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541: Comfort in Coffee

Not too long ago I challenged myself to 21 days of no coffee. It was a success in that I committed to the 21 days, and walked the 21 days without any coffee. And I say it was a success because it revealed deeper dimensions of the relationship I've created towards and with coff... —

Day 573: Realization When Sounding Self-Forgiveness (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe, that I am unable to put my words together enough that would explain the way I experience myself, now that I walking process from consciousness to awareness, that would cause for effective commu... —

Day 325 – Leadership – Self-forgiveness part 1

I continue with Self-forgiveness and Self-corrective statements about my points what I see still influencing and undermining effective and self-honest self-leadership. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that leaders the only ones are responsibl... —

More interference as mind consciousness systems of separation .Day 759

“Interference theory is theory regarding human memory. Interference occurs in learning when there is an interaction between the new material and transfer effects of past learned behavior, memories or thoughts that have a negative influence in comprehending the new material. Br... —

540: How I Deal with Dis-Ease

Often times when I get a headaches I resist the experience. I want it to quickly be done with. I want to take something to get rid of the pain, I want to simply avoid the experience all together. It's like I want to hide from it, in fear of it, not willing to stand in the dis-... —

A Dream of Being Lost - Part II, Analysis

A Dream of Being Lost - Part II From writing out part I of A Dream of Being Lost, I’ve been able to pinpoint various fears or energetic definitions of inferiority - that which I’ve been standing in fear of. For example, “out drinking” and “alcoholic” being at the beginning ... —

Day 391: Living COMPLETELY

During this week I have focused my application on the immediate living of words in the moment. When I have had a reaction, I have applied a line of self-forgiveness within me, and then I have immediately proceeded to see what word would be supportive for me to live in order to... —

Day 572: Realization When Sounding Self-Forgiveness

It easy to talk about stuff that you don’t really know about because you can just make shit up and make it sound good, but when you’re getting to the point of understanding what’s going on within yourself and in this world, for me it’s a different story, where at times it’s be... —

Interference Theory Day 758

“Interference theory is theory regarding human memory. Interference occurs in learning when there is an interaction between the new material and transfer effects of past learned behavior, memories or thoughts that have a negative influence in comprehending the new material. Br... —

I become what I allow Day 757

Today I am going to look at self pity, that heavy and slow belief that one is not good enough. It is composed of projecting an idea that one cannot do something. There are two points here as i see it, one is that one focuses on the lack, that something cannot be done, and... —

More on Processing Information . Day 756

I have decided to do a 21 day consistent blog post. Something that I have not done for a while. Why? To realize patterns, to improve the ability to see how I move every day. To practice realizing patterns to increase my recognition of patterns of behavior and by extension, ... —

Day 571: Not Considering the Whole (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have witness things happening in my world and in my life to others and have said to myself; “I’m glad that it wasn’t me that these things happen to”, in not considering the other person as part of the whole of humanit... —

Day 570: Not Considering the Whole Pt. 2

Another thing that came up, is how can we possibly consider the whole when we’re not whole ourselves, but looking for things outside of ourselves to complete us, through relationships and so on, thing is we have to piece ourselves back together first, in order to experience th... —

Day 569: Not Considering the Whole

I’m sure there have been times in most of our lives where we have saw something, witness something and said to ourselves, ‘Man I’m glad that wasn’t me, without considering the person the thing happened to, and/or maybe something went wrong with something and you thought that i... —

Day 568: Redefining Plans

[Analogy]: A Plant is a plan that grows over time. A Planet is a Planned Place where all Life should equally thrive. A Plain is a Plan that’s simple in design. So why is it that we refuse to make Plans outside my mind? How many times have you told yourself, “What if my plan f... —

Day 567: Redefining Goals

In essence the only substantial goals I ever made in my life up until the point I found Desteni, was a two-point shoot to win a basketball game almost every time I would play, other than that, none of my goals were long-term, consisting of life-changing factors that would assi... —

A Dream of Being Lost - Part I

In this dream, I had been out drinking somewhere and then I found myself trying to get back home, but I was lost. I wanted to go back to Taoyuan city, the place I’ve called home for many years now. So, I got on the back of rickshaw and the driver peddled his three wheeled cycl... —

Day 389: Using My Time To Do What Matters

With having children one thing that I have realized is the amount of time I used to have at my disposal – BEFORE – having children – which is similar to the realization I had when I started working full time – only then did I understand how much time I had when I did not work ... —

Working with my own emotional firewalls Day 753

I had an interaction with a family member where I noticed that I rushed in something I said. If I look, I realize an pattern that I have lived come forward. It is a color of rushing, and of trying to get on top of something said, to both push it away and fix it. What also happ... —

Obsessing over Perfection in Judgments of Comparison

Do I sometimes get obsessed, possessed or am I just or practical when it comes to buying stuff? I don’t recall exactly when I began to insist upon only (for the best for the money of course), but I guess it has to do with attempting to avoid buyer's regret. In some ways I appr... —

Day 566: Redefining Scheduling

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined scheduling as something done to appease other people, where it seemed as if I was always on someone else’s time and not my own, growing up. In essence knowing that I had to do something and/or be somewher... —

564. Too Quick To Judge and Reflective Aftermath

Or how to walk through an emotional reaction, deconstruct it and see what’s there for me to learn about it I had quite an experience today after watching the documentary called ‘Machines’ by Rahul Jain during the annual Documentary Festival Ambulante here in Mexico, of which ... —

Day 388: Is It Possible To Be Too Ambitious?

Since becoming a father, one of the ways in which my life has radically changed has been that I have a lot less time at my disposal. On a usual weekday, I am able to get home from work, deal with my responsibilities, and then there might be an hour left for me to do with as I ... —

Day 565: Schedules/Goals/Plans

I’ve lived my life preordained for so long, where all I did was follow suit to doing whatever I was told, as the right thing to do and I hated it, but didn’t know what else to do, so I conformed to a certain extent and when I got the chance, went off to do my own thing, I mean... —

Facing Fears: Learning to Drive

Walking through a Fear means one thing: You gotta do what you fear doing #DecadeWithDesteni Supportive group chat here: THE UNKNOWN - why do we react in FEAR rather than BEING HERE, and what does BEING HERE mean???- 26 April 2017 —

563. From Present Tense to Present-Here and Slowing Down

Or walking through fears that create a physical tension within a new experience I noticed tension upon having to be learning to drive, it is one of those things where of course I’m not at all used to it therefore the initial fear that comes with it manifests as a form of tens... —

Day 564: Weathering the Storm

It’s pretty fascinating how back in the American Indians ‘Hay Days’ some of the elders would be able to look up at the sky and say, a storm is come and people would see this as some form of Mystical/Magical power they possessed, when all they were doing was looking off in the ... —

Being Outside as Opposed to being Inside

Over the weekend, on Sunday I had planned to input midterm grades into the school information system. However, as the system was down, I didn’t do that. Then, for a moment I considered writing, but I didn’t because I thought, “I have nothing to write about.” Of course I was wr... —

Day 323 – Ruthless leader fear

Continuing on purifying LEADERSHIP I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I have to become someone and something else to become leader and with this idea, immediately resisting, not wanting to change, because fearing to lose what I am holding ... —