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High Rates of Self Interest! Spare Any Change?

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Getting them constructs out

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project my frustration, fear and anxiety unto the matrix as a systemI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the matrix as ‘something out there’I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted ... —

In MY opinion!

and in my opinion opinion —

21 days no smoking

21 Days no Smoking What I found interesting to note was that when I first decided to not smoke for 21 days (this was last Monday or so) was that it was very difficult and I just wanted a goddamn cigarette! So I smoked one lol. So I “fucked up” after an... —

The PROCESS - Intro

Look at us. Look at humanity. Look at what we have become.We have been living in this world forever searching for answers, forever searching for OurSelves, and forever we have been missing...Most are not even aware they are searching for something. In fact, the lack of awarene... —

Abuso Infantil

O abuso infantil neste mundo reflecte o abuso da nossa própria inocência.Nós matamos a nossa inocência, exploramos a nossa inocência até ela não mais existir e tornamo-nos escravos dos nossos medos, pensamos ser os nossos medos e agimos de acordo com eles. A nossa inocência é ... —

Ponder ponder

I've been working and pondering on why I go into the experience of fear and anxiety whenever I am around people.Why do I feel threatend? Why do I go into a defense mode? What do I want to protect? Why do I take things personally? See everything as an attack?I want to present a... —


MEMORYThis was in primary school I think.I had cut alot of herbs and plants out from the garden and put them in a can of water and closed it. A friend of mine had told me that if you put a certain plant in a closed bottle of water for a night or two that you get this mix that ... —



Leila Zamora Moreno's Blog

expression is here - in the moment as a statement of yourselfyou are clear and there is no reason involved - there is no desire for a specific outcome or result - if so --> starting point is not clear and you are being directed by the minda directive expression is here - clear... —

mind fucks

funny how I see things but then rely on my thoughts and get confusedAnd within my confusion I then go ask for assitance - then I interpret the assistance with my mind and fuck myself over some more- creating an entire mindfuck to then find out I already saw the point in the be... —


Whenever I chew on something that I dislike (mostly vegetables) I get this puking spasm coming up from my stomach.This has been so for as long as I can remember - it got better though since I got back from SA (I only noticed it at home that I was able to chew on food where I w... —


Every breath I take- Is MEEvery breath I take- I LIVEEvery thought - I take as ME, thus - drifts away in the presence of Self-Honesty.Every Self-Dishonesty I EMBRACE in and as SELF-EXPRESSION ---> Taking the Self-Dishonesty within and as ME and Purifying it = I AM HERE, STABLE... —

The Rules of The Game

The Rules of the Game - Is it Money? who makes the rules? me and you? for discussions and research Make an Income Perfecting Yourself —

Practically applying and moving through the God of Man docs

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am powerless towards everything and everyoneI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have built and created the perception that I am powerless towards everything and everyoneI forgive... —

See waves

Sunrise at the sea —

Realisation points during weekend in Amsterdam

When me and Maite arrived at the Amsterdam Central Station it was weird first of all seeing Jozien with her kids – seeing Jozien as mom.What was really scary was seeing myself as one of Jozien’s kids – Lulu – the youngest – and seeing Maite as Zina – the eldest.Just in one mom... —

ART and the SECRET of MONEY part 2

Art and the Secret of Money part 2 Part 2 My final year of art school i had enough loan money left to take a one month trip to Italy to look at the masterpieces i would study and adore in the books at the library. I seen this critical in my development as an artist and my ch... —


Art and the Secret of Money My experience with how money affected me as an artist. Money influenced me as an artist. For some time, i did not realize to the actual extent i was influenced by money within my expression as an artist. I believed that i was actually able to ex... —

Prisoners of The Matrix

The Programming = The People = The System —

Leila's Site - M-O-N-E-Y - yet again lol

Money —

Is the human being the PREDATOR or the PREY?

Is it the one chasing, desiring to make a catch, always ready for an opportunity to attack... CRAVing to CARVe its cLAWS of LAWS and impositions in others to have them StUCK to infinitely SUCK their lives as an attempt to fulfil their own lack of Self-Presence? [APPARENTLY we... —

My experiences with money

When I was little my mom told me to save all my pocket money in a little bear. She said that once the bear was nice and full I could buy myself something nice. Woah, was I just excited to see the pile of little coins growing.So every Sunday when I would get my pocket money I’d... —

Leila's Site - My experiences with money

My experiences with money —

God of Man - e-book version

God of Man - Upload a Document to Scribd —

Leila's Site - questions to assist with exploring the issue of money - Gabriel

if i had no money, who would i be ?I'd be all miserable and go into self-pity because then I know I am totally dependent on others such as my parents to take care of me financially.Which I already actually am. if i had a billion, who would i be ?I'd happy because then I did no... —

Leila's Site - De hervorming van het monetair stelsel

Van : —

Leila Zamora Moreno's Blog

going deeper into the inferiority - self defeat constructMemoriesWhen I was little and experienced sudden fear along with physical pain and feeling hurt - I wasn't able to handle and understand my experience and the situations I found myself in. I would then go into self-defea... —

inferiority - self defeat

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project authority on everyone around me.I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to project authority on everyone around meI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see everyone aroun... —

Truth Cannot Be Told

You can only tell a person what TRUTH is NOT. TRUTH CANNOT BE TOLDYou can tell a blind person what light is not, but you cannot tell what light is.You can say that light is not like sound – because the blind person knows what sound is -->it is within his/her world, it is par... —