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ViktorMusiic - I wanna get STONED - The Skeleton Song

Excellent song by Viktor with cool interpretation. The pictures was added by Sunette. The lyrics by Bernard. The lyrics are available at the Desteni Forum under topic Music Research for all that want to participate in the Desteni Music Jamm-O D... —

Dungeon Records - Mckenna is my Henna - Obama is my Mama - Desteni Music Jamm-O

Recorded in the Dungeon-Shed at Desteni Farm by Matt - a visitor from Australia and a member at Desteni Forums Have fun with us in exploring how many ways we can present the same lyrics in various musical styles Matthew Sforcina at http://www.... —

Magic Mushrooms and the Desteni Music Jamm-O- join the FUN

Mckenna is my Henna is the title of one of the Songs and The other title is I wanna get STONED. The Jamm-O is to take the same lyrics and see how many different melodies, styles, flavors can be given to it by anuone that would like to express themselves. We will upload many ve... —

Skeleton - I wanna get Stoned by Left Hand of Darkness - Desteni Music Jamm-O Entry

Skeleton - I wanna get Stoned --A song for getting high and remaining high This is an Entry in the Desteni Music Jamm-O - Take part with your version of the song and place as a videoresponse at DesteniComedy channel Title: Skeleton I wanna get Stoned Lyrics: First Vers... —

The Desteni Music Jamm-O - Check it Out!!

Music Jamm-O - How many ways can the same lyrics be covered in various musical styles. Lets have some FUN. First Song: First Verse: Mckenna is my HENNA Mary-Jane keeps me Sane But you are the fucker that says I am the sucker that love my UFOs and my Aura that glow... —


bwhahahahah hehe haha lmao rotflmao rlmao funny join the forum at for discussions on drugs, marijuana, cocoaine, poppies, addictions, addicts, rehabilitation, rehab, facing self, substance abuse, substituting self, terence mckenna, joints, boom, smoke... —

The Death of a Video Game Addict

To discuss this and many other topics at the forum —

Rehabilitated Alcoholic Enters Heaven

Hi this is veno and I am here to share with you some heaven comedy. Well to start of with a funny crossover was, uhm, this man, though he was apparently a recovered alcoholic, you know, going to the AA-meetings and all those type things, clean for five years. You wont believe ... —

Atheist at the Pearly Gates

Ive got another entertaining story for you. So, I was in heaven, or in the dimensions, you know, checking up on the human beings who cross over. What I s their self statement, self standing, self composure, do they understand: where they are, who they are, what theyre doing, e... —

Osho Madness Show - What if Osho was wrong all along?

Osho is dead and it will be difficult to accept that once a person dies --they will be never the same again unless they Transcended existence and become equal and one as life. Osho failed at this and became a participant in universal abuse with an alliance with the Annunaki Go... —

Screwing Around in Heaven by Jack and Veno 1

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