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  • Day 74: Who I am in 37 words January 20, 2020
    Not that often do I meed people who ‘look’ or ‘appear’ just like me, as if I am seen my twin. For a brief moment I noticed this guy, a stranger, to my shock he appeared just like me, the expressions, the look on his face, his stance, overall how he carried himself. Sad but […]
  • Intoxicación Alcohólica - Parte 3 - Investigación de Muerte January 20, 2020
    Cmo es que hemos perdido contacto con nuestro propio cuerpo? Cmo es que hemos alcanzado este punto de separacin de nuestros propios cuerpos? Cmo podemos incrementar la consciencia propia de la experiencia de nuestros cuerpos?
  • 爬虫人33-心智如同蜘蛛网 January 20, 2020
  • I'm the Best Slave January 20, 2020
    This is a continuation of my previous post "Things are Not Alright"COMPARISON is like saying "oh I'm just a slave. And I'm just trying to be the best slave I can be, so therefore I compare myself to all the other slaves to try and figure out how to be a good slave". I mean, […]
  • Dan 459: Strah pred 5G tehnologijo January 19, 2020