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  • financiële tegenslag. May 5, 2021
    De angst accepteren. Er naar kijken. Is ongemakkelijk, ik heb zelf financile tegenslag ervaren. Ik heb daar lange tijd last van gehad. Dit omdat ik me bezig heb gehouden met de waarom vraag. Wat als/dan? In mijn hoofd werd dit mijn strijd. Hierdoor ontwikkelde ik schaamte en ging mensen en situaties vermijden. Raakte aan de drank […]
  • Day 117: Depression May 5, 2021
    During my TT session this morning, the first word flashed was, depression.So its interesting to look at how I am living this word. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to not see/realize for the most part depression is self-created, based on ideas, opinions, images, fantasies, thoughts and feelings I participate in. I […]
  • Day 723 cleaning up with writing work. May 5, 2021
    Cleaning up the inner mess, the junk or or gunk, of resolving tensions or reaction patterns, of coming to understanding and liveable solutions, and apply them to the best of your ability - essentially... Creating that peace, calm and relaxation we so long for, within and as ourselves.No environment can give us that. It can […]
  • 地球, 大自然, 和天氣—海洋2: 接受,決定和動作作為一個單一包裝 May 5, 2021
  • Day 488 – TR – Matrix of Perfection May 4, 2021
    What is the Matrix and what is Perfection and within that what is Walking the Matrix of Perfection actually precisely entail? So, that is what well be focusing on. Walking the Matrix of Perfection and then within that and through that be the Emergence of Self as Self Perfection and then what that Self Perfection […]

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