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  • Day 204: Directing myself to do what matters October 20, 2020
    There has been a major shift in my starting point, priorities, and focus. What I realized is that so far I have been doing activities where I would in the eyes of others look busy, diligent, and organized. That means that I have been doing a lot of documentary photos of all the events that […]
  • Forcefulness and Fear October 18, 2020
    As I am staying and moving in with Kelly and Adrian on their land here in Panama, which is surrounded by rivers and forests all around. I have been going into the wild for a few hours a day, something I have never been able to do. Even living on the Desteni Farm in South-Africa, […]
  • Day 859 A reflection on the math of being caught in a spell, or emotional storm. October 18, 2020
    I can feel this thing in my chest, as though there is a constant pressure. It is a fine line, the difference. A difference between sensing a real movement and existing within an elevated state of being. It is so visible in the form and movement of a face to a large degree. One can […]
  • Day 128: ConceptIOn October 18, 2020
    Initially wanted to name this blog 'Pregnant' but I do not want to be misleading. I am not in a relationship where she is pregnant, no, as I am writing this I am riding to work and I was semi asleep when a strong sense of 'I am pregnant and I am not doing anything' […]
  • The Elephant in the Tea Shop October 18, 2020
     Whereas some people might accept pictures presented to them at face value, I push myself to question them in terms of cause/effect in search for the alignment of the shadows cast. For example, if there is an elephant in a tea shop, then there must also be shadows of cause and effect directly aligned with […]