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Carlton Tedford

Day 325: Monitoring Self

When you reach a certain age where you cannot do the things you once did when you were younger, there is a thing called life alert that many older folk wear around there neck, that if something was to happen to you, you can press this button and help is on the way, then on the... —

Day 324: 12 o Clock

When the clock strikes 12, thus the end of a spell and we celebrate for getting through another year of hell. Praise God, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad, then at 12:01 we again rebel, even though we just Re-Sold the Solution, in exchange for a bottle of Bubbly to lift our spirits ... —

Day 323: Surrender

In Las Vegas there is a club inside one of the Casinos, connected to one of their swimming pools called Surrender, where people go and party. Within this club there are a few things that one can do like, gambling, dancing, socializing and drinking of course. For what it’s wort... —

Day 322: What We Condone as Men

It’s funny how we as men, boys, guys have this unspoken language of sorts, when it comes to looking at women, where if a lady, girl walks by and two guys are in the vicinity, who don’t even know each other, after she passes by, they’ll look at each other, smile and shake their... —

Day 321: Contorted Message

You really have to watch what you say to some people, because if what you say is not clear, they will take what you said and contort it, in front of other people, why’ll adding in their version to make it seem as if they made it up, why’ll (again) trying to make you look good ... —

Day 320: Don’t Let It Go Outside this Room.

In many secret meeting, discussions behind closed doors, at the end of the meeting, the last thing that’s said is; “Don’t let it go outside this room” or “Don’t let what we discussed go outside this room, for reasons that may be consequential to yourself or others. Now what’s ... —

Day 319: Cut It Out

Growing up whenever I would act or behave a certain way, that was unbecoming in the eyes of my parents, I was told to “Cut it out”. Whenever things didn’t go my way and I would cry, trying to get my way, I was told to “Cut it out”, meaning to stop what I was doing and in a sen... —

Day 318: After This

After this, I’m going to do that and after that, I’m going to do this. There’s really nothing wrong with plans, but when you constantly, continuously think about them in projecting into the future, is when you really have a problem. The problems that has come up for me is, fir... —

Day 317: Comparison Pt 2

This blog is in addition to a previous post, Day: 127, where another dimension in Comparison has come up within and as me, so I will investigate it until I have completely correct it within myself. Why is most, if not every thought we think, about someone else and never about ... —

Day 316: Early Bird Gets The Worm

Although it’s true that your body needs rest from time to time, throughout my life, I’ve over did it, from the perspective of getting, thinking/perceiving/believe that I need a lot of sleep, getting too much sleep. Meaning I never used to like getting up in the mornings, it wa... —

Day 315: What If

What if you woke up and realized that you were God all along, but had just abdicated your responsibility to life, because that’s all you were taught and couldn’t remember anything else, that at the beginning of time you implanted a God program chip inside your Mind, as a remin... —

Day 314: Look at Me

Look at me, look how I look, look at what I’ve got, look at what I’ve done, did you see what I was wearing the other day? I was in a magazine, I was on the News, I was in the Newspaper. Did you see me on T.V.? Watch me do this or that, watch how I can do this and that. All eye... —

Day 313: Nobody else

When I was a child, whenever I would get in trouble, I would always think, why didn’t this or that person get in trouble, which showed that I was more concerned with what happened or didn’t happen to other people, instead of really realizing what was going to happen to me. In ... —

Day 312: How many Times

So today, I want to write about a point that came up why’ll working, that I had a realization on. How many times have you gotten angry after the fact of doing something, because you knew before had what would happen? In relations to getting angry after the fact, there have be... —

Day 311: Before Hand

Before I hand myself over to my mind, I commit myself to stopping my thoughts. Before I make any plans, I commit myself to investigate. Before I participate in any conversation, I commit myself to introspection, to see if there is any movements of emotions or feelings coming u... —

Day 310: Let’s Forget about what just Happened

The way the News broadcast works is the same way our minds work, where with the News, it will tell you and/or show you something tragic and 2 second later, how about that sports catch of the week, as in saying; “Let’s forget about what just happened and move on to something ha... —

Day 309: Walking on Egg Shells

I have defined “Walking on egg shells”, in relations to other people, where around certain people, I didn’t want to hurt their feeling out of my own self-interest. At that time in my life I was too interested in what other people thought about me and didn’t give a damn about m... —

Day 308: But Myself

We rant and rave about this and that person, on how he or she did this and that to us, then turn around and look at ourselves in disgust. We get into arguments on the street corners, thinking I’m looking out for myself, but who are we really arguing with, none other but myself... —

Day 307: Face

“Ah, don’t let it touch my face”. “Get it off of my face”. “I got a pimple on my face, now I can’t go”. “How will I be able to face people, when my face looks like this”? “What’s wrong with your face”? “Fix you face boy, straighten up here”. “it’s written all over your face, y... —

Day 306: Thanksgiving

What is it that you have to be thankful for, is it because you’re alive and chose to be here, then on this day eating a turkey as your next of kin, then after you finish you turn the game on, and sit in your chair that you call your throne, then you dose off why’ll eating a sn... —

Day 305: Shifting Gears (A climate for giving up or Change)

Ok so the other day, I took a bike ride to go visit a family member that stays quite a way’s from where I live, now I’ve done this ride plenty of times before, where on the last stretch of the ride, it’s about a mile or so uphill ride and each time, I would do this stretch on ... —

Day 304: Prolong – Self-Forgiveness

This post is a continuation from Day 303: Prolong (For Context; I mean knowing that I would eventually get to doing what I had/have to do, just made it worst, from the perspective of being consumed with the thought of knowing that I have to do something, but have not yet start... —

Day 303: Prolong

Throughout my life I have become a Pro at taking a long time to do something, complete something, start something and in general, where I would wait until the last minute to do things and excuse it as, “just taking my time, because I want to get it right” or “I have to build m... —

Day 302: Weighing All my Options

First off the only option we have, is to clean up the mess up that we made to this world and existence as a whole, there is no other tangible, viable, alternative solution, but to take responsibility for self in what we each individually have perpetuated into this world existi... —

Day 301: The Buck Stops Here

Have you ever read the fine print in contracts or on a wall in a laundry mat, where it says we are not responsible, if this or that happens to you or your things? In essence what’s being done is what you may call “Buck passing”, where the person/business don’t want to take res... —

Day 300: Get with the Program

I have classified myself as an outsider, ever since I can remember, where I’ve always experienced myself as not fitting in with any group of friends (growing up), where I didn’t participate in any social groups or hang with the cool kids and when they would tell me come on get... —

Day 299: The Lack Of

The lack of food (as we have made it in this reality) will make you hungry, starve and die. The lack of water will make you dizzy, faint and cry. The lack of transportation, makes it harder for you to get from one place to the next. With the lack of vision, you will not be abl... —

Day 298: Projecting Ahead

Before I started walking my process, I’ve always wanted to see what’s around the corner (per se), from the perspective of looking ahead to what I would do next in my day, week, month that was enjoyable to me and something I deemed cool to look forward to doing, that would take... —

Day 297: Skip My Mind

(I really mean, Skip My Mind) How many times have you let things skip you mind, then turned around and made up a lie, as if the lie was what you were thinking, and when you say it, your eyes start blinking, because you know way down deep inside, you suppressed this thought and... —

Day 296: Keep it REAL, but Not in the MIND

Isn’t it interesting how we compound fact with exaggeration once it reaches our minds and call it keeping it real? I mean the fact that it reached our mind should be evident enough in realizing that “Ok I’ve taken it a bit too far from the conversation I had with someone a whi... —