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Day 248: Clique

Cliques are; groups within group that are for the group as a whole, but associate with certain members more than anyone else within the group, because of similar self-interest. In almost every group you see and/or know about, there are cliques within them. The most predominant... —

[101] LIG News Roundup: Designing a New Capitalism

Join us for a review of some of the most noteworthy news and developments around basic income. We'll be discussing diverse, emerging solutions driven by a common aim of creating a system that addresses immediate needs as well as systemic inequality. Watch the live discussion w... —

Desteni Movie Night: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day movie review in relation to Self-realization: How our daily life can relate to the Groundhog day's story to realize and live our utmost potential? Do you feel stuck in your life? Ask questions within the hangout's Q&A section during the live discussion for our ... —

Day 247: Without Self-Forgiveness

Imagine for a moment, where would you be, and what would you have done up until this point in your life without Self-Forgiveness. I have and it’s not pretty picture. This morning, I had a flurry of thought to come up within and as me, about my past, and what had transpired wit... —

Day 566 - Direction and Purpose

Going back a few blogs I was touching upon the point of purpose and what I have been looking at recently is how I have been accepting and looking for direction from other people. I have allowed myself to frequently look towards other people for direction and purpose within m... —

559 | Who We Are as Words – How can we Forget!

What an interesting word: FORGET... (source for picture) We all think we know what the word means because it’s one of the first words we learn as children, the latest in the first grade at school… But let’s have a look whether we truly grasp or even question the meaning... —

246. Animal Kingdom Enslavement Ends with a Living Income Guaranteed

The reasons behind animal abuse and exploitation are in front of our eyes. We can choose to stop ignoring them and instead, start discussing practical solutions to prevent ongoing suffering and exploitation of those that cannot speak or protest to defend themselves from our hu... —

Hujšanje & co. 4

3.del Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila hranjenje na podlagi okusa, prevelike oz. težko prebavljive obroke, hranjenje pozno zvečer –- kljub temu, da sem vedela, da se bom posledično redila, čutila težo v želodcu in splošno utrujenost, da bom imela težave s kislino ... —

Day 246: The art of decision making

Oftentimes we do hear how it’s good to vent ourselves – which it’s apparently healthy to clear the air, get everything out there, speak it as it is, and show what is really going on. In theory this might be great, because we can discuss what is really going on – though in prac... —

558 | Who we are as Words – Taking back Authority step 2

Continuing from my previous posts 556 | What is your Life’s Authority and 557 | Taking back Authority - Step 1 Self Forgiveness An interesting point I’d like to open up here is the point of WORDS, as I’ve seen it showing itself within these previous posts dsicussing Aut... —

Day 246: Think Twice Before You . . .

As if the first time wasn’t enough. Have you ever heard this saying; “Think twice before you” and so on and so forth? Most of the times this saying is related to someone thinking that someone is about to make a “bad” decision, so the say something like; “You better think twice... —

Day 407 - Writing Confidence

It's coming to a boiling point. This is my 4th "Day 407" draft, and I'm ready to move past this writing hangup that's now gone on too long. In this post, I will begin to open up what's been holding me back, so I can finally face it and recreate my expression here forward. ... —

Trascendiendo de una vez por todas el Miedo al Dentista - Día 337

En este post camino las memorias en relación con ir al dentista aplicando el perdón a uno mismo y las correcciones necesarias, para contexto de este post leer: El tiempo no es real y los dientes Me perdono a mi misma por aceptar y permitirme a mi misma tener la expectativa ... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Living Words

What does it mean to become the Living Word? How is one able to redefine words so that they are practically lived? Why is it important for us to understand our relationship to words? How does your definitions of words influence your life? Join Us as we discuss these questions ... —

[JTL Day 230] Preventing further annoyance

Continuing with the Annoyance/frustration point from my last post: [JTL Day 229] Movement and change – frustration/annoyance Recently I did not experience much of a frustration, however things went quite bad around sometimes, but I was able to apply common sense and rather foc... —

Day 565 - The Design of Self Judgement

I was having a conversation with a buddy and we were talking about ourselves within self judgement and what exists within ourselves in relation to the judgements, how the design if accepted into ourselves and how we hold judgements against ourselves for our past mistakes and h... —

Day 648 A moment in mind consciousness ONLY! STOP!

Yesterday, I went into a sinking personification as a belief that I had failed, that getting through was impossible, and from there I realized, wait, it is a practical world where we create a within that is not equal to the without, an above that is not equal to the below. The... —

Day 245: Talking About What You Know VS.Talking About What You Live

Talking about what you know and you think you know it for sure, is what people live for, without an inkling of an idea of what’s really going on. Talking about what you live is harder than what it seem, especially when there’s change involved from what you use to be. Talking... —

Day 245: Extending The Family Unit

If we take a look at the base programming in human beings, one deep and very much influential pattern is the characters we create and live out in relation to the family. The average human being exists within and as the understanding that the family means more than ‘strangers’ ... —

557 | Taking back Authority - Step 1 Self Forgiveness

I’m continuing here from my previous blog post (556 | What is your Life’s Authority) > At this point I’d like to take this opportunity to share some perspective on forgiveness and particularly self forgiveness – as I've found the process of self forgiveness to be a ... —

556 | What is your Life’s Authority?

I find this to be a cool exercise to initiate for oneself – to question what in your life you actually fear questioning or avoid/resist questioning, or don’t even THINK of questioning – THAT has authority over you. So – while most will be able to look around them and find s... —

Day 244: Change in a Flash

Have you ever spoken to someone one day and had a cool normal conversation with them and then the next time you see them, they act as if they don’t know you and won’t even look at you to save the world, so to speak? When you confront them and say “Hi”, they’ll ignore you and c... —

Hujšanje & co. 3

2. del Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila sladkarije definirati in povezovati z nagrado, s pohvalo, kakor tudi s tolažbo. Ko opazim hrepenenje po sladkarijah v povezavi z mislimi – zdaj si pa zaslužim / čokolada/sladica bo pomagala, bo naredila situacijo lažjo – s... —

Desteni Movie Night Hangout - Soylent Green

This hangout goes into a number of discussions that branch out of consideration from within the movie Soylent Green.  Unique insight and perspectives will be shared that are not so common from your regular movie reviews. You definitely want to tune in and check out some fascin... —

245. The Overnigthters: Seekers of the American Dream

The raw reality of chasing the American dream in North Dakota is depicted in a microcosm shared in the documentary ‘The Overnighters’: what happens when one single man tries to mend the consequences of a system that isn’t supporting everyone to live in dignity? Let’s discuss a... —

Day 243: Keeping Up

This is the longest stretch of time that I’ve ever stuck with anything and might I say, this is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I am speaking about the process, I am currently walking. What I realize within this process is that you have to be on your toes (... —

Oppositional Body Defiant Disorder. DAY 361 23 Thursday Jul 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbody issues, Caring for your body, hating your body, unhealthy eating, wanting to be healthy, your body is a temple I have come to realize that the common denominator of many of the points I have struggled to change consistently in my process is my body. For quite some t... —

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