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Day 443: I Got a Lot On My Mind

I got a lot on my mind, what’s really going on, how time fly’s by, since the day I was born, into a world of sin where iniquity is a shape, where what I was taught to be real, ended up being fake. The side show, to keep me busy, the distractions of fear, the whispering of “swe... —

Day 442: Compliments (continued)

Previously on Compliments: in looking back at it, it all stemmed from the repeated Compliments I heavily received from this guy in the beginning, which opened my eyes to the true nature of what we have accepted and allowed Compliments to be/become, almost like telling someone... —

441. Paranoid Assumptions: How to Walk Through Them

This is a continuation to an aspect within myself that I had written down, disclosed and seen from many angles a couple of years ago in the entry 396. I Think, therefore I Assume but, certainly as with many other aspects and points we find within our minds, it is just not goin... —

Day 441: Compliments

For what, is the question one should be asking, when one is quick to give a Compliment, I mean what are you really saying, when out of the blue; “I like the way you did this and that or the other”, but… doesn’t constitute a Compliment, “Girl you look good”, because I want you ... —

Kaj ti je dolgcajt? : naslednja scena z dementno babico 2

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila na vprašanje izrečeno z rahlo provokativnim/vzvišenim glasom in vsebino ''kaj ti je dolgcajt?'' odreagirat na več načinov, med drugim z ''ranjenim ponosom''. Na neki točki v življenju mi je namreč uspelo doseči, da mi sami s seboj ... —

Dan 263 - Druženje in odnos z všečno žensko

V zadnjem času sem se začel družiti z žensko, ki mi je všeč in s katero bi želel razvijati odnos. Opazil sem, da so se mi pri tem pojavili strahovi po izgubi tega, česar si očitno želim v odnosu z njo. Zato bom pisal samoodpuščanja na to temo. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in s... —

Day 440: Control Vs Communication

It seems that the only thing we say to one another these days is; “It’s either my way or the Highway”, meaning take a hike buddy, if you don’t do what I say, it’s my rules under my roof and if you don’t like it, get out, and if you’re down and out, you have no choice but to fo... —

Kaj ti je dolgcajt? : naslednja scena z dementno babico 1

Danes zjutraj grem v spalnico po babico, da jo spravim pokonci in jo usmerjam pri jutranji rutini. Vidim, da je že pokonci, pa ji rečem nekaj v smisli naj pride v kuhinjo; še prej pa v kopalnico (se hitro popravim) in me ženska z rahlo provokativnim/vzvišenim glasom vpraša ''k... —

Day 279 – Finding Courage in Change

Continuing on the Self-suppression investigation-correction. Directly bringing into the perspective the word and it’s associations: courage. It’s courage to break through the limitation, the web of self-conviction, halo of justifications and excuses about why I should not move... —

302. Epitafio: Ya Superamos La Conquista?

Reflexión sobre la película ‘Epitafio’ (2015) ser mexicano en relación a los españoles/conquistadores y la relevante confrontación que la película nos presenta como oportunidad para sanar. #Epitafio #EpitafioLaPelícula #SerMexi... —

Day 439: The Whole of Existence Is Watching

So there was this movie that came out a while back called the Truman Show, where the main actor (Jim Carey) was born in a world of his own, unaware that he was being watched, by the rest of the world, (which actually kicked off the whole reality show craze). Then he started to... —

Day 438: Anything can Trigger a Memory

For the longest, I’ve always wondered how I would have all these memories popping up what seems out of nowhere in my mind, I mean I would be standing there, walking somewhere or sitting, doing what I’m doing, then all of a sudden a sound or a random thought, a song or a pictur... —

440. What Do I Deserve?

There is one word that – along with the word ‘Rewards’ – I had created a particular relationship of dislike to, and that is ‘Deserve.’ As with anything that one comes to like or dislike it means that one has created a particular relationship to it, loaded with experiences, def... —

Day 437: On the Ropes

In boxing when a guy is on the ropes, it may seem that the fight is about over and if the guy is not strong enough, he might give in/give up before being knocked down, what happens is the crowd that was rooting for him then turn against him and start looking for a knock, while... —

