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If you’re looking for support on the Desteni material, the Desteni process or just want to reach out, say hi or connect with other Destonians – join us on Discord! We hold group chats every Friday at 21.00 GMT+02:00 on the Desteni Discord server under the #public-chats channel! To join – click the invite link and follow the steps! It's Free! INVITE LINK: Chat logs are recorded and shared on this site.







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  • Day 214: This Opportunity in Matter November 29, 2021
    I was watching a movie where a horse sacrifies itself to save her owner, by running until it dies of exhaustion, this made me realise we are in matter, then we stop being in matter, the shape and form we are allowed to live for a moment is a gift, what are we going to […]
  • Day 174: Halt the slide from bad to worse November 29, 2021
    Taking a moment here, principle of accumulation works for ‘negative’ stuffs too, if allowed, things can easily pile up, procrastination piles up, lethargy piles up, giving up piles up, depression accumulates, etc, in such moments its like self is caught in a wild wind in the mind, a self made storm. Thankfully the desteni tools […]
  • 量子系統 12—時間控制系統 November 29, 2021
  • Day 463: Fear and Love in Consequence November 29, 2021
    We all roll our eyes when we here "you can never get away from yourself" quotes, its something we all innately know, that no matter where you go you cannot get away from the consequence of your decisions, that every thought allowed has a consequence, every word spoken, every action allowed has a consequence, yet […]
  • Developing Self Support Alone or with People November 28, 2021

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