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Day 129: Feel locked-up

I don't feel from time to time good on my work and feel locked-up. I feel that my coworkers don't like me. And in one side I wish work a few months or years more, but in other side I don't want to work not a day anymore. So where is problem and what I really want. I forgi... —

Day 362: Organic Expansion

This past week I have been trying out some applications at work to assist and support myself to achieve more of a balance between my mental/intellectual participation and my physical movement. The reason for this is because of how I feel when I get home from work. I usually ex... —

21 Days of Osho Card Readings - Day 8 of 21: 'FIGHTING'

What I am doing in this series is holding an intention within me and then pulling an Osho card to see what support I can derive from it. In this way, Osho card readings can come out of the realm of mysticism and future predictions, and instead become a practical support that I... —

Day 686: A Perspective on being; Under the Influence

The biggest drug, known but unknow to man, is not Pot or Cocaine or Meth or even Heroin, No it’s our Minds, simply because our minds presents a thought as an amphetamine that inspires us to take drugs in the first place, as sort of a taunting mechanism, like stop me if you can... —

Day 685: Push Your Buttons

Only if the starting point from which you are attempting to explain things isn’t clear to you, meaning you are Not the living expression of what you’re talking about, can others push your buttons, simply because you’re fighting with yourself to explain something you’re Not liv... —

Day 361: Organic Growth

There is a time for planning AND there is a time for organic movement. That is my insight for this week. The way I tend to approach at least some parts of my life, is with exactitude in planning, preparation and execution. Everything should be considered and thought-out before... —

Real Democracy vs. the Illusion of Democracy

Some Misconceptions As far as most historians are concerned, democracy, meaning rule of the people or people-power first appeared in Athens, Greece around 508 BC. Apparently, Athenian men decided that only adult male citizens who owned land should be the ones to make the dec... —

Day 684: The Little Things

Dropped keys and phones with dings, to cracked screens and bumping into things, I mean it’s the little things we chose not to see, and then get mad at it, because I scraped my knee, in the midst of a moment of thought or sneeze, all because we’re just dragging our feet and tra... —

Day 359 – Doors of Hell are Open to Leave

One more analogy. My last post was about Smart Contract as Self-and Relationship Agreement, today: Self-dishonesty as Hell There was a cool statement within one of the Lucifer episodes(TV series) I saw recently. Lucifer walks Earth and tries to be a good guy, helps the police ... —

The resonant stories of time and space Day 804

I noticed this morning when I woke up a wave of wanting to give up. Red flag. I decided to just move with this. I breathed, slowed down and read the story of information within me. Looking at the emotional pull. It is usually that I do not have enough information, or that I am... —

Day 683: Internal Conversations

A feat to be reckoned with is how most often we tend to go into our minds and have a conversation with someone whose not there, which is usually triggered by a previous conversation we had with this person, in our world who’s given us good grief in a way or a facsimile thereof... —

Day 358 – Smart Contract with Self

I am learning about Smart Contracts. It’s something what is emerging and slowly but surely taking over the old-school contracting and business models in the world system. It relates to crypto-currency but the idea is originating from the automatizing the if-then conditions, wh... —

614. Understanding Mistakes

I want to share how I’ve redefined my relationship to ‘making a mistake’ which I have shared before in terms of how it’s relevant to not judge myself for it or go into a guilt trip and so forth. But here I’m focusing more on realizing that there are mistakes that I see I have ... —

Day 682: Go Figure

“Just my luck”, but this is just not that, when having to go figure things out for yourself, you get to a point of congratulating yourself with praise, then want to tell others how to walk it your way, which is an act of creating a slave, and mini me in fact, that may someday ... —

Day 681: Re-Memory

Like remember me, I’m still here, for every time we try and/or achieve being Here. In the mine field of the mind, memories lie in wait to be awoken, brought up in an explosive manner when stepped on/thought about, in the midst of seeing and/or hearing something in our world an... —

