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Day 336: Aligning Self To Reality

What I have liked to do in my life when it comes to interests and hobbies is to commit myself a 100 percent to them. I have enjoyed making one sole point the center of my existence, pushing that one point as far as I have been able to. This way of immersing myself in interests... —

Day 457: Triggers

Let me paint you a picture. The bullet of a Gun travels through a chamber headed for its intended target, triggered by a firing pin that’s released by the Triggering Mechanism, pulled by a finger after the hammer is cocked back by a thumb, triggered by a reaction coming from a... —

Day 456: Waiting to Exhale

In strenuous situations why is it that we hold our breath, until the initial shock is over then we Exhale, having to catchup on the breaths we missed, causing our hearts to start racing at a fast pace in that moment in time, where we’re waiting to Exhale at the drop of a dime.... —

Day 455: It’s Not the Same as Before

There’s this old Gospel song we used to sing at the Church I went to growing up, with lyrics that goes; “Things I used to do, I don’t do no more”, I mean obviously, back then it was rather confusing, because what I thought I shouldn’t do, I saw others do and get away with it, ... —

444. Self-Corruption: Jesus Calls!

Some months ago I had a dream where from afar I would see the book by Thomas Piketty ‘The Economics of Inequality’ on a table, and when getting closer to it, it sort of morphed into or became a book with quotes and principles said or provided by Jesus. This was somehow indicat... —

Day 454: No Follow Through

Good intentions get you nowhere, because what you intended to do you didn’t do, which shows that you have no follow through. In the midst of saying that we will do something, most of the time we really mean it, but our meaning never justifies the end, because in the end there ... —

Unconditional: What does it mean and how do I live it?

This point has once again reared its ugly head. Not the point of being unconditional; I don’t even know what that means. I am talking about the point of facing my points of conditionality, they are ugly - painful to look at and even more painful to walk through. Here, I am... —

Day 264 - Backchat on perceiving I am being exploited

My previous blog is in Slovene. For the last few days I helped at my friend's place to paint a room and get it ready for another friend who will live there. While I was painting, both friends had other things to do as well so I was mostly left to work on the room alone. Durin... —

Day 335: Slowing Down

Of all animal species on earth, human beings is the only one capable of creating a dream/goal/vision, and then, walk through life with the sole focus of fulfilling that future point of creation. All other types of animals lives and creates in the moment with no particular idea... —

Day 453: Critique

(Note to Self) It’s one thing to ask question, if you know what questions to ask, obviously one has to know what’s going on with you in order to set you straight in a way, critique what you’re doing correctly or not doing correctly, Constructive Criticism is always welcome, bu... —

Day 452: Anticipation

When I was little and was told something, then left waiting, I would have this anxiety, nervousness and fear coming up within and as me, butterflies in my stomach and shaking profusely, this was of course in expectation of being/getting in trouble, where the time in between (t... —

443. Worry: Problems in the World Back To Self

A few days ago I had to take some pictures, the kind that one takes for passports and such. Throughout my life I’ve kept them all throughout the various phases in my life and it’s interesting to see the evolution of myself throughout the years not only due to the hairstyles, w... —

Day 283 – Consciousness is less than we think

Today I reflect to this article I bookmarked quite some time before: Consciousness has less control than believed, according to new theory “Why do you have an urge or thought that you shouldn’t be having? Because, in a sense, the consciousness system doesn’t know that you shou... —

Day 451: Does The Good You Do Outweigh the Bad?

When one is on a diet and have been following the guidelines of the diet to the tee, what comes up is the thought of doing something bad, like eating cake or sweets, things that bad for your teeth and so on that doesn’t coincide with your diet you’re on, but tell ourselves; “W... —




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Day 282 – Courage about ‘NO’

I continue with Courage Preparing to practical change at situations I’ve already realized that I can have tendency to not LIVE COURAGE within self-honesty. Specificity supports self-honesty and awareness, thus this time writing about hearing or saying ‘NO’. When and as I feel ... —

Day 334: Let Me Get Organized!

The problem There is a reason that this blog is called a dreamers journey to life. The reason being, that I am a dreamer. As a dreamer, the way I approach tasks, schedule my week, handle my work responsibilities, is many times quite chaotic. This is not because I am a irrespon... —

Day 450: I Just Don’t Like You

What is this feeling inside us that makes us believe that we don’t like someone, for the simple fact that they’re new or see someone for the first time, too many times? I’m serious this is crazy, where the new person who comes around a family, a group of friends, a new hire at... —

258. Being Dishonest with Friends & How to Change That

I am in charge of organizing a day trip to a city and the tour guide I was talking to mentioned that we can visit a wine museum and then drink some wine. She mentioned ‘’you will like this…’’ and I was uncomfortable because I actually don’t drink and enjoy wine but because I e... —

442. Back To Self: My Current Story

Today I’d like to share some things that I have been realizing for quite some time in relation to the process I’ve walked thus far in terms of, to put it simply, focusing a lot more on what’s happening ‘out there’ as the world, the problems outside of us, investigating and edu... —

Day 449: In Common

Just because you don’t have anything in common with someone anymore, does it dictate that your friendship with this person should be terminated? People change with the times, what may be good for the goose may not be good for the gander any longer, but it doesn’t mean that the... —

Day 333: The Lack Perspective

The lack perspective, this is a way of viewing myself and my world and that has begun to open up and become more clear to me as of late. Seeing things from a starting point of lack is basically how the world currently operates, and most people use lack as their motivation to g... —

Day 448: You’re Weird

Why is it that when a person has been living doing things a certain way all their life, then decide to do things different, we classify them as weird, from the perspective of having new viewpoints, looking at things differently, stating the obvious, talking about real issues a... —

Day 447: Plan/Plans/Planning (continued)

Previously on Plan/Plans/Planning: Don’t just plan to change, change your plan to doing that which is best for all life. I previously showed how we’ve perpetuated Plan/Plans/Planning on a negative level, in spiteful ways that I have seen throughout my life and in some ways hav... —

Living Words: How many do I actually need?

Of all of the points and considerations of process, the living word is the one that baffles me the most. It has been said that we should redefine and live words. A word a day, a word a week, I am not sure how many words I am supposed to be redefining and living. I guess, what ... —

257. A Kiss Driven by Love

I found some writings on the experience of Love I’d like to share, where within the experience of love, one moves themselves to kiss someone: I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand I was being moved by consciousness energy o... —

Day 446: Plan/Plans/Planning

They say that piss poor planning makes for poor performance, which in some cases is true in relation to business, on the other hand we commonly say things like; “I have a plan”, a divisible way of getting back at someone, retribution, revenge among the many negative aspects th... —

Day 281 – VLOG: Process update/share

Sharing some points I’ve been walking within self-realization recently and also talking about practical common sense in regarding to real self-change within understanding. Unleash Self with understanding and transcending self-limitation. Be response-able and be LIFE. Do not a... —

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