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Day 394: A Decade With Desteni

In late 2008 I found videos on Youtube which contained a young female from South Africa explaining ‘reptilian logic’. One of the peculiarities was that the female did not speak in her own personal capacity. In the beginning of the video she breathed out heavily, and then took ... —

Day 326 – Desteni meeting in Europe

Some weeks ago I was in Brussels, where I met with a lot of people, who are, just like me, walking the process of Self-honesty and 7 years Journey to Life blogs. Most, if not all of these people are also walking the awesome online courses of Desteni I Process. We were more tha... —

Day 578: Nothing Happened

As I set down to write, this is what came out in the moment; Do you actually think that you’re protecting someone by withholding vital information from them, that has to do with things that happened in their lives, especially if you’re a so called friend, when you think that y... —

543: Realizations in Letting Go of a Dependency

**The most recent blogs, and ones to come are a few weeks old, as I have been writing, without publishing. I have just completed a 21 day challenge of no coffee. I did it for myself - seeing how I had created a bit of dependency and love affair with coffee, acting as if I c... —

Day 577 Instant Playouts Pt.2

Interesting note the way things play out is never how you envisioned them to, which means the instant playouts we envision is really useless, which causes one to hope and wish for things to go a certain way and when they don’t, we then realize what was it all for, in other wor... —

Confusion and fear is not enough information Day 765

I sense a weight in my cheat, that slowing becomes more and more defined as what builds and creates this presence within and as me. The best approach at the moment, and also to solution is to acknowledge this and to stand in the practical as what lends effective movement wi... —

Day 393: Talking Back

In my experience, one of the more destructive patterns in a relationship is the desire/urge to TALK BACK when feeling mistreated/hurt/diminished/unjustly treated. It is a problem to talk back in such instances because I am not entirely stable – and hence my words will be smudg... —

The Dream of Being Lost - Part III

In continuing from “Dream of Being Lost - Part 2”, looking deeper into the points of addiction, while including freedom and control into the mix, I will see in my physical living application to what extent I am able to right or align myself to the self-directed changes I am w... —

Day 576: Instant Playout

A pattern I see that I still follow is a fascinating thing how anytime I plan something, have something planned or going to do something, meet with someone or go somewhere later in the day and/or in the near future, I start thinking about it too much, where I start playing out... —

Day 392: When Everything Is Fine

I have found, interestingly enough, that ‘when everything is fine’ it is a lot easier to forget about what is important in life, what we want to achieve, what we decided to set out do and what we want to build and create with ourselves. To become ‘satisfied’ can thus in many w... —

Day 575: Standing in the Way

Hurdles, Obstacles and curbs that’s small, they say never mind the small things, but that’s when you fall, but through it all we soon realize that we’re the obstacles that we face, to investigating why and how did I create our day. Heaven is a place for the humble and meek, bu... —

The resonant seed of time lines of and as myself Day 763

In my thirties I realized within the discipline of playing the violin that there were interferences within my ability to focus that were getting in the way. I did not realize the depth of this, yet I did realize that being focused was the way forward at the time. In some u... —

Self forgiveness on Love Day 762

continued from the previous post I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to become a love in a narrow focus, at the exclusion of everything else. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not see realize and understand that making something larger ... —

Day 574: Being the Same in a Different Setting

People change, but most of the time it comes when you’ve place yourself in a different setting, where around New people/those your meeting for the first time, we see this as a clean slate of sort, meaning we believe we’re able to start from scratch, then perpetuate which ever ... —

542: Emotional vs Practical Decision Making

Recently I had a decision to make wherein the choice before me was pretty clear. I made the pros and cons list and could see one decision what practically, physically best for me, and the other was remaining the same. Despite seeing this there was a fear to make the 'better ch... —

541: Comfort in Coffee

Not too long ago I challenged myself to 21 days of no coffee. It was a success in that I committed to the 21 days, and walked the 21 days without any coffee. And I say it was a success because it revealed deeper dimensions of the relationship I've created towards and with coff... —

Day 573: Realization When Sounding Self-Forgiveness (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe, that I am unable to put my words together enough that would explain the way I experience myself, now that I walking process from consciousness to awareness, that would cause for effective commu... —

Day 325 – Leadership – Self-forgiveness part 1

I continue with Self-forgiveness and Self-corrective statements about my points what I see still influencing and undermining effective and self-honest self-leadership. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that leaders the only ones are responsibl... —

More interference as mind consciousness systems of separation .Day 759

“Interference theory is theory regarding human memory. Interference occurs in learning when there is an interaction between the new material and transfer effects of past learned behavior, memories or thoughts that have a negative influence in comprehending the new material. Br... —

540: How I Deal with Dis-Ease

Often times when I get a headaches I resist the experience. I want it to quickly be done with. I want to take something to get rid of the pain, I want to simply avoid the experience all together. It's like I want to hide from it, in fear of it, not willing to stand in the dis-... —

A Dream of Being Lost - Part II, Analysis

A Dream of Being Lost - Part II From writing out part I of A Dream of Being Lost, I’ve been able to pinpoint various fears or energetic definitions of inferiority - that which I’ve been standing in fear of. For example, “out drinking” and “alcoholic” being at the beginning ... —

Day 391: Living COMPLETELY

During this week I have focused my application on the immediate living of words in the moment. When I have had a reaction, I have applied a line of self-forgiveness within me, and then I have immediately proceeded to see what word would be supportive for me to live in order to... —

Day 572: Realization When Sounding Self-Forgiveness

It easy to talk about stuff that you don’t really know about because you can just make shit up and make it sound good, but when you’re getting to the point of understanding what’s going on within yourself and in this world, for me it’s a different story, where at times it’s be... —

Interference Theory Day 758

“Interference theory is theory regarding human memory. Interference occurs in learning when there is an interaction between the new material and transfer effects of past learned behavior, memories or thoughts that have a negative influence in comprehending the new material. Br... —

I become what I allow Day 757

Today I am going to look at self pity, that heavy and slow belief that one is not good enough. It is composed of projecting an idea that one cannot do something. There are two points here as i see it, one is that one focuses on the lack, that something cannot be done, and... —

More on Processing Information . Day 756

I have decided to do a 21 day consistent blog post. Something that I have not done for a while. Why? To realize patterns, to improve the ability to see how I move every day. To practice realizing patterns to increase my recognition of patterns of behavior and by extension, ... —

Day 571: Not Considering the Whole (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have witness things happening in my world and in my life to others and have said to myself; “I’m glad that it wasn’t me that these things happen to”, in not considering the other person as part of the whole of humanit... —

Day 570: Not Considering the Whole Pt. 2

Another thing that came up, is how can we possibly consider the whole when we’re not whole ourselves, but looking for things outside of ourselves to complete us, through relationships and so on, thing is we have to piece ourselves back together first, in order to experience th... —

Day 569: Not Considering the Whole

I’m sure there have been times in most of our lives where we have saw something, witness something and said to ourselves, ‘Man I’m glad that wasn’t me, without considering the person the thing happened to, and/or maybe something went wrong with something and you thought that i... —

Day 568: Redefining Plans

[Analogy]: A Plant is a plan that grows over time. A Planet is a Planned Place where all Life should equally thrive. A Plain is a Plan that’s simple in design. So why is it that we refuse to make Plans outside my mind? How many times have you told yourself, “What if my plan f... —

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