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  • Day 444 – VLOG reflection, admitting problems February 27, 2020
    Within my last post I’ve shared about an hour talk of mine about my process of self-honesty. By looking back, to see my expression, just wanted to pronounce of how much VLOGs can support to understand and change ourselves. To be able to discover when I access the mind, to see if am I present […]
  • Day 807 Being Silent about what you are Working with February 27, 2020
    I have been applying a practice of being Silent with points that I am working with, when I know that speaking about it would compromise me in some way.Its like I know or can tell that if I were to share this thing I am working on with someone or certain people, that it would […]
  • Dy 872: Body Loyalty (Perspective) February 27, 2020
    Jumping through hoops of stress and depression just dragging ourselves through the wringer convinced, that each time we do its for a good cause, that caused unwarranted pressure onto the body, but the body always seem to bounces right back, in loyalty to the being that resides in its chest, with ways of undoubtingly bringing […]
  • Day 575 facing gossip. February 27, 2020
    In my previous blogs I realize see and understand that I speak about some person, someone who in my point of view is correcting me without asking me about the arguments of my reasoning. I discussed this point with another person and when writing about it, the word gossip pops up into my mind awareness. […]
  • Day 574 How can you make me feel like that? February 27, 2020
    ‘Hoe kun je me zo laten voelen.’ How can you make me feel like that? How could you! Why do we feel that other people are always responsible for all the bad we feel, but we are always responsible for the good? Why did he critisized me? Why did he neglect me? Whyyyy. We are […]