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The Volatility of Energetic/Emotional Experiences of Value | Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

The Volatility of Energetic/Emotional Experiences of Value July 28, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life Recently I had quite an interesting insight about the way that I defined my own value. I was busy working with a group of peo... —

Hipnosis - Día 294

Hace unos días estuve en la playa y escribí este post que hasta ahora estoy subiendo. Anoche llegó una tormenta muy fuerte con muchos rayos, centellas, truenos lluvia y mucho pero mucho viento, estando a la orilla del mar esto se torno para mi por un momento aterrador, respir... —

[51] The Politics of Your Education

We think that what we learn in school is how the world really works, but no one teaches us that education in itself is political and as such is a part of politics. Political skills and social awareness is not taught in school. We learn to accept the dominant culture's version ... —

Day 515 | Living my Utmost Potential VS. Perfection NOW! - “But what if I can’t?”

I am continuing from my previous blog post, still in the context of the first point in my Declaration of Principle which reads: 1. Realizing and Living my Utmost Potential From my previous post: Suppression = not dealing with / directing what comes up in the moment i... —

Day 514 | Realizing my Utmost Potential VS. Suppression & Lethargy

Following the interview series on Lethargy recently and how this construct/system of/as Lethargy functions and works within one's mind and physical, I came to re-assess my definition of 'suppression' as well as my relationship to this point: 'suppression'. This is also ... —

My Country is Better than Yours

Why do we tend to believe that our countries and cultures are be better than others? Why do we tend to take the beliefs of our cultures for granted as superior and more advanced? How is the education system promoting an ethnocentric world-view and to what consequence? That is ... —

Movie Night Hangout: Fight Club – A Destonian Perspective

In this hangout we discuss the 90s cult film Fight Club. We walk through the various perspectives and dimensions that the film open up and how we can use these to reflect on ourselves and upon our lives. Hangout participants are Viktor Persson (host) and Aldin Hrvat. Inv... —

day 603: be aware of the body, be here.

I was listening to this very interesting ‘Crucifixion of Jesus‘ interview which talks about having emotional experiences while listening to others. Even in the cases where you sit in a meeting and simply listening to others, their words/tones can trigger emotional reactions wi... —

How an Unequal Vocabulary Creates an Unqual World. 90

Those who have it, tend to take it for granted as a natural part of their cognitive capacities. Those who do not have it, most often are not aware of how many ‘doors to success’ gets slammed in their faces because of it. It is one of the most surreptitious mechanisms in the in... —

410. What we Miss in the Infowar Mentality

There are times wherein there is a perception of there being ‘a lot going on in the world’ based on the information/news that we get all around the world in our media outlets wherein there’s this massive created awareness of events/situations unfolding as ‘news’ which lately r... —

Day 487 - Escaping Reality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand that my allowance of myself participating in the feeling of comfort within watching movies and series and playing video games for a long period of time is only allowing myself to ignore this... —

Day 154 - The savior / Jesus / messiah construct

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am the one who will be the savior of humanity by being a good example of how to direct oneself in a way that is best for all and to within this participate within the superiority construct, where I believe t... —

Living With Diabetes

In today's hangout we are continuing our series on Physical Body Support where we speak to Paul Quessy about how he lives with Diabetes as a Destonian. You can ask question during the LIVE hangout via the Google + comment section and can also watch the video on replay on YouTu... —

Day 486 - Escaping With Comfort

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to revert to a state of comfort within my mind when I am faced with a difficult point in myself and I do not necessarily want to face the point within myself where I allow myself to distract myself from the point throug... —

Day 158: Social ineptness | Viktor Persson

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day 602: take ownership at work

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel less about myself, low about myself because I have reached a point in my current work assignment where I couldn’t make progress anymore, sort of have to give up on it. Within this, I forgive myself for activating... —

Day 485 - From Fuck It; I'm Giving Up to Fuck It; I'm No Longer Accepting This Shit

I have been tired recently. Tired of life, tired of fighting with the mind, tired of process, tired of it all. I have just wanted to give up, say fuck it to it all, say fuck it to correcting myself, investigating myself, fuck it to relationships, fuck it to moving myself in a ... —

[JTL Day 193] 10. Making Love Visible part 3

Continuing with 10. Making Love Visible part 1 and part 2 as a point within my Declaration of Living Principles. Still walking the decomposition of definitions, judgements, memories of the word LOVE and starting to re-define what it could be Self-honest Love to see what has t... —

Day 484 - Distractions and Comfort

I have yet to establish a clear grounding/starting point for this pattern because I am seeing that some days I go into this pattern and become bubbly and excitable in relation to the escapism and comfort because the positive energy provides that sense of comfort and that posit... —

Day 483 - Comfort Within Wants

With this point of comfort that I have been facing I have noticed a peculiar thing and that is that happiness is closely linked/related to this point of comfort and I have experienced anger when letting go of comfort. This anger is related to not having life the way that I wan... —

Stifling Self Through Suppression - Pt.3 - DAY 307 | Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Stifling Self Through Suppression – Pt.3 – DAY 307 July 21, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life In this post I am continuing with investigating and changing my relationship to suppression and how I’ve used suppression as a way to... —

Day 482 - Comfort Zones and Pushing Past Them

Comfort has been a large part of my lifestyle. I look for a sense of comfortability within much that I do and look to be comfortable when facing hard tasks or facing hard points. It is like the experience of comfort will allow my to face whatever I need to face and do whatever... —

What the Mainstream Media won't tell you about Flight MH17

Can we trust what we're being told about what happened to flight MH17? Did the Russians do it? Did the Ukrainians do it? In this video I discuss the point of investigating news stories and going beyond the 'tip of the iceberg' and investigate for oneself what news sources are ... —

[50] The Psychology of Activism

Why has Activism never worked as a holistic solution to the problems that we face in this world? What psychological factors are at play that make people seem to be so apathetic to our world? How is it that we cognitively comprehend that something is not right in this world, ye... —

Día 476 Nadie puede salvarte, sálvate a ti mismo. MDP 10

Continúo con Mi Declaración de Principios 11. Nadie puede salvarte, sálvate a ti mismo – la realización de que las herramientas y los principios de Desteni es la guía, sin embargo debo recorrer el camino yo mismo. Estamos aquí para asistir y apoyar el uno al otro en este... —

Day 157: Its something wrong with me isn’t it? | Viktor Persson

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Day 293: ‘Taken Away’ What Preoccupies You?

Listening to the interviews from Eqafe this last few weeks, has got me to examine/look at exactly what is it that preoccupies me. I can identify 5 major areas/themes that ‘take me away’ from reality and down the rabbit hole of the mind, into a simulated life, versus simply bei... —

day 600: “be a cure, not a disease” – Master of War

I forgive myself for believing in wars as solutions. I forgive myself for cheering for wars, as news of battle victories came around. I forgive myself for believing that the ‘enemy’ should be defeated and crushed, so that I/we can celebrate victory and our independence, in tha... —

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