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Day 272 – Why Presence?

Presence Something I always tried to push myself into, or explode myself out to and eventually realizing that it is something what only can be accumulated with stable, constant and consistent self-direction here, in and as the physical. By releasing the delusions of perception... —

What does Brexit mean for Democracy?

My guess is that, people are finally beginning to realize how little democracy we have actually been expressing. We have been brainwashed into believing that, democracy is all about the opportunity to vote for a candidate (from a list of 2-3), the one who will supposedly get t... —

Day 412: Dark Moment

The Darkest Moment in my life was right before I found Desteni, and although it persisted for quite some time, I eventually go through it, I mean I had lost everything I ever thought meant something to me, like my relationships and material possessions, how could this world be... —

251. Creating an Effective Facebook Community

A year and a half ago I was sitting by my computer one day with questions on where to find this specific clothing piece. I was 6 months in living in a European country and was still not use to doing research to answer my questions in another language. I realized that the Faceb... —

Day 415 - Hearing or Watching Myself

I forgive myself that I have been accepting and allowing myself to fear listening to my own voice, to cross reference what I’m saying before sharing it with others.I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to rely on Garbrielle to vet my expression for me, and t... —

Process Update: Part I - June 25, 2016

I guess it has been about one year since I last wrote one of these updates, where I am and how I am doing. The plan was and still is to change me to a point of responsibility to stand within and as (as the saying goes) the system and change it as I change me. A couple of ye... —

Day 411: Information (#411)

In the U.S. nowadays if you dial 411 you’ll get directory assistance, which used to be an Information line when dialing 411 on a home phone and of course this was before the internet came about, when people still used home phones and phonebooks to connect to the world. In othe... —

Redefining the Word RESISTANCE. DAY 383 24 Friday Jun 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsis it good to resist something? resisting the powers that be, Resistance, resisting authority, resisting change, resisting fear, why do I fear change, why do I resist change What is resistance? Is it La Résistance, a courageous 1940’s French underground civil right’s mov... —

Day 577 – Do I not belong?

Have you ever felt like an outsider? The word is usually used in the context of social interaction, the forming and shaping of groups, friendships, and other social structures – and it identifies the individuals that are not part of the social structure that has developed. In ... —

Day 271 – Physical integration

After my last post I am continuing with the re-alignment from the conscious mind experience into physical awareness direction. Scripting some slowing down and preparing for practical change to prevent going into thinking while doing something – specifically some physical activ... —

Day 410: Three’s A Crowd

It’s fairly easy to come to a consensus when two (2) people are involved in one on one communication with each other, any agreement is most likely to be reached more quickly than if a third person was involved, with the two (2), things somehow tend to work out (for the moment)... —

Day 195 - To all the Isolated Loners on the Outside Looking In

This one goes out to all of the people out there who are on the "outside looking in". You know who you are. You are the ones who at some point in your life, for one reason or another, went on a path that took you away from the kinds of paths your fellow peers took. You ar... —

297. Should #WorldRefugeeDay Exist?

Why are we allowing the concept of ‘refugee’ to become a ‘normal status’ in a human’s life, instead of working to Prevent the source of the problems they are fleeing from in the first place? Where is our responsibility in this? Source: World Refugee Day, 20 June Watch ou... —

Day 409: Outcast (Self-Induced)

Being blalism we are but outcast in our own minds, where if it looks different, feels different, acts different, it must be that you’re not me, because I can see you from where I’m standing right in front of me, and when it comes to family, it is but a name you gave me and alt... —

437. What to Do when Feeling like an Outcast?

Here I share some practical steps to consider whenever this particular experience of feeling left out, feeling like not belonging, feeling like one is being judged by others in a particular group or environment, or that one is the ‘odd one sticking out’ etc. If you’d like t... —

Day 39 - Feeling Like an Outcast

Feeling Like an Outcast I can relate to the experience of feeling like an outcast. It is very rare that I feel like I fit in comfortably anywhere or in any group. This is an experience that had to start s... —

Day 408: Cops

To protect and serve and serve as protection because we can’t understand our human nature. When you see them you become scare and start shaking in your boot, when you’re driving down the freeway/highway/bi-way and see them, you automatically pump your brake and then look in th... —

296. (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies

If audio doesn’t play, try here: Can stopping lying, cheating, deceiving and looking after one’s own interests change the world? Let’s discuss the documentary (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights... —

Day 317: Redefining Work

I watched a School of Ultimate Living hangout on Redefining the word Work and it was very interesting and inspirational. The hangout covered the topic of resisting and disliking work – an experience most of us are probably able to relate to. I suspect that the majority of peop... —

Day 407: Sense of Urgency

Ok, so in my previous post I wrote about stability and afterward as I was still looking at the point, what came up is the word Urgency, a Sense of Urgency and/or the lack there of, so I will be investigating my relationship with this word/statement and why at times throughout ... —

436. Lack of Money in Dream

Last night I had a dream where I would be aware of having only a 200 pesos bill in my pocket, that being the last money left with me at the time. I was with my family in a restaurant and I would still be quite sure about being able to pay for the bill, or at least help with so... —

Day 406: Redefining Stability

Ok so lately I have been walking the point of stability and had to investigate first off what my definitions of stability were and what I found was pretty interesting and so I will be sharing how I walked through it, as first off at the onset of this current situation (I won’t... —

Day 405: A Perspective on Thoughts

One perspective that I see about thoughts is that thoughts are like lullabies, because every time you start thinking too much you find yourself falling asleep, especially when you’re driving some distance after a meal when you’re alone, where you dose off from thinking too muc... —

Day 316: Over Working vs. Balance

In the past week I had a lot on my plate at work, and that was my own fault, as I took on too much, and did not consider the amount of time that I had to my disposal. I pushed myself to do as much as I could, and as the weekend arrived, I felt that my body was exhausted, almos... —

295. Gun Control or Self-Control?

Is Gun Control the solution to stop mass killings? What are we missing when we only look at weapons as ‘the problem’? Let’s discuss about that Suggest to watch: [116] Mass Shootings and Mass Media – YouTube Some points of support I created some years ago: 131. Stop Yourse... —

Day 404: Dear Diary

Meaning, I’ll die before you READ IT. Anything that ever had to do with, writing, keeping logs as such = hated it, especially if it had something to do with me putting my business out there (per se) as I once called it, no way man, no thanks, so when it came to diaries, I real... —

Day 270 – Movement without thoughts

Walking through the mind-dimensions I’ve opened up last time. Starting with Viktor’s comment, which is really relevant here: This was timely Talamon. I am just now facing similar points in my life. I have also moved out on the country side, and equally as you, there are many... —

Dag 388: er is au en wat doen we ermee?

De laatste jaren ben ik mij steeds meer bewust geworden van het feit dat realistisch gezien de dag zich kan aandienen dat mijn ouders komen te overlijden. Jaren geleden zou zo’n bewustwording mij nerveus hebben gemaakt en een akelig gevoel hebben gegeven. Dus wat is er anders,... —

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