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Day 738 - Determination

Determination - "A firmness of Purpose" Let's play with the word "determination' for a moment here: Determine a tie to make the terms in at ion.....the terms of term in a shun......determination.....deter mind —

Day 211: “I Remember When”

Often times when we are around those we grew up with or those that we share past experiences with or even those whom we feel comfortable around and have conversations with, we reminisce and use in the sentence prefix; “I remember when” sort of like a key to unlocking the past ... —

Day 636 Moving from the Big to the Small

Moving from the big to the small. A point opened up where I realize that I had judged some actions as being tedious. Looking at this in relation to what I am doing in my life, I realized that I had a belief that some of the required actions were tedious, and yet there I was... —

Dan 41: Kdo ima prav

Pogosto se prepiramo kdo ima prav, kdo ima bolj prav, kdo je imel prej prav... Vsi se kdaj delamo pametne brez potrebe, čeprav pogosto informacij nismo sami lastnoročno preverili in preizkusili, da bi lahko trdili, da vemo, o čem govorimo in da je to, kar smo slišali ali nekje... —

Meconomics: Wants and Needs in your Daily Living

This blogpost is a continuous to: Meconomics: I need my Wants and Want my Needs to be Satisfied To gain context on 'Meconomics', read and watch: "Meconomics": ME-Economics [83] Introducing Meconomics In my previous blog I wrote about the word ‘wants’ and the word ‘needs’ a... —

The Cynical Self – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 687

I have recently moved into the same environment as my partner. This has been a change for me in terms of now living in close quarters with another person where before I was very much alone in my personal living space. There has been one point that has emerged in the last few w... —

Life Isn't Supposed To Be This Way by Cerise Poolman | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Day 298: Self-Change within the Mother / Daughter Relationship Construct

Alright, first a little history. Within an hour or so after spending some time with my youngest daughter, I would begin to have pain in my upper back / scapula area. Sometimes the pain is almost unbearable and while I’ve been able to breathe and slowly get the pain to subside,... —

Will the Living Income Guaranteed be a Women's Trap?

Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed proposal - a system that will provide Equal Opportunity for all and secure a dignified level of existence and participation in society, as well as unlock the true potential of each individual; functioning as the medium through which nat... —

600 - Senior Poverty and Homelessness

I have been a caregiver for elderly women for some time now, and I have seen, first-hand how expensive it is to grow old. My current client lives in a semi-assisted living facility, which is quite expensive. She has all her meals prepared for her and her apartment is cleaned... —

549 | What does Self Trust have to do with Failure?!

If you look into how you have defined Trust and/or Self Trust, I am certain you will find some emotional attachments to your definition, as I did. For example things like ‘feeling safe’ or ‘feeling certain of…’ or ‘knowing’ and ‘being sure about…’ tend to be within our defin... —

548 | What keeps you from embracing yourself and living fully?

Expanding from my previous posts 544 | Embrace yourself, empower yourself 545 | Embrace yourself, empower yourself - Part 2 546 | F.E.A.R. – Fail Early And Responsibly 547 | F.E.A.R. – Fail Early And Responsibly - Part 2 I wanted to share some self forgiveness to assi... —

Valentin Rozman: Dan 205: Pomembnost branja za prizemljevanje


Day 133: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

Couple of years ago I discovered recordings of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares television series. The main star is a chef Gordon Ramsay and the mission is to within one week convert a failing restaurant into a successful business. I become inspired about Gordon since he does not f... —

Dan 311: Indoktrinacija skozi visoko šolstvo

Šala glede izobraževalnega sistema pravi, da na začetnih stopnjah šolanja veš malo o vsem, nato pa se izobraževanje specializira in na koncu veš vse o ničemer. Ni pa to edini problem visokega šolstva. Pred vsem se skozi dolga leta žuljenja šolskih klopi študenta indoktrinira v... —

