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Day 428: A Change of Heart

What makes a person drop everything they believe in and suddenly have a change of heart about what they knew? Times are ever so changing, this world, the Earth, Humanity as a whole and the information we receive, I mean we have the internet now, which makes a change of heart j... —

Day 324: Did I Do Something Wrong?

In this blog I am going work on the following mind pattern: Some days ago I faced a situation in which I thought that I was given a spare part to my tractor by a friend of mine. However, my friend clarified that he was not giving me the part but expected to get money in return... —

Horrible Neighbors or Horrible Me – Part 5

What I thought would be a simple matter of standing our ground, exercising our legal rights as homeowners, is now going into its 4th or 5th year. For additional context, please see parts one, two, three and four. In the past, it was a matter of not doing as I was ordered to by... —

Day 427: Human Rage

The anxiety that’s builds when nothing is said, the long conversation that’s had in one’s head, I’ve been holding this in for way too long and now the urge is becoming way too strong. The tightening of chest constricted and encaged, at an unforeseen moment struck by Human Rage... —

Day 426: What Works for Me

Although I am still fairly new to this process, seeing that it’s a lifelong process, I have been walking my Journey to Life (Through writing Blogs) since the beginning of 2014, being that I’m the rush type, the hurry up and wait type, there are a few things that I have found t... —

Is NATO a terrorist Organization?

Today, I posted a picture with the following caption on a Facebook post: The fear caused by the NATO alliance clearly demonstrates that, NATO, led by criminal central bankers within the IMF, BIS, World Bank, ECB and Federal Reserve of the USA is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Once ... —

Attraction Distraction

Last night, I met with a friend whom I had not seen for about one year. I enjoyed sitting outside of a Family Mart, a convenience store like a 7-11 in Taoyuan city, Taiwan. While we were speaking, another friend messaged me, saying she wanted to visit with her boyfriend. They ... —

Day 425: Fear Projections

“I brought you into this world and I can take you out, if you don’t do what I say”, is the statement said by a parent to keep their child in line. “Shut up before I punch you in the face”, is a cowardly statement said by one who doesn’t know how to communicate. “Don’t let a ... —

Day 424: Going Through What You Are Living In

Hell is a blunt way to put it. Is the hand that you were dealt really the hand that you were dealt or is it what you have become accustom to as a way/means of survival? No one really like what they do/have to do to keep a roof over their head and put food in their bellies, whe... —

Day 277 – Suppressing Conflict

Continuing with Suppression patterns. This time opening up CONFLICT. Part of the problem is not to be honest with myself, thus remaining in circles of levels of my mind’s superficial self-defined reaction-loops, such as focusing to the positive and negative energies I feel by ... —

Dag 389: Heb je een voornaam of ben je jouw voornaam?

Binnen een studiegroep ontstond er een discussie over namen en naamsherkenning, wat mij later nog eens deed nadenken over mijn eigen voornaam en mijn relatie ermee. Een voornaam is iets dat we zo vaak in ons leven hebben gehoord dat we er als het ware één mee geworden zijn. Al... —

Day 423: Self-Trust

Where there’s doubt, there’s no Self-Trust. There’s always these moments that arises at times throughout my process where I ask myself; “Ok what’s next”, “Am I doing this or that right”, the correct way, “Am I fucking up”, “Should I do this or that”, then become a bit indecisi... —

Physically Responding instead of Energetically Reacting

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to test an application I have been working on. It consists of facing an energetic/emotional experience of another, aimed at me. My goal is to remain physically stable so as not to react to the words and/or frequency of the words coming from the... —

Day 609 - Computer Glitches

My old computer crashed several months ago and I had to get a new one. An old pattern of computer-resistance has resurfaced, as I see that my computer knowledge was specific to my old computer. So I've faced uncertainty in how to maneuver through this new computer and what ... —

