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Day 512: Management Pt 4

Wrapping up this blog series on Management, I now see the seriousness needed to Manage oneself at all times, I mean seriously it’s not that hard to do, it only takes investigating one’s relationship to the word management, then one’s relationship to oneself, to become one with... —

475. Self Commitment in Relationships

Or how to walk through distractions from developing one’s relationship with oneself and another. My point in this process is definitely personal relationships, that’s the ‘weakness’ or ‘weak point’ that I am now in a phase of my life that I have decided to create and stand i... —

474. The Intensity of Wanting To Change Others

Or how to slow myself down when attempting to make others see what I see for their own process of self-change Continuing from 472. Humbleness in Process I’ve noticed another situation wherein I have to consider and apply humbleness in process. This is about an experience tha... —

Day 305 – Integrity to establish

I always was fascinated about other humans, even though I was more of an introvert observer type, but until this day whenever I am alone among other strangers, such as being on a train or metro, airplane or at the doctor’s waiting room, to look at people and this inherent curi... —

Day 366: Self-forgiveness on fear of making decisions

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be directive in my process of creation with regards to money and career I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to rely on others to direct my career and my decisions with regards to caree... —

Day 511: Management Pt 3

For context start Here Day: 509 Corrective Management = Managing the inner most Core of oneself, meaning what constitutes who you have become, to correcting and changing yourself to who you are as life, which was beyond me at that point in my life, as I still was aligned to th... —

Day 304 – Resistance to Expansion

Investigating my resistances and limitations in relation to live the word Expansion. Expanding, expressing, exploring, experiencing. It’s about self-movement, self-direction. If I do not trust myself unconditionally, I stop expanding or rather not even starting it. What reason... —

473. Redefining Entertainment

Or walking a process of my relationship to movies and TV series into a supportive part of my reality and self-creation I read a timely post on the Desteni Forum about media consumption – which I suggest to read through because this blog is a response to that – and I definite... —

Stati kot podpora v propadu 3

Izhodiščni blog: Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila demenco povezovati s prispodobo neke zlovešče sence, ki me konstantno zasleduje, je vedno pripravljena podarit nov trenutek žalosti in za... —

Day 510: Management Pt 2

More on Management – Being that as if when you reach your Man-Age/Wo-Man-Age you’re supposed to be able to manage yourself, I mean in our house hold, once you turned 18 you were pretty much kicked out, meaning it was time for you to go out on your own and face the world, to ma... —

Joe's Journey to Life: Day 206 - Knowing the Path and Walking the Path


472. Humbleness in Process

Or how to stop the recreation of consciousness values while walking the process from consciousness to living awareness. I was having a conversation with my partner about the importance of being humble in this process wherein it can happen that upon making the decision of chang... —

Day 303 – Resistance to writing and knowing self

I communicate with quite some people who starts to grasp the self-support and practical value for writing within self-honesty for accumulate more understanding of problems and possible solutions. It’s quite common to face a resistance to writing. Thought-based, emotion-based o... —

471. Self-Forgiveness on Self-Limitation

Or how to see through fears and paranoia within a scenario of facing manifested consequences There are various things that have created an impact on me just in the span of the last 12 hours and I’m seeing things that I considering as clearly before. The context is seeing som... —

Day 509: Management

When one thinks of management we think of a hierarchy, the upper echelon, authority figures, the elite, your boss, anyone who is above you that runs a company, business or group which is so, or may not be, but what is rarely considered is the origin of management, which is se... —

470. Exploring the Word Resilience

Or how to consider the physical properties of our bodies in worst case scenarios and facing manifested consequences There’s a particular set of things that at times becomes difficult for us humans in general to accept and embrace, and that’s all the many manifested consequenc... —

Day 302 – Leap of Unknown

Patterns everywhere. Even when I open the text editor to type, I’ve had this drive from within, which I stopped from with a breath and inner silence. Today I’ve watched Joao’s video on Why not to trust Motivation and indeed – it’s separation, conditional, which begins and ends... —

Day 365: Conditioning Self-Expression

Today I took some time to direct a couple of my material belongings that had been put in storage. I approached the project with the starting point that I had to make a decision for each of my belongings as to what was going to happen to it – what purpose it was going to have f... —

469.Minimizing a Point

Or how I’ve been suppressing points to change and correct within me based on judging them as ‘meaningless’ and not a big deal. Today what opened up for me is how I’ve been ‘Minimizing’ something that emerges within me to look at it, as in making it a seemingly insignificant ... —

Day 301 – Center Presence

I am sitting here and feeling the blood pressuring in my veins. I guess I like this experience, because this is an indication that I am not following thoughts, being preoccupied with rushing towards something in the future, but I am quite present. Although if I would give too ... —

Stati kot podpora v propadu 2

Izhodiščni blog: Danes babico odpeljejo v bolnico. Po dodatno diagnozo – in potem kaj… Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila vedno znova pozabljat, da demenca in alzheimer nista nekaj kar ... —

Day 508: Music as The Movement Inside Me (Self-Forgiveness) Conclusion

So, picking up where I left of in my last post; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have repelled silence as if it was kill me, where, I felt I needed some form of sound around to cool me down and keep me from going crazy, back and forth from happy to s... —