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Day 453: Dealing With Money

Money, it is a fascinating thing. Not only because it controls so many aspects of our lives, but also because it is a great reflection of ourselves. I have recently faced a couple of situations where I have come face to face with how I value myself, and how this comes through ... —

Changes in the World System

Right and wrong are constructs of polar perspectives, percentages of truths or lies that we are able to replace with the principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not that hard with practice; all we require to do is to use our imagination practically... —

Day 665: A Parable for Thanksgiving (You may not like)

Why is it that we’ve created a custom to say Thanks, when it should be a natural occurrence to give as you would like to receive, if only we could see behind the curtain of courtesy, the you and me that exist for ever, forever instead of once a year, to eat meat and wear warm ... —

PETRIfication and changeability What is a structural resonance? Day 800

Petrification and changeability One of the things I notice, especially in talking with people, is interest yet also, a sense of an inability to move, as in take the next step into following through. This would suggest, that an ability to realize in inherent, and yet that ab... —

Day 664: Why did I!

After the realization that We Know, comes the question; “Why did I”, as in; Why did I not take the blue pill, was my initial reaction into being overzealous when realizing the Hell bent fashion in which I lived, unable to see the future of who I am at this moment, verses who ... —

610. The Mirror Process: Changing How I Look at Myself and Others

I watched a couple of videos from SOUL about the mirror process which is based on how we tend to judge, compare ourselves to other people based on certain appearances and expression that we judge as being better than our own or us lacking what we see in others, and I could rel... —

Day 663: We Know

But don’t want to see and face the question that is us, while asking why, claiming that we’re intuitive by nature, but don’t want to go into it, the it of ‘I Think’, then blink twice, storing into memory the mental picture of what we just saw ourselves do, and didn’t want to c... —

Day 352 – Seeing the Matrix : Relationships

It is crucial to realize – the very definition and expression of the word RELATIONSHIP – determines any and all I experience, create, form and participate with in this world – let it be with objects, animals or humans. All what we do is relate. Interesting word itself: re-late... —

Day 662: My Relationship with A Mirror (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have been afraid to look myself in the eye in the mirror in my past, because of not liking the me that I saw at the time, being that I didn’t like the person I was, growing up and blamed it all on the church I grew up... —

609. Courage in Self-Expression

I want to share about the ways in which I’ve been opening up to a new understanding of what ‘living’ is about and letting go of a stifling rigidity that I’ve kept within an idea of what I like, enjoy, the kind of person I, what I dislike, what I’m supposed to be and do and I’v... —

Day 661: My Relationship with A Mirror

From the walk by and sneak peeks, to the shaving of my head and brushing of teeth, at times have been afraid to look myself in the eye, without ever once investigating why, what are my likes and dislikes that I hadn’t stood one with and equal to, the changing faces to bring di... —

Day 660: Sentimental

On so many levels and emotional outburst of feeling, when feeling bad or sad about a situation we think we have no control over, lost in the statement of how did this happen, as a perpetuation of they, them and the other person created this mess, that struck a nerve in me, to ... —

Day 659: Looking to be Offended

And when it doesn’t come, we mount an offense towards others, in other words, we’ll find a way to fuck up the words fuck up, (if that was the case), in essence addicted to the energy that conflict brings, while eating eggs and things for breakfast, waiting for someone to say s... —

Day 451: Why I Persist

One thing that I have found in my process is that they key to self-change is found in the basics. And with the basics, I am referring to the basic tools of self-change presented by Desteni: Writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitments, breath and corrective application. These a... —

Writing and Posting Blogs in the Classroom

Although I have not been doing so much personal process blog posting, I have been doing a lot of blog posting for school. Basically, whenever I ask students to write blog post, which is about 7 different classes every 2- 3 weeks, I also write one with them right there in the c... —

608. Being Genuine

Or how to create the space to be real in our interactions while also working through our initial reactions or experiences in order to expand ourselves in our relationships This word ‘genuine’ emerged as a solution to live when seeing myself in situations or moments where I was... —

Day 658: Antagonism

The taunting, the nagging and Tag You’re It, as if it’s now your turn to react, through the initiation of me, the inherent expression of energy, passed back and forth towards one another, every time we get a wild hair up our ass about something we’re not allowing ourselves to ... —

Day 351 – About Self-forgiveness

Just an impromptu share on how assisting Self-forgiveness is. to learn it and live change for betterment: Advertisements Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePinterestMoreTumblrPrintEmailPocketRedditLike this:Like Loading... —

607. Understanding Individual Self-Honesty

There is a relevant thing that I got to recently finally understand about how there’s this tendency in me that has become ‘so much me’ that I don’t actually notice unless there’s immediate feedback for me to look at it, and this is not an entirely ‘new’ thing for me but it led... —

Day 350 – Intense realizations with body support

Sometimes when facing a deeper, unconscious self-dishonest pattern to be able to understand and stop, can have these intensified emotional and physical moments and experiences. Sharing about how I am dealing with it and supporting myself with body awareness and applying self-f... —

Day 450: Changing The Cultures At Work

Recently I quit my job and moved unto a new employer, with new office, new colleagues, new routines, and a new culture. It has been very interesting, primarily, because I have been able to observe the difference in culture. At my first job, there was a pressure and stress to t... —

Day 657: Walk, This Way (Resurfaced)

This is a continuation/addon to Day 484: Walk This Way To be seen at one’s best at all times, cause for a strut like none other, that would perpetuate the saying; “You want this”, to the selective few that you’ll never meet, but think someday I will, as the right girl or guy j... —

Day 349 – Word Relationship

Continuing on decomposing, forgiving and transcending my relationship -and in a way love-related misinterpretations, misalignments and self-dishonesty. Tonight I had quite an overwhelming set of realizations during my Quantum Change Kinesiology session as received so specific ... —

Using change to understand in order to find solutions Day 799

I remember some years ago complaining when interacting with a public servant. I was irritated when an answer to a question went from the collective into the personal. Meaning, when I asked a question about a process, and the answer moved into “ I don’t know,” I became irritate... —

Day 656: Personal Reactions

Towards oneself, is when you realize that ‘Hey I’ve never been like this before’, as the Hawk with all eyes on me, that critiques my every move and different mood swing that comes up within and as my self-expression, while sounding out the words; “NO I STOP” to deflect off a M... —

Day 449: Taking My Surroundings For Granted

I talked with a neighbor not so long ago. He shared some of his history to the place where we are living. He said that he felt so privileged to be able to wake up each day and interact with this environment. As I listened to him I could see what he was saying and also that I h... —

606. Stepping into Self Creation

Or how to walk through the Mother-Theresa type of personality design in order to start considering myself in the equation of self-creation I’ve been working with something practically throughout the past month and that has to do with embracing the new potentials within my life... —

Day 348 – Rejection, Blame and Help

I look at these points today: Fear of rejection, blame Facing unknown, asking for help Fear of rejection I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from being rejected as defining it that it means I am unworthy, not good enough, I did something horribl... —

Day 655: A Synthetic Enjoyment Perspective

Very few walks in the park to fulfill one’s desire to be entertained is seen these days, the enjoyment of Nature is put on the Back Burner to enjoying movies with beaches in them, instead of walking on the beach and seeing yourself within it. Taking a moment to become intimate... —

Day 654: A Different Direction

Using the mind as our navigation, into the fog we go, to the point of no return, in awe of this elaborate Labyrinth, that amazes us at every turn, thinking I came up with this shit first, and so must be directing me in my world and others that follow me on social media, as we’... —