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  • Day 499: Facing Challenges With Playfulness January 17, 2021
    I have had a couple of challenging weeks at work where I have primarily been facing fears. Fears as to what others think of me, fear of doing wrong, fear of having done wrong, etc. And coupled with this I have also faced situations that have challenged my emotional stability where I have basically been […]
  • Body Pains, Hormones, Food and Books - 24-26 Weeks | Pregnancy Update January 17, 2021
  • Day 901: The “Cure” January 16, 2021
    With or without a process, somehow, we innately know its all us, meaning yourself for you and myself for me, but at times one hand washes the other, the share of the care you took compared to mine that may needs refining at times or vice versa, depending on who understood the science first, considering […]
  • 681: When Others Take Their Frustrations out on You January 16, 2021
    Today at work I had an interesting experience with someone. I work from home at the moment, for a law firm and I am constantly communicating with other law offices/legal assistants. This particular email communication with another legal assistant from a different law office was interesting because in almost 4 years of working in this […]
  • My Schizophrenic Experience - and my Living Solutions January 15, 2021

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