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day 548: fearing others and hiding from them

I was reading this blog about ‘fearing others and hiding’. I think I will pick up on that for my blog tonight. Sometimes that’s a cool way to open up a topic, by reading another’s blog and expanding on it, if that point is relevant to your process. ‘fearing others and hiding’ ... —

Writing on what I’ve been writing about

Taking a break from writing about Democracy for a moment, I will share some other aspects of my world. It’s not that I have been consumed with finding a new definition for Democracy, but is is mostly what I have been doing, writing it out, finding the flaws, rewriting and rewr... —

LIG: Change The World, No CONsciousness Raising Required

I was a big fan of the idea of raising my consciousness but the sad fact is it never changed me, my life or the world, in any significant way as far as I can see. Interesting, we will need another person to come along in a few more years and package the same message again in d... —

Día 449 Nerviosismo al defender mi perspectiva

Hace unos días tuve una disputa con una persona en la que también, y como me escribí en la entrada de este blog, me percibía con cierto nerviosismo en la zona del plexo solar. Parece claro que estoy siendo más consciente de cómo mi cuerpo físico reacciona ante diversos eventos... —

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: DAY 284 | Anna's Journey to LifeAnna's Journey to Life

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: DAY 284 April 19, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life Throughout my process and my life in general, a prominent point that I have experienced has been dissatisfaction. I only recently, through being a... —

Day 442 - Dis-Traction From the Physical Part 6

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the excuse and belief that I am too tired to be here with the body to go into the mind and backchat about random thoughts and events from the past I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the thought "I ... —

Day 540 Being a Leader and Being Self Responsible

Being a leader and being self responsible. I remember when I first went and lived in Europe that I felt overwhelmed by the towns, like the very stones in the cities were filled with stories that were a burden, heavy. I would find solace in nature, under a tree. And I remem... —

Day 509 - A Conversation With My Daughter

My daughter and I were recently talking when she turned to me and said, "I have a point you can write about". She then proceeded to tell me about something I did the last time I was at her house, which turned out to be one of the reasons she has not invited me back. Now, thi... —

[JTL 165] Automatikus öndefiníciók

Most, hogy stabilabb vagyok és több mindent csinálok, feljöttek dolgok, melyek nyilvánvalóan nem támogatóak.Ezeken végigmenve tudatosítom ezeket és elhatározom, hogy nem veszek részt bennük.Pontosabban olyan szokásaimban, amik a tudati fáradtságot teremtik meg, mely ezt a fajt... —

Day 629 Information Transaction

It's interesting how we live here in and as Information. Like the happenings here are a result of and as Information. Like We are here in and as an Information transference...Like All the time Transactions are happening. Have a look at how money moves as a point of Transaction... —

day 547: must self-forgive daily

I commit myself to daily Self-Forgiveness, as the act of Self-Change in bringing Life to Earth as myself in every way required for all Life to be supported effectively equal. – Bernard Poolman Reading above commitment statement from Bernard definitely reminds me how important ... —

Practical Tools to Stop Thoughts Spinning Out of Control: DAY 283 | Anna's Journey to LifeAnna's Journey to Life

Practical Tools to Stop Thoughts Spinning Out of Control: DAY 283 April 18, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life There has been times in my process where I have become extremely possessed by certain specific thought and reaction p... —

Day 14 - Anger and Frustrated when Hypoglycemic

It is quite common for diabetics to experience themselves as frustrated while they go through periods of hypogylycemia. I've experienced this myself many times. I would feel a low coming on or feel low in that moment and have to take myself away from what it was that I was doi... —

Day 270: Beyond Blame Part 4

For proper context to this blog please read the Part 1,  Part 2 and Part 3 :  After listening to the Eqafe Interview:   Blame, the Hidden Nature I can clearly see how I missed a huge point in regards to someone I blame for my past… what is resonating in the background is direc... —

We can escape to the great sunshine my Poet, Couch and Sparkle Jump Rope Queen.

