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  • Day 435: What is Real Value? December 8, 2019
    What is of real value in this life? That is an important question to answer. And I find that most people tend to look at their own pleasure centers when they consider it. They look at what makes them feel good and answer according to that. And I would have done the same a couple […]
  • How to Stop Being High Strung. 411 December 8, 2019
    Throughout my life, Ive been what I would describe as a high strung individual. I get angry easily, I get sad easily, and I also get easily excited and passionate. A couple of things have been happening in my life lately, that has shown me that I really need to learn how to be LESS […]
  • Where to Start with Practical Change? December 8, 2019
    This is a continuation of my previous post "Forgetting Why we Do what we Do"The performing monkey. You catch a glimpse sometimes of what's really hiding behind everything. And in that one moment letting go of all of it seems like the only thing that makes sense. After all, how could you just go back […]
  • Garb Colors December 7, 2019
    Self-Creation Color (a self-created expression):Cherishing and valuing oneself intensely. Having great regard for oneself. Seeing oneself as extremely precious and caring greatly for oneself. Honoring and placing one's 'inner core' before everything. Realizing that to honor and care for and cherish oneself deeply is the most important thing in existence. "Only having eyes for self" […]
  • Day 532 intonation of my voice December 7, 2019
    I changed the Intonation of my voice to deal with my inner experience. I realize see and understand that I twist the Intonation of my voice when I experience Anger or insecureness. Perhaps I am experience myself insecure, get angry and then twist my voice as a twist of my mind to do not have […]

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