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552. Who Am I as a Savior?

There’s been a pattern I’ve lived within my relationships of wanting to save the other person, in a way deliberately selecting a particular partner that I can see as a ‘rough stone’ that I can carve and sculpt for them to become the ‘better person’ I believe they can be. Now i... —

Trying to Save or Change your Partner? - Relationship Success Support

Have you ever been in a relationship where you experienced the need to change or save your partner? Should we really accept and love our partner for who they are or is it okay to want to see change? If so, when and how? If you can relate to these questions, join us for a Live ... —

Day 553: The Start Never Stops

How many times have we carried our troubles over into the next day, just to miss out on what the New day has to offer, where we wake up with a congested head full of thought from the previous day, then end up re-hashing/replaying/re-living the same patterns over again, that op... —

551. Walking Through What Wasn’t Done in the Past

Something I got to see and realize today is how I have tended to look at the past and what ‘I didn’t get to do’ within a particular experience of regret or pondering ‘what could have been,’ which created certain outflows that I had deemed to be ‘manifested consequences’ consid... —

Stopping Self Sentencing - Decade With Desteni

Changing the relationship to my past and giving myself a second chance to actually live for the first time ever within walking this process with Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Research Desteni Marlen What is Leaders... —

550. From Expectations to Self-Grounding

Throughout this process I’ve learned how creating expectations can be a secure trip to get disappointed most of the times, considering how in our minds we tend to ‘elevate’ ourselves in creating these ideals as in ‘perfect or idyllic situations’ about an event or situation tha... —

Day 321 – From awkwardness to self-trust part 4

Continuing from Day 318 – From awkwardness to self-trust part 1 and part 2 and part 3 I walk self-forgiveness on the major points mentioned here to puncture my realizations with practical common sense and take responsibility for the manifested self-dishonesty in regarding to a... —

Day 320 – From awkwardness to self-trust part 3

Continuing from Day 318 – From awkwardness to self-trust part 1 and part 2 I checked tons of conspiracy theories, secret societies, ancient civilizations, crazy, wicked theories and all of a sudden I’ve found a youtube video, wherein a girl is stating out that she is portallin... —

Day 319 – From awkwardness to self-trust part 2

Continuing with my story- part 1 I went to a half year long trip to Asia, where I was introduced to the Rainbow hippie community, where I faced another great resistance: shy and shameful of my body – I was naked a lot of times with others(people believe hippies do naked sex al... —

Day 318 – From awkwardness to self-trust part 1

Sharing points about how I am utilizing to enter and participate within society to expose, understand and stop self-dishonesty within myself. Some personal history: I used to be quite an introvert, a quiet guy in the background and if I would have to describe my overall experi... —

Adapting to Unfortunate Events - Decade With Desteni

Living the word adaptability in the midst of something going wrong and everyone getting frustrated about it around me 545. Living Adaptability If you're up for learning how to start supporting ... —

Day 552: Back Chat (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to split myself in two entities, myself and the voice in my head that I believe acts I the best interest of me, telling me to rebut what I hear from other and/or that I make up in my mind, that causes confusion and confl... —

Day 384: Solving Fear With Structure

I have worked a lot with fear, anxiety and insecurity in relation to work and managed to stabilize myself in many dimensions/areas. However, what is cool, and also challenging about my work, is that I am continuously moving into more expansive positions of responsibility, whic... —

Waking Up: What's There? - Decade With Desteni

What's the first thing that I usually have experienced upon waking up and the directive change I've discovered is possible in it 524. Redefining Routine Public Chats: —

Day 551: Back Chat (Simplistically Put)

That little voice that comes up in your head when you don’t have balls enough to say what you really want to, to the person you were talking to, for self-interested reasons such as fear, and/or the snobbish mummer no one can make out, as you turn around with your head down and... —

I Don't Feel Like It - Decade with Desteni

How to overcome the resistance to doing something and expanding in that moment, instead of wallowing into the 'same old' me If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: Thanks to the L... —

549. Being Physical

Or how to embrace the potential of who we are in our physical body through stopping the participation in our mind’s noise Continuing from 530. The Secret Behind Attraction This is the last word that I listed in the blog cited above wherein I started looking at all of the wor... —

Breaking The Ice - Decade With Desteni

Enjoying the bits of interactions with people, breaking the ice of the mind prejudices and appreciating fellow human beings :) Blogs: 537. Comfortable in My Own skin 526. Who Are You Tod... —

Day 550: Erasing Regret

The most interesting thing about regret is how we’ll do things in order for others to regret having done things to us, stating this is why you shouldn’t have done this that or the other to me, and it doesn’t have to be negative in nature, it could be as simple as presenting yo... —

548. Being Dedicated

Or how to redefine the starting point for living the word dedication having self as the starting point § Continuing from 530. The Secret Behind Attraction I looked at this word and found how I have lived dedication in several ways in my life, but a common factor is that all o... —

Life Hack with Living Words - Decade with Desteni

A Tip to apply when feeling 'directionless' and experiencing boredom... Live a Word! If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: Thanks to the Library for Living Education for everythi... —

547. How to Live Humbleness

§ Continuing from: 546. Exploring Humbleness and: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction Today I’ll write some self forgiveness to see what I haven’t yet lived and applied in relation to humbleness and the specific and subtle aspects where I miss out on living this very relev... —

Focusing on Others vs Focusing On Me - Decade with Desteni

How I've assisted myself with living words like self-responsibility, my relationship to things that I do/ work as an expression of myself and stopping measuring 'who I am' in relation to others. If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni... —

Day 549: Regret

How many times have you said the words; “I can’t believe what I did”, “Only if I would have…”, that caused some form of consequence in one way of another in your life, that the Idea comes up of wanting to go back and Re-Get yourself back into the same or similar situation as b... —

Day 317 – Controversial topics

These are what they are, with the centralized mass-media, the unofficial and controversial information sources have been spread. What is true, what is fake? This is now every day’s conversation. The information-era is at it’s perils. It’s interesting to see that everyone has b... —

From Addictions to Physical Stability - Decade With Desteni

What is behind our need to be constantly experiencing something and how can it be transcended? If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: Thanks to the Library for Living Education fo... —

546. Exploring Humbleness

Or sharing the different ways in which I lived the opposite of humbleness, an initial attempt of being humble and the current application of this word in my process § Continuing from: 530. The Secret Behind Attraction When looking at the word humbleness what first comes up... —

Day 548: The Fine Print

More like the underlying point. If our minds came with an operating manual, do you think we would change the world, or would the manipulation of using it against each other become so great, that we would all just dissipate, simply because we’ve forgot to read the fine print? T... —

Living Self Trust - Decade With Desteni

Sharing the process of 532. Expressing Self-Trust and Confidence Suggested interview: Wherever I am, I am Here - Quantum Mind Self Awareness —

Day 383: Projections and Imaginations

I find it easy to become distracted by material things. For a while I have becoming increasingly enthusiastic, and equally anxious about changing/altering/refining certain parts of my living quarters. From being an innocent hobby, it has escalated, and moved, and now, I am bas... —