Tuesday, November 19, 2019


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  • Day 437 – Social and in general anxiety November 19, 2019
    I have made a vlog about my undercurrent anxiety. It’s time to decompose this: I forgive myself that I have not realized when, how and why I am participating within social anxiety; not being able to see/realize/understand the physical, mental, emotional and in general energetic symptoms for sabotaging my presence, direction, self-trust and effective application […]
  • Expanding on System of Persuasion November 19, 2019
  • Sich um "Andere" kümmern/sorgen - Tag 657 November 18, 2019
    "Love the World as your own Self, then you can care for all things" - LAO TZU Das ganze Szenario bringt den Punkt/Aspekt von Beziehung und wer ich im Umgang mit anderen und meinen VERANTWORTUNGEN bin...Konzentriert ausgedrckt ist der Punkt, dass ich mehr bei anderen bin/mich mehr um andere/die Probleme Anderer kmmere oder kmmern will, […]
  • Day 770 Unconditional Expression November 18, 2019
    I heard a very interesting remark from a person and it led me to realize a few things. One thing is how we may approach a conversation or a moment of SHARING with a person and we may be approaching it within an agenda of being Persuasive and being Convincing. I can see in myself […]
  • Cuando los Sentimientos Se Involucran al Apoyar - Mente Cuántica - Consciencia de Uno Mismo November 18, 2019
    En realidad ests apoyando a otra persona en su proceso o solamente les ests imponiendo lo que t ves y crees de ellos? Qu significa nutrir las fortalezas y el potencial en lugar de destazar a otra persona por sus debilidades? Escucha y descubre qu significa cuando los sentimientos se entremezclan en una relacin de […]

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