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  • Day 520: Dealing With Pressure May 8, 2021
    Pressure, it is a natural part of life and it unfortunately unavoidable. Pressure makes it entrance now and then, and asks: Who are you? And there are primarily two ways to handle pressure. One way is to become stressed and go into fear. The other is to stand equal with the pressure and act/live what […]
  • Deciding to re include some meat in my diet May 8, 2021
     I am reminded of a TV series that I recently began watching again after skipping an entire season or perhaps one and a half. Its called The Handmaids Tale, and I am able to relate to the part where she says something like, pain has a way of making your world a whole lot smaller. […]
  • 先照顧自己 May 7, 2021
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  • Day 907: My Relationship with Denial May 7, 2021
    Ive become a dignified suppressor, as all in a way, never wanting to admit what others may see in me, point out/ask Is this so, let alone to ourselves, our own flaws and mistakes, because that would show a sign of weakness, and so we think that weakness is a plague sent by the devil, […]
  • Day 119: Morning blues May 7, 2021
    Bring myself here. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to goto pity feelings this morning, as if, I am looking thru the past and regretting, missing, wanting, in that create a sense of lack and pity. As if I like to feel pity for myself. I forgive myself that I have […]

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