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Day 491: Write About It, Fight About It

It’s not a pretty picture, when your past comes back to haunt you, but the haunting is only a hunt when you put up a fight, not wanting to see you in the looking glass through the words you put down, in writing out your binary code, to make adjustments as need, when you go to ... —

Day 439 - Writer's Constipation

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe in any and/or all of my excuses for why I am too busy to write. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to forget to prioritize my actions with a more fully integrated perspective - cross ref... —

Learning step by step to redress a limited morality Day 733

This week I had conversation with people in very different positions in this world. I have learned to become quiet and listen with greater ease. Meaning instead of reacting I listen, to hear the forms, to see the ‘ numbers’ placed before me, as the measure of the information. ... —

Day 490: A Sense of Belonging

Nowhere have I really felt at home, trapped within the space between my ears, unable to hear the gears of the System shifting into time, slowly, erasing the mind I had, way back then, when things wasn’t so easy to forget, but eventually I forgot who I was and created a burial ... —

48. A white ball with feathers

We did our evening walk with sir Oliver as usual. In winter now, we during the evening in the dark. Whenever sir Oliver is sniffing the ground, in the dark, I tend to watch him closely to see if he is not eating anything along the sniffing process. Which means that I am walkin... —

Day 489: Self-Manipulation

“Believe me you, because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, in my mind as clear as day, so whatever you say doesn’t matter, I will move ahead in implementing what it is I want to do with what I want to believe in and that’s that”. Self-Manipulation is believing the Back Chat i... —

453. Raining Down on Everyone’s Parade

I had a very revealing dream to myself this night and it’s interesting because I had a brief episode of sickness yesterday and slept quite a long time and I remember seeing this one dream closer to the time of waking up. Anyways what this dream reveals to myself, to the T, is ... —

Joe's Journey to Life: Day 201 - Desteni of Living Principles #1: What is Best for All


Day 488: The Weirdest Dream of Abuse

As a preface, the littlest thing that we don’t pay attention to, think that, it’s nothing to be concern about, that we can use it, abuse it and discard it, because it’s the normal thing to do, is that of ourselves that we’ve forgotten about, forgot that this, that and the othe... —

47. Garbage Hunting

Litter Art It’s on our morning walk that sir Oliver and I walk past houses who’s front door verge on the sidewalk. And it’s the third day that there is more litter on the street than normal. We had some storms and garbage day, and those 2 are not really best friends. There is ... —

Day 349: Taking Care of Plants

A while ago I decided to take some potted plants to my office in order to make my working environment more comfortable and supportive. However, now, one of my plants have almost died due to dehydration and the other has been affected by dehydration – because I did not water th... —

452. Absolutism is in the Eye of the Beholder

One thing I have noticed throughout my life is how I tend to and have been very absolutist or extremist. This has led me to create my own conflicts whenever I try to ‘fit’ something into a very ‘black-and-white’ mindset where I don’t consider or allow shades of gray. And what ... —

Day 487: The Energy Surrounding the Holidays

Have you ever noticed the day after any Holidays, it seems as if it was all for nothing, I mean the energy is gone and we’re left stuck looking at these flimsy ass presents we got to pass the time away, then the next day, we go right back to work? I mean if you could bottle al... —

Who am I? What do I process as information? Day 732

I had one of those situations where I realized I was not doing the math. I was not looking at the numbers, I was not looking at the equation. I simply followed something that had been said again and again, and accepted this as a truth. I was not really LOOKING. I was not cros... —

451. Will You Deliberately Read This?

One aspect of our human nature that is as clear as water for me now is the propensity to blame and behind this is the evasion of self-responsibility. As I write this I ‘feel’ I have just wrote about this in my last blog, but there’s really a myriad of ways in which we constant... —

Day 293 – Driving self-correction reflection

Yesterday I wrote about going into reactions and losing presence, thus not breathing effectively, ‘properly’ within awareness here while driving and brought up the most relevant patterns I encounter on the road. I was bringing up a lot of situations wherein I find it more comm... —

Day 348: Living What Is Best, Practically

Today I looked at the following question within me: What does it mean to really CARE about life and LIVE what is best for all? I looked at myself, my life, and my considerations in terms of future, particularly when it comes to money, and career, and I was able to see, that ev... —

Day 292 – Driving self-correction to breathe

I continue with decomposing the self-belief, hope and expectation, annoyance and actual fear behind these points I’ve opened up in the last post. It’s such a journey to discover a whole existence hidden within and the more resistances, excuses and reactions I experience in rel... —

46. Traveling

We had to travel to visit family and we decided that it was a great moment to introduce a different home to sir Oliver. So far he only has been in our home and only a few people came over to see him, therefore it was time to expand his world, and see how easy he is with travel... —

Day 486: What If (The Flip Side of The Coin)

“What if was 5th”, then I would be drunk, every time I went into my imagination seeing things that hasn’t happen, struck by the idea of ‘what if I didn’t have to write this blog, then the world would be a changed place, as crazy as it sounds, I realize now the IF of the matter... —

Day 269 - Expecting a job but being rejected

My previous blog is in Slovene. I had a job interview a few weeks back where it looked like I got the job. They said they will call me back as they will also employ another one after the interviews. So I anticipated that I will start working soon and I was happy about it sinc... —

Is this what a Perfect Mother looks like? DAY 393 21 Monday Nov 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagshow do I become a better mother? Wanting to be a good mother, not good enough as a mother, perfect mother, wanting to be perfect Being pregnant I have been facing some interesting points and experiences that I had no idea existed before becoming pregnant. One of the reas... —