Cause or Coincidence

The reason that I ask this question is because some occurrences, like hearing the words in my mind before some else speaks them, leave me with question marks as to the cause of the occurrence. Many people are able to predict what is going to happen in movies and even speak ... —

Notes on Keshe Foundation Technology, November 2015

In alignment with my commitment to unveil the information within/as me, I post this (slightly edited) email that I wrote in November 2015. I’m writing this post to communicate with all of you “my perspective” on Keshe technology. Although some may be viewing this simply as ... —

Day 330: The Battle of The Colliding Preferences

When I was still living by myself, I had complete freedom in how to structure my reality. I decided my routines, when I was going to do things, what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, and if I did not like the way I did something, I would simply change it. Then, I go... —

The Triangle of Self-Manipulation

Recently I have been looking at points where I wonder who, what, where, why and/or how another or others view me and/or do something or do not do something in relation to me. This mental activity, when I imagine the origin and path of progress that the happenings take, is what... —

Day 436: You Can’t Breathe Your Way Out of a Thought

At times I find myself stuck in my mind, bringing up one thought after another, mostly being old memories, I mean anything New coming up would falls under my imagination, which is fascinating, because it shows that I’m not directing myself enough to create any New thought, whi... —

Day 435: You Never Know

What is assistance and support, most of the times we define assistance and support as something grand and a big thing, help in a major way, the call to duty when called upon, we also believe we only need assistance and support as a last resort and when it comes to assisting an... —

Day 278 – Avoiding conflict

Continuing on Suppression self-liberation process. Let’s do a rant on what I see to prepare an effective self-forgiveness to be specifically aware of the self-accepted self-dishonest patterns to support myself to make the stand to stop and change those points as myself directl... —

Day 434: Pick It Up

Oh what a mess we’ve made of this Earth, garbage dumps to garbage cans to garbage pail kid, to garages full of junk, a hoarder’s paradise, to things we buy and don’t really need, then throw it away in the street, in hope that no one sees us and the street sweeper comes and cle... —

Reacting to People Who Assume They are Automatically Right. DAY 385 09 Tuesday Aug 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsacting righteous, feeling inferior, I am always right, People Who Assume They are Automatically Right, Righteousness, she's always right, Thinking you're always right, why are people so stupid There is a person in my world whom I have perceived and reacted to as always t... —

Day 328: Desiring Success In A Unsuccessful World

Success, a word, that to most is imbued with feelings, hopes, desires, wants, jealousy, competition, greed and secrecy. Most of us, in some way or another strives to be successful. We have defined success as having money, having a nice house, having a fruitful career, having p... —

301. Would You Forgive your Oppressor?

When we seek the worst to happen to those that we perceive have done ‘bad’ things onto us, aren’t we embodying the same nature of the perpetrators? How about considering Forgiveness instead? Let’s discuss about that taking the documentary ‘The Look of Silence’ as a reference. ... —

Day 433: We The People

People come in all shapes forms, races, colors (if you want to call it that) creeds, with belief systems of all types, you say tomato, I say tom-a-to, the cup is half full, the cup is have empty, however we want to look at one another, we are People, we are the same, with diff... —

Day 416 - Word Critic Bully Character

A little backstory before opening up this character: While working through level 10 of my vocabulary building program, I came across the word infer, and slowed down to read all the definitions for it because I have long had trouble distinguishing between inference and deduc... —

Day 327: What Are We Living For?

What are we living for? Looking at how we live on a day-to-day basis, it is clear that this point have not been investigated sufficiently. The tendency we have is to place primary value on our external lives. When we have a job, we have a house, and we have a partner, then our... —

Day 432: Respect/Disrespect

Growing up I had a thing for being respected and/or disrespected, where I believed in order to be respected you have to give respect, but then found out that that’s not always necessarily the case, where of course it was a given to respect my elders, but how would I achieve re... —

Basic Income MOOCs Lesson for Asia Asia University, Taiwan

Basic Income Main reading materials Part 1: Warm Up Questions How much money do you think an adult living in Taiwan, would need each month (at least) in order to live a dignified life? Do you think giving a certain amount of money unconditionally to every adult is a good... —

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