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543 | Just because you’re a Slave doesn’t mean you have to Suffer

Continuing in the context of my previous post, Creatures of Habit … I chose this title for this post –Just because you're a Slave doesn't mean you have to Suffer– because I find that a) we ‘suffer’ too much in our minds, in our head bubbles, which prevents from giving a r... —

542 | Creatures of Habit

Desteni Artists I was reading Addictive Habits on Activist’s Journey to Life —

Dag 70 – Lasagna – Laag voor laag

Lees mijn vorige blogpost voor de juiste context. Hieronder de zelfvergevingen die teruggrijpen naar de punten die ik in mijn vorige posts heb beschreven. Ik vergeef mijzelf dat ik heb geaccepteerd en toegestaan om mijzelf te laten overdonderen door een reactie op een situatie... —

213. Carbon Economy: Trading an Invisible Asset

Carbon has become the key to restructure the economy becoming the 21st century currency as a fictional commodity that is being priced by the World Bank in the continued Financialization of Nature. This has nothing to do with climate pollution, it is about restructuring the wor... —

Day 550 – My relationship to energies

My relationship to energies When I say the word: “energies” – out loud to myself, I see these different shapes and colures, red and blue. Separated, red and blue and also I see this electric adapter. So why do I see these shapes and colures? I realize that red is representing,... —

Day 221: Giving Life To What We Do | Viktor Persson

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Day 721 - Is Embracing the Cold a Key in Physical Body/Mind Awareness Here?

I've been exploring Cold Water therapy. It's a fascinating process. I suggest googling, "Wim Hof" aka, "The Ice Man". The focus of this blog here today is to remove any energy within myself with regards to "Cold". I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to asso... —

Dag 373 van 2555: als er één wakker wordt ontwaken er meerderen

Van de week realiseerde ik mij ineens dat een verandering bij een ander ineens kan zorgen voor een verandering in mijzelf. Met andere woorden de verandering bij de ander geeft ruimte om te zien hoe ik anders om kan gaan met een situatie die ik voorheen als een soort van impass... —

[JTL Day 223] Decomposing Fear of Pain

Eclipse 2015 March I continue with the personality decomposition from my last post: [JTL Day 222] Decomposing Personality of Fear The point from where I continue is the state when I feel uncomfortable, pain. Recently I had a taste of it, almost all day I had a headache. I ... —

Day 720 - Income Tax

I think Income Tax is total fucking bullshit. From my perspective it is a total scam. This blog here today is not an investigation of the law in which exists in regards to Income Tax. This blog here today is in regards to the emotions I have accepted and allowed to exist as... —

646 Pride and Crashing into self-victimization - Self-investigations (continued)

In this post I am continuing with investigating how I am living the word ‘pride’. I have seen from the current SRA (structuralresonance alignment) assignment that certain particular memories lead to self-opinions that hold particular charges that can often be discerned as prid... —

645 Investigating Pride – Am I proud?

Who am I in relation to the word Pride, pride as an energy movement and/or starting point? This is what I will open up here for me. Points around pride that I’m seeing when there is the starting point of pride: I want to maintain that state of and as energy, meaning I want... —

[84] Latest Developments on UBI in Slovenia

Today we will be discussing the overall status of UBI in Slovenia with Valerija Korošec from Universal Basic Income. We will go over the latest developments agreed upon in congress in the city of Maribor last week. We welcome your questions and comments for Valerija throughout... —

Dan 233 - Dojemanje sebe v relaciji do skupine

Opazil sem, kako pogosto pristopam k drugim ljudem ali skupini ljudi tako, da se postavljam v nadrejen položaj v smislu, da vem več od njih ali da vem in razumem kaj, česar drugi ne in da jih moram zato poučiti o tem ali jim kaj pokazati, razložiti in ali jih usmerjati. Odpus... —

day 663: how procrastination leads to depression

For context, please listen to this desteni portal interview about the design of procrastination. It seems to me I am walking/falling behind in my process, instead of making progress, there is a certain regression. I mean it’s clear to me whats going on, “lack of discipline” in... —

Male/Female Dynamics: The Battered Woman Character. DAY 348 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Male/Female Dynamics: The Battered Woman Character. DAY 348 March 28, 2015 in Anna's Journey to Life Recently I’ve been having some very vivid dreams. The theme of the dreams is that I am in an argument/discussion with a mal... —

Day 555 - Purpose and Living It

The point of purpose I have struggled with even though it has always been right here in front of me the entire time. For context and information depression has been a point that I have been walking for quite a while within process and a point that has been coming up again ... —

Dag 362: Att lämna efter sig något stort | Viktor Persson

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Day 597 - I Did Not See This Coming - Facing the Unexpected

My work life has dramatically/drastically changed over these past weeks. That which I had established to create order in my client's life has all changed due to her recent condition which has rendered this 'planned order' null and void. What I am faced with is the unexpected... —

212. “Politics Is Dead!”

Why is dismissing Politics overall a diversion tactic and potential danger to dismiss going into the root and cause of the problem? What are we missing out when focusing too much on alternative systems and solutions? Discussing how politics has failed as it exists today, and s... —

211. People vs Government: How to Stop the Antagonism?

Why are we still fighting against our governments instead of ensuring we learn how to cooperate with it? Discussing two examples: access to clean and usable toilets and guaranteeing the right to land by indigenous people that live in it and depends directly on it to survive – ... —

Day 718 - Removing the Ego from Greatness, the Grounding Process

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to go into the point of big ego as a result of having good results within particular points of sharing/performance. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for thirsting for the recognition as the praise within a j... —

Fifty Shades of Grey - Desteni Movie Night

How far are we willing to go to satisfy our desires? How far are we willing to go to satisfy the desires of a partner? Is Fifty Shades of Grey a movie about exploring sexual boundaries or are there deeper dimensions to consider that may have us question our own sexuality and t... —

Day 717 - The Order of Things

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having a warped sense of order from the perspective of disregard for and as the Equality and Oneness of all Life here. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for thinking that if things are ordered in a partic... —

Day 220: Changing the Starting Point of Purpose | Viktor Persson

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210. Are We All Satanists?

What have we missed in seeking to create laws that only benefit one’s own desires and wishes instead of prioritizing collective necessities? Selfishness and seeking our own benefit is imprinted in the culture that we create and consume, doing the opposite of loving our neighbo... —

Dan 34: Kaj je zloba?

Ko samoiskreno opazujemo svet ugotovimo, da je v njem veliko zlobe. In kaj sploh je zloba? Od kod izvira? Kdaj lahko rečemo, da smo zlobni in da so naša dejanja zlobna? Se zlobo sploh da odpraviti? Na to odgovarjam v posnetku. V posnetku sem omenil tudi predlog za Zagotovlj... —

Day 219: Programmed to be indecisive | Viktor Persson

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