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Day 409: Facing Gossip

Gossiping is widely accepted and allowed in humanity at this stage, and interestingly enough, it is often associated with close friendship and bonding – where the bond is created by diminishing and harassing another human being in words. Gossiping is very, very destructive – a... —

Day 408: Weaknesses

Yesterday I was painting a wall together with my partner. I was rolling the roof and my partner was masking certain areas of the walls using tape. Some moments later my partner asked me if I could help her to mask an area of the wall, because she had trouble reaching that part... —

Day 602: “B” or “Be”

Because my communication is not as effective as I would like it. To “Be” from that which has Been, should “Be” one’s ultimate goal, if one’s goal is to “Be” come Life, which is far with few in ”Be” tween, being that, we’ve always let It “Be”, IT as in I-Think, Believing that t... —

580. Learning to Appreciate Myself

Or how I’ve walked through consequences of feeling ‘lonely’ and how I would create relationships from that starting point to where I currently am in transforming such emotional experience into an appreciation, understanding and embracing of myself and others as equals. I’v... —

Day 601: “A”

A letter in the Alphabet, Numeral Uno, the One, Person, Place, Thing or Being, the You or I that stands out in separation of/from all the rest, but never “A” as in All, and only All if All is separate from the One, the Alpha, Apex point of discussion as the “A” in Any given mo... —

552: What we Resist Persists

To touch base on a previous blog, 540, I wanted to reiterate the point of how 'what you resist, persists'. When I resist pain such as headaches and take a pill to get rid of the experience, I am essentially giving up the opportunity I have to develop a level of self-intimacy,... —

Day 600: My Only Pet Peeve

Should be how we hold anger and resentment hostage as a pet that we nurture, through our reactions when putting what others do first, instead of our own quirks and mishaps stating; My only Pet Peeve is when someone cook something and leave their dishes in the sink, when all th... —

Day 406: How To Make The Most Out of Weekday Evenings?

Yesterday when I got home from work I was tired and a bit moody – and this resulted in some unwanted developments in the domestic realm. Hence – in this blog I want to break down for myself who I want to be when I get home, and what I can do to support myself while at work and... —

551: Asking for Permission When you Fear going Against the Crowd

Recently I saw myself faced with a fear of 'going at it alone'. In a group setting, it can be scary standing out, drawing attention to yourself, and be willing to share some new ideas. For me, it was a need for others to agree, as to validate what I could see I could do - thin... —

579. The Awkwardness of Change

Or facing ‘awkwardness’ as a result of having judged everything that I am now testing to integrate in my life – joke is on me! Lol One thing that is constant within a process of change is adapting to the ‘new version of me’ where it’s kind of like making space for ‘the new’ ... —

Day 599: When Stepping in is Overlooked

Looking from an outsider’s perspective, at times you see more than meets the eye, so to speak, that no one wants to mention that’s a problem that could be rectified/sorted out, but since no one will bring it up, why say anything, I mean just let it be, but then, when something... —

Home on Summer Vacation

Even though everything is actually going quite well or fine, my mind after a time always seems to kick into overdrive and make it appear as though things are falling apart. This is how I woke up this morning and let me just state, I’m not taking the bait. In other words, I’m n... —

Day 405: Practically Living Care

Today I practiced living the word CARE – and my starting point within it was that I wanted to find practical and concrete ways to live the word. I found a couple of ways to live this word that I had not considered or related to the word care. The first thing I did was that I, ... —

Day 598: Comfortability as Blindness

Being set in one’s own way of doing something, creating a pattern from it and becoming comfortable following it, leads to one’s eventual blindness from seeing different way to assist and support oneself, when faced with walking different points in one’s own life, that would si... —

Day 404: Learning From Mistakes

Today I had a situation at home where I reacted in irritation/frustration because I felt sidestepped and disregarded – while at the same time slightly jealous because I experienced it as if someone else for a moment stole my moment in the limelight. While still in a reaction, ... —

Day 403: Why Wait?

For some time I have been dealing with an inner experience of depression/negativity/sadness when it comes to work, in the sense that I have experienced much resistance towards working, and felt is I am being limited in the routine/repetitiveness that is part of my job. To assi... —

Day 597: The Illusion of Doubt as an Assumption

I doubt it, I doubt that anything I write will make a lick of sense. I doubt that what she has to say will be anything different than what has already been said. I doubt that he’ll live up to his words, then turn around just to realize that all your doubting was in vain, becau... —

578. Shedding the Past and Creating the New

Or sharing some of the process involved in giving myself authority to create the new version of me that I can be proud of living in Something that I’ve become aware of is a hindrance to creating the new within us is keeping ourselves captive to our own words, thoughts, emotion... —

Day 596: Withholding Reactions Pt. 2

I’m sure most of us have experienced in our past talking to someone and/or have gotten into some sort of confrontation with someone, through a phone conversation, or in person, where we’ve taken things a bit too personal, but withheld our reaction until later on, due to the la... —

Day 329 – Changing ‘Change’

(Changing and enjoyment) In my last blog post I ended up opening up beauty point in relation to power. The more I focused to the word beauty in relation to the point I was initially motivated to purified by, the more I started to move effectively beyond reactions to beauty. We... —

Day 595: Withholding Reactions

It’s high times for all reactions within me to stop, being that I’ve been there, done that, and been back again and again lol and again, everytime the mind comes up with a more unique way for me/us to react to. Unique in the sense of, I didn’t see that coming, but we did, with... —

550: Making "As within, So Without" Practical

A point to consider when walking a process of change... it's not only about changing within. Changing without has just as much of an impact on the overall process, and impacts as changing within. I realized this quite some time ago, and in a way felt as if I started from the ... —

577. Creative Expansion

Or reflecting on the nature of absolutism and how to learn from others to transform it into a supportive expression I had a laugh with myself while listening to this audio here My Life of Absolutism (Part 3) – Life Review because I tend to do so when something or someone refle... —

Looking at Stories ; Continuing Obstructions Day 782

I am looking at stories. I am looking at meter, at measure, at time. There is something called a mini-day schedule. It is where one has a form of measure of time, where during a certain space in time, each day, one takes care of certain actions in relation to one’s enterpr... —

From the Pain of Experience within to the Change of Self-Expression

The title is specific because, as I said the words aloud and wrote them out, I changed them each time until they looked and sounded of the outcome that I most cared to create or recreate myself as - from pain of an experience to the change of self expression. There is no ... —

Day 594: We Need Help

While the world need to change, we’d rather sit back and watch the world through our mind as a brain, in movie theatre’s with reclining red chairs, that Impairs our vision, looking to see if something is really out there, because the thrill is in the not knowing which way to g... —

A sense of falling Day 781

What is a sense of falling? Why have I come to a point where I sense a movement of falling? I remember this sensation when I had to do an audition, or perform in a lesson at times. I remember saying no, and focusing instead. Somehow that focus lent a steadiness, the sense o... —

Day 402: Holding Back and Imprisoning Myself

In this blog post I am going to bring up a couple of interviews that was done recently on Eqafe – more specifically: Holding Back and Imprisoning My Life – Life Review and Holding Back and Imprisoning My Life – Life Review – Part 2. What is discussed in these interviews is dar... —

Day 593: One Moment is Not Enough

Interesting how when walking throughout my day, when faced with a point that I see/realize what it is, then move onto correcting it, afterwards I feel as if I’ve done something big, which it is in a sense, but after that I sort of get the big head of praising myself for that o... —