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Protest at the Desteni Farm!

See what happens when a bunch of angry protesters arrive at the Desteni farm to confront the members —

Social Indigestion with Matthew Sforcina

Social indigestion is the anxiety thats building as our world turns round upon itself, to bring us to our final destination. We are so uncertain in this end game. We feel like virgins as if it is the First Time we are facing the End time. In the Fabric of our Nations In our... —

ViktorMusiic - I wanna get STONED - The Skeleton Song

Excellent song by Viktor with cool interpretation. The pictures was added by Sunette. The lyrics by Bernard. The lyrics are available at the Desteni Forum under topic Music Research for all that want to participate in the Desteni Music Jamm-O D... —

I LOVE my UFOs and my AURA that GLOWS!!!

I love my UFOs and my AURA that GLOWS SOOOOOO MUCH!!! and I LOOOOOVE smoking weed and experiencing a RICHER state of consciousness!!! Desteni Music Jamm-O: "McKenna is My Henna" Music and Vocals: Matti Freeman Lyrics: Bernard Poolman http:/... —

Skeleton - I wanna get stoned.wmv

A song by: Andrea and the left hand of darkness —

Realization - I SEE I

As I walked pass by other beings on the street I realized that we avoid eye contact with other beings because we are not innocent.When we are looking at a being we do not know (we never meet), most of the times we turn away and look at something else when that being we were lo... —

Dungeon Records - Mckenna is my Henna - Obama is my Mama - Desteni Music Jamm-O

Recorded in the Dungeon-Shed at Desteni Farm by Matt - a visitor from Australia and a member at Desteni Forums Have fun with us in exploring how many ways we can present the same lyrics in various musical styles Matthew Sforcina at http://www.... —

Magic Mushrooms and the Desteni Music Jamm-O- join the FUN

Mckenna is my Henna is the title of one of the Songs and The other title is I wanna get STONED. The Jamm-O is to take the same lyrics and see how many different melodies, styles, flavors can be given to it by anuone that would like to express themselves. We will upload many ve... —

McKenna is my Henna.wmv

A music video by Andrea and the left and of darkness —

Skeleton - I wanna get Stoned by Left Hand of Darkness - Desteni Music Jamm-O Entry

Skeleton - I wanna get Stoned --A song for getting high and remaining high This is an Entry in the Desteni Music Jamm-O - Take part with your version of the song and place as a videoresponse at DesteniComedy channel Title: Skeleton I wanna get Stoned Lyrics: First Vers... —

The Desteni Music Jamm-O - Check it Out!!

Music Jamm-O - How many ways can the same lyrics be covered in various musical styles. Lets have some FUN. First Song: First Verse: Mckenna is my HENNA Mary-Jane keeps me Sane But you are the fucker that says I am the sucker that love my UFOs and my Aura that glow... —

points that came up during movie

What came up during the movie I went to see yesterdaySo – what came up within seeing ‘Twilight’. First of all my fascinating for this guy – his eyes – that specific look I always fall for.What did I find so fascinating about him?He was beautiful. He seemed mature, ‘deep’ – the... —

Angels and Demons!!

This comes from my own experience. we can't hide behind images - the image will end and the truth will be shown. The truth is known Angels and demons desteni desteniproductions destenimoney —


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed manipulation to exist within and as meI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manipulate out of self interestI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have become habituated to manipulating... —

Former Lightworker!

from the darkness of my basement, LOL desteni desteniproductions destenimoney —


BadI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach ‘bad’ to ‘mistakes/making mistakes’I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to link and connect ‘bad’ to ‘mistakes/making mistakes’I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ... —

Truth of Myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have created an idea of what the truth of me is - as some separate entity idea that I have yet to discover within myself lol(from previous self forgiveness)I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to h... —


AnxietyI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have attached the feeling/emotion anxiety to the word facingI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to link and connect the word facing to anxietyI forgive myself that I have accepted and allow... —

Desteni Cult Member Revealed!!

I decided to reveal some of the occult practices taught to me during my visit to the Desteni Cult Farm in South Africa. WARNING: includes the shocking ritual known as the 'potato dance' LOL —


When I wrote my multiply post on my experiences with money I came across a memory of myself going to music school.I didn’t enjoy having that memory again cause I didn’t want to be reminded of that period. I totally suppressed that time – and when the memory popped-up I was thi... —

Leila's Site - Quote of the Day

"A definite factor in getting a lie believed is the size of the lie. The broad mass of the people, in the simplicity of their hearts, more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." —

Forças Armadas

Guerras existem neste mundo porque cada indivíduo está em guerra consigo mesmo, porque existimos em medo, porque vivêmos SOBRE a ilusão de que "temos de SOBRE-viver" e "lutar pela nossa liberdade".O medo que temos da morte maniFESTA a FESTA da Tenta-Ação de estarmos SOBRE-a-vi... —

Leila's Site - Quote of the Day

“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. —

Motivation and the Future of the World

The Development of motivation and the future of the world Tis is a shot video i made depicting the current state of humanity. Waiting is our current state. Waiting waiting waiting for something to motivate us, to essentially do it for us. We are not standing up we are n... —

High Rates of Self Interest! Spare Any Change?

common sense money insight: —

Getting them constructs out

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project my frustration, fear and anxiety unto the matrix as a systemI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the matrix as ‘something out there’I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted ... —

In MY opinion!

and in my opinion opinion —

21 days no smoking

21 Days no Smoking What I found interesting to note was that when I first decided to not smoke for 21 days (this was last Monday or so) was that it was very difficult and I just wanted a goddamn cigarette! So I smoked one lol. So I “fucked up” after an... —

The PROCESS - Intro

Look at us. Look at humanity. Look at what we have become.We have been living in this world forever searching for answers, forever searching for OurSelves, and forever we have been missing...Most are not even aware they are searching for something. In fact, the lack of awarene... —

Abuso Infantil

O abuso infantil neste mundo reflecte o abuso da nossa própria inocência.Nós matamos a nossa inocência, exploramos a nossa inocência até ela não mais existir e tornamo-nos escravos dos nossos medos, pensamos ser os nossos medos e agimos de acordo com eles. A nossa inocência é ... —