I recorded it with a cell phone // Grabé este video con un celular —

Día 448 Relaciones de la mente y el pasado

Continúo con la reacción de nerviosismo que tuve hace dos días al escuchar el audio de una persona hablando, y de cómo al aplicar el Perdón como un mismo apareció una memoria de mi infancia en la que me vi cuando mi padre me castigaba, experimentando el mismo nerviosismo. Lo q... —

391. Noah’s Revelations

I went to watch Noah the other day mostly because I had read some reviews from angry Christians about it and so I was curious to watch it for the sake of understanding what the fuss was about. I usually like Aronofsky’s work and this wasn’t the exception. What I liked t... —

Day 185 - Wherever we go, HERE we are

Many times I have faced instances where I had made a mistake – a mistake that I “knew better” than to make but made anyway because I either went into a point of ego/self-interest and decided that I would just take a risk and do things the easy way and see if I can just get awa... —

Never Mind: DAY 282 | Anna's Journey to LifeAnna's Journey to Life

Never Mind: DAY 282 April 17, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life As we walk our process in the journey to life, a key-element is to stand equal to the mind. We cannot direct the mind and thus stop existing as minions to the mind... —

The Journey Beyond Spirituality and New Age Religion

What does it mean to journey beyond spirituality and new age religion? What can be found on the other side of spirituality and new age religion? In this LIVE Google hangout we are talking to a former Light Worker and a New Age Devotee about how and why they decided to move bey... —

Day 628 Conceited

It's Fun Funny and Cool to play with the sounding of words to see what is sometimes missed within and as the actuality of what is here in and as a word relationship as how the letters come together in producing a structured sound expression.I'm looking at the word "Conceited" ... —

The Economy of the Ecology Creating Values in Self Interest

Creating values, within making one aspect huge, and focusing on that, distracts up from seeing the whole, and thus, ensuring that there is no harm done to any part of the whole. Making one thing more, by touting it as a value and eating up the space in promoting that value, is... —

Day 546: Water is Angry

Has water become angry? That’s bad news. I ask this hypothetical question in relation to the ferry accident today in South Korea where 300 people are still missing. Then we have the mysterious Malaysian flight 370 buried somewhere in the middle of the vast Indian ocean. We are... —

508 - Game Shows/The Lottery Will End with a Guaranteed Living Income

Have you ever watched a game show where the contestants are playing for money? There is a level of anxiety permeating the show, the audience and the contestants. When someone wins money there is a frenzied excitement and when someone loses there is a palpable dip in energy, ... —

Day 537 Going into Mind Consciousness Self Forgiveness

So much knowledge and information as what I have learned, as what I was taught to believe as how I measure this world, has me comparing and competing based on a limited framework of survival. The mechanism of the social contract accepted and allowed by men, where money determi... —

Day 441 - Dis-Traction From The Physical Part 5

Today was another one of the days where I found it hard to move myself in the body and from it feeling like the body was stiff and immovable I found myself participating more in the mind, this is specific to when I awoke. When I awoke I felt like I had not gotten enough slee... —

Día 447 Reacción a los sonidos

Hoy estuve escuchando un audio de una persona y me di cuenta de cómo el timbre de su voz, el ritmo de su habla, me producía una resonancia en mi estómago/plexo solar a modo de nerviosismo. Percibía el sonido como algo desagradable, inquietante y en tensión. Me doy cuenta que n... —

Day 269: Blame: It’s All Your Fault 3

For proper context to this blog please read the Part 1 and Part 2 :  After listening to the Eqafe Interview:   Blame, the Hidden Nature I can clearly see how I missed a huge point in regards to someone I blame for my past… what is resonating in the background is direct blame a... —

Day 627 Self-Obsession and Mastery

For Context for my writing today, please check out, "Activist's Journey to Life - Day 525 Self-Obsession and Mastery" Most people are completely obsessed with one thing and live their entire lives within the pull of this massive force of gravity that is their obsession. That ... —

Cultivating Social Change Through Education: DAY 80

Yesterday while I was at the tire shop waiting to get my tires changed, I came across an article in Science Daily about children’s innate mathematical sense. As odd a place to gain profound insight into human nature as the tire shop was, this article sparked within me a curiou... —

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