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I've had a fortunate life experience so far: stable home life and a college degree without being buried in debt! It's time to give back to the world. I commit myself to being honest with myself & I commit myself to support what is best for all.

Daniel M

Day 381 - Living Life: It's Not So Hard

This post is a general post about several specific instances where I found that applying myself wasn't nearly as bad as I was making it up to be in my mind. Public speaking Reading a book Writing a blog post Learning a 'difficult' subject Making a sandwich Waking up and getti... —

Day 380 - Careful Self-Branding and Personality Portrayal

Yesterday, I blogged about my starting point within blogging. Many times in the past, I have found myself writing to please you, the reader, instead of using this space appropriately for my individual process of self-supportive writing and investigation. The 'sharing it public... —

Day 379 - Why Do I Blog?

I'm an investigator of the Self. I am not pretending to know what the Self is. My purpose for writing here is to find out, while simultaneously sharing with you. This process of self-discovery through writing investigation is a bit awkward at first because I've been trained in... —

Day 378 - Redefining LOVE

I've investigated this topic enough to confidently restructure or redefine what LOVE is to me. I'll start by describing what love seemed like to me before I ever knew I could consciously define this inner experience, implying that I subconsciously defined it from the examples ... —

Day 377 - The Art of Self-Love

I've not been showing myself the love that I know to be true. As some of my readers may already know, I've not been so consistent with my "daily" blogging. In the beginning, I forced myself to pump out a blog every day, even if it meant producing a sub-par post. I did this be... —

Day 376 - Resistance Toward Redefining LOVE

For context, read my last post to get the opening context for how I am opening up my relationship to love. I have experienced a bit of resistance toward this LOVE redefinition process, and I wrote about the resistance and accidentally lost that initial writing when I refres