Day 37: Danger of artificial intellegence

Many people are afraid that robots will soon have artificial intelligence far greater than humans and that we are going to become extinct in the next 100 years. At least Elon Musk from Tesla Motors and SpaceX is concerned about Google acquiring Boston Dynamics and speeding up ... —

Después de Morir - Día 331

Cuando llegamos a este mundo hay alguien que nos recibe y se encarga de nosotros no podemos hacer nada al respecto, dependemos totalmente de los demás para subsistir en todos sentidos, ellos tienen que generar dinero y todos los medios durante algunos años para que podamos sal... —

Making Miss-takes and Successfully Starting Over

Why, when making mistakes and having to start over – do we tend to be so hard on ourselves? How can you support yourself to make the process of mistakes and starting over something supportive for you in your relationship with yourself and life in general? The video I mentio... —

How to Stop Your Violent Thoughts

Where do your seemingly random violent thoughts come from? What are these thoughts and imaginings of violence trying to tell you? How can you turn these thoughts into a supportive gift in your life? Check out the Self & Living store at If you have... —

Decisions: Self Fulfillment or Boredom?

Do the Decisions we make in our daily lives lead to Self Fulfillment and Self Expansion, or just keeping us Bored? How do the Decisions you make affect your Life? Why do we tend to make Decisions to avoid or ignore the Problems we create in the world? Is that really the be... —

Day 232: Being Super-Serious About Life

Being Super-Serious about life – isn’t that something we tend to become, as we grow older? At least I can see that this has happened to me in many ways, though primarily with regards to survival, future, career and money – and thus – in this blog I’m going to open up the minds... —

Dan 40: Odpor do politike

Odpor do politike je vsesplošno prisoten družbeni pojav. Pa je koristen? Iz kod izvira? Moj osebni spletni portal: Priporočen uvodni brezplačni spletni tečaj DIP Lite za samopomoč pri spoznavanju delovanja uma in čustev, ter pri vzpostavljanju samo... —

Day 635 The Fabric of My Persona

The Fabric of My Persona I had an experience yesterday where I was alone with a human being playing a role in our society. As I stood there talking with him, I could see some fears coming up in relation to my role towards his role. That uncertainty , like a fly buzzing aroun... —

229. Inheritance Taxes and #DeathAfterMath

Why are taxes imposed  to ‘gifts’ endowed as a patrimony left by relatives/significant ones meant to be assistive after they die? ‘Gone without a trace’ should not be a criminal pun, but a self-responsible planning  skills for and by the living ones that wish to support their ... —

The Consequence of Suppression: A Stronger Police Force does not Equal Less Crime

The other day I watched the movie Chappie. There was one scene that really caught my attention. The city (and the premise of the movie) was based on the fact that the crime rate in this South African city was outrageous… 300 murders were happening everyday, people were be... —

Day 210: Working with Patience

It’s interesting how when we are driving in traffic, it’s almost like a race unconsciously to get to where we’re going and although we don’t see it as a race, we want to pass other car and not let anyone in front of us. I was driving this morning and notice something that I ha... —

Choices, Choices by Cerise Poolman | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Self-Empowerment starts with a Committed Decision to Change. DAY 356 18 Monday May 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbecome the master of your life, deciding your life, Decision making, decision to change, self-empowerment, Self-Transformation, the power of making a decision, the power of the decision In the past couple of weeks my understanding of the consequence of our participation ... —

[91] Basic Income and Women's Rights

How can Basic Income be a game changer for the empowerment of women? What kinds of abusive situations can women stand up from upon having the right to a guaranteed living income? What kinds of potentials can be unleashed when both men and women are equally empowered to be fina... —

Dag 368: Generad

Under vissa omständigheter blir jag generad, och en av dessa är när jag frågar någon om den skulle vilja göra någonting med mig, eller hitta på någonting. Jag upplever inte mig generad med alla människor. De som jag har haft ett mer långvarigt förhållande med brukar jag inte a... —

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