Day 323: Redefining the word possession

In this blog I am going to work with redefining the word possession. I have decided to work with this word because since I moved to a farm, and within that started to take care of all the various houses, machines, stables, and tools that are here, I been feeling locked/trapped... —

Day 422: Sneaky

What makes us so sneaky towards one another? What makes us rebellious to the plight of each other’s needs? Why do we feel the need to sneak around each other’s back, just to face them on the other side in regret of the lies told in spite of the truth being known of what we did... —

Uncertainty in Wondering

I have since childhood wanted nothing more than the system to collapse as a means for ending/eliminating the world we live in. I believed I was a prisoner here against my will and that; the only way to escape was for the world to end. Even in the aftermath, as I remember of my... —

Day 276 – Suppression to forgive

Let’s continue Suppression investigation with a ‘free ride’ Self-forgiveness flow. Whatever comes as I realize in the moment as I could do more self-honestly, I give a shot for change with wording the pattern I understand as how and why I participated within. It’s like archaeo... —

Day 421: Damned If You Do/Damned If You Don’t

It’s fascinating how laws are formulated to cancel each other out and/or as a catch 22, creating the saying, Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t, meaning if you have limited means of survival and you go about inflicting the only means of survival you know to feed yourself... —

Day 322: Research, Planning and What Goes On Behind the Scenes

Since some weeks I have been laying concrete tiles where I live and through this I have reached a couple of insights when it comes to creation in the physical. Initially, when I first made the decision to lay concrete tiles, I did not know what it entailed. I did not have any ... —

Life’s a Drag? DAY 384 12 Tuesday Jul 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsapathic, Apathy, dragging your feet, feeling demotivated, feeling forced, listless, listlessness, not feeling like it Have you ever stopped to consider why life sometimes feels like a drag? Where you are literally dragging your feet behind you on a daily basis and it fee... —

Day 275 – Suppression to stop

The EQAFE series of Quantum Physical provides exceptional support by looking at the physical manifestation of the self-acceptance and mind-personalities on the human face. These interviews are supporting with the point of SUPPRESSION: —

438. Louder Than Bombs

How to not give up upon ‘losing the passion to live’ I watched a movie called Louder than Bombs (2015) and without getting too much into the plot, the character of the mother/woman that was a war photojournalist was the one that caught my attention because of how she deal... —

300. All Lives Matter: How to Live the Statement?

How to relate to and participate in discussions related to police violence and racial disparity and within doing so, being part of the solution. Let’s discuss about that Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights #All... —

Day 420: The Ability to Help Someone (Self-Forgiveness)

In my previous post I wrote about the ability to help someone, but what I didn’t do is write Self-Forgiveness for what I discovered within myself as far as my participation within having expectation of being helped and the reactions I experience whenever I received or didn’t r... —

Day 274 – Redefining Stability

I was in a forest camping for almost a week and during this period I used my notebook to list up all the points I consider for redefining the word Stability. To simplify this process, I’ve focused to three layers: Body: Be aware of physical presence: inn... —

Day 321: My Alternate Realities

Holding on to points, this is a tendency that has opened up within me during the last week. I have encountered this when it comes to second guessing decisions I have made, where I want to hold unto the potential direction that I did not choose, and when it comes to holding unt... —

Day 419: The Ability to Help Someone

What stops someone from helping their fellow man, a friend, a family member in need? At times through our lives no matter who you are or what you may or may not have, you will need help from someone and when the help comes, of course you’re exponentially grateful, but when the... —

Day 418: A Story to Tell

What interest us most is the stories we hear, what others are going through as in, guess what I did or what happened to me, I got a story to tell, let me tell you something, I got to tell somebody this, because this is unbelievable. What makes one person’s story better than th... —

Day 417: People Nowadays

What make you an expert on what people nowadays do, like, participate in and the way they behave. As a third party during a conversation we are quick to say; “Because people nowadays are like this, so that’s why, I’m the way I’m am”, blaming most of our mishaps on the children... —

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