom spuščal, ker je še preveč... —

586 - What If There Was No Military

In 1948, José Figueres Ferrer led an armed uprising in the wake of a disputed presidential election between the previous president Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia (he served as president between 1940 and 1944) and Otilio Ulate Blanco.[29] With more than 2,000 dead, the resulting... —

Day 512 – Nuclear radiation is a scam

I watched this video and I was quite surprised by what was said and proven. For years and years I have been living in fear of nuclear science. I have bought all the scare propaganda from groups like Greenpeace and Hollywood, through brainwashing and news, telling me that nucle... —

Pragmatic Politics: Activists In Duty by Marlen Vargas Del Razo b...

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Desteni Movie Night – Limitless

In tonight's Desteni Movie Night we're going to discuss and review the movie Limitless – and we'll be looking at how this movie symbolize and shows EGO as well as what it entails to change for real. DIP Lite FREE self-empowerment course: D... —

Dan 213 - Sram in čakalne vrste

Danes nisem delal urnih zapiskov aktivnosti. Večino dneva sem bil zdoma in rokoval s praktičnimi opravili, čeprav bi si iskreno povedano lahko tudi našel čas za zapiske, čeprav sem si v glavnem tudi vse zapomnil in po njih niti ni bilo potrebe. Pri obisku zdravnika sem samega... —

Day 385: Real change through DIP

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the point of not over-exaggerating my problems, not making anything more out of them than what they are, not dwelling on them and becoming dramatic and wallowing in my own inability to do something to change these problems. Indeed, when I look... —

Day 648: Holidays starting today (only if you got Money)

Xmas break starts today. I suppose for some it wouldn’t mean a thing, if you’re out of work, or lost in perpetual poverty, the term ‘holidays’ can’t mean a thing as you’re on a permanent holiday trying to survive in this world, worrying about the next meal. Holidays are for t... —

Free Choice? Free Markets? Really? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broad...

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Dan 212 - Subtilne a pomembne reakcije

Zapis dnevnih aktivnosti: 9:50h- vstajanje, zajtrk 10- hišna opravila 11- pregled mailov, učenje besedišča s programom TechnoTutor 12- druženje s partnerko, poslovni pogovor, kosilo, poslušanje izobraževalnega intervjuja, trgovina 15- služba 22- pregled mailov, pisanje dnevni... —

Day 601 Real Cyber Attacks are the Presentational Use of False Dilemmas

I realized in the years that I practiced an instrument that any and all emotional values I allowed during my focus within the act of practicing remained. I had to be clear, I had to have a focus that was what I would call total. We as physical instruments are exactly the sam... —

day 647: more on taking things personally

The question is very simple, if I am going to react to so-called evil, then how on earth will I stand for solutions? Be it in personal life or in global space, reacting to evil doesn’t bring any solutions. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react in a... —

Day 684 - Profound

What I find interesting is that everything here is really rather profound. I mean the fact that I am here typing on the computer as an accumulation of networking relations really... I mean how many relationships are networking within the physical body? What I find interesting... —

What's the Measure of Poverty? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broad...

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Kaos v Mariboru

Tole sporočilo je bilo nekako prelomno in je odprlo mnoge konflikte, ki so se doslej skrivali pod površino: "Med predvidenimi prihodki občine v letu 2015, ki bi naj znašali 87 MIO € in zakonskimi obveznostmi 79 MIO € ter po odplačilu izgubljenih tožb, ki zapadejo v letu 2015 ... —

Dan 210 - Samo-iskreno samo-usmerjanje

Danes sem prvi dan zapisoval, kaj sem vsako uro počel: 10h - vstajanje, igranje iger na Wii U 11h - branje mailov, pogovor s poslovnim partnerjem, branje knjige 12h - uporaba programa TechnoTutor, menjava žarnice na avtomobilu 13h - poslovno kosilo, poslušanje izobraževalnih ... —

Senior Destonian Hangout - An Interview with Ken Cousens

In this hangout we will have an interview with Ken about his path  to self awareness from going through a metaphysical, spiritual, and New Age perspective to the walking the Desteni process and how he applies the tools of Desteni  to his work within law and monetary systems un... —

Russell Brand: Hero or Red Herring? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broa...

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Day 194: Two Degrees or More!!! | Viktor Persson

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Cuando me Siento Obligada - Día 314

Por este post voy a dejar la secuencia del tema anterior para escribir sobre algo que me acabo de dar cuenta en relación con sentirme exigida y presionada, este es un patrón que viene de una memoria cuando me mamá me dijo -"atiende a tus hermanos", -"por que yo, le pregunté" ... —

English-Week Presentations 英文簡報比賽

Asia University, English Presentations, autumn 2014 —

In the Shadow of the Sun by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live ...

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