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  • To Live the Word CARE March 30, 2020
    This is a continuation of my previous post "Living my Living Word" Who am I in and as the word care?Care has always been something I looked for from others and felt that I lacked within myself. I always wanted people to prove how much they cared about me and so I often deliberately did […]
  • Dag 820 – Redefining the word ‘strong’ March 30, 2020
    At the moment I am writing and preparing in different places, also in Dutch and so my ‘process blog-writing’ here goes slow. This does not mean that I ‘stopped’ the process-writing or process in general or that I am struggling with something; it merely means that I want to do many things – practical and […]
  • Mi jornada hacia la Vida, Día 1931, To the speed of my breath March 29, 2020
    Every morning when I get up, the first thing I do is go out into the backyard to receive the sun's rays, which peek directly above the mountain, a river passes below it and cross just behind the house. The wind roars hard between the branches of the trees and countless birds of prey fly […]
  • Day 816 My Perspective Coronavirus March 29, 2020
    So, to explain my background, I stick with science, and physical evidence. Anything that you can see directly and observe is trustworthy especially if you test it rigorously and repeatedly. That is how Bernard did things too. And its the only natural way to determine what is true. Rigorous testing.So. This video is the best […]
  • Job interview CV March 29, 2020