Day 460: Then, Now, and What’s to Come

I have been listening to two newly released interviews on Eqafe which I found to be very supportive: Then, Now, and What’s to Come – Reptilians – Part 585 Then, Now, and What’s to Come: Consequence and Creation – Reptilians – Part 586 One of the solutions suggested in the inte... —

Artificial Intelligence and What it means for the Future of Humanity

Artificial intelligence (AI), also called machine intelligence refers to computer or machine software that displays the ability to do one or more of the following: analyze information, reason, learn, store a large amount of knowledge and information, identify relationships or... —


dóm 1. prostor, hiša, kjer kdo stalno živi, od koder izhaja, družinska skupnost, v kateri kdo živi 2. stavba, urejena za določen namen, ustanova, ki omogoča bivanje in daje oskrbo 3. kmečka hiša, navadno z gospodarskimi poslopji 4. posestvo, domačija, domovina 5. posvetova... —

Day 680: Noises, the Fear of, to Expression

Interesting how any noise can be a trigger for one to look, see, then think, and depending on the frequency and velocity/volume of the noise, will one go into a state of panic, which creates a pain in one’s neck, outside the neck jerking, head turning motion one perpetuates wh... —

Day 679: The Obvious Perspective

Adding onto Day 482: Missing, The Obvious Obviously it’s an obsession of ours to overlook the fine print that’s printed in braille, as the simple responsibility one has when living life, to ourselves first and the life around us, without thinking about the too much I have on m... —

Day 357 – Projection to forgive

Still walking relationship-projection decomposition and preparation to live the change. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to not being aware of being insecure about fear of losing relationship, projecting out values, qualities and experiences towards someone and get... —

613. Understanding

This has been a keyword for myself over this year that’s closing today and I’ve found great satisfaction and even pleasure in getting to understand myself – and not only myself – but also get to know and understand others better. It makes everything much simpler and much more ... —

Day 678: A New Year’s Perspective

(For those in my world, and around the World) Trouble surrounds the New Year and who here hasn’t been in it, the beginning and the finish, or is it just one minute or moment before 12 midnight, where in some parts of the world the night is still young and fun is the consuming ... —

Day 356 – Honesty and Reflecting to Life

Let’s go back to a point I am walking through, a self-dishonesty personality pattern first and then open it out to see it more deeper and broadly. Describing the problem first. (This was revealed by support of Quantum Change Kinesiology): Projection of (positive and/or negativ... —

Day 128: Love 2

And he told me that he can see us in relationship, but when I ask him to meet, he don't have time to do that. So, I became nervous and bad mood and almost cry, because I feel bed, because I think that I'm not enough good for him. I forgive myself that I have accepted and ... —

Day 677: Mind Contagion

As if we can’t help but to follow suit, when the saying goes Yawns are Contagious, should be Human Minds are Contagious. In the company of others, with different people in your world, at different locations within their process, the belief of what’s being said is so strong, it... —

Day 459: Removing Comparison and Competition = Making Place for LIFE

Comparison and competition. Two characteristics that have been given unwarranted value and attention as a way to find fuel/drive to push and execute projects. Its a general idea that we become spurred when the competition increase and that we grow and evolve through comparing ... —

567: Layers of Self, Patience, and the Process

Don't be so quick to assume what you experience on a conscious level of your own mind is the real story, and don't be so quick to quit when you are not seeing the results you are looking for in anything you do. This process, life, understanding yourself, developing yourself, c... —

612. Self Appreciation and Self Acceptance

One of the gifts from walking through the specifics to see what is behind the pattern of assuming and projecting what I am thinking and experiencing onto others is being able to see what I am still thinking, perceiving or believing about myself. The overall character within th... —

Day 458: Learning How To Act Without Motivation

During my years at the university I met countless of people that explained to me that they were not able to start a project well in advance, because they needed ‘pressure’ to move themselves. Consequentially, they ended up doing a spurt, writing their essay 48 hours before it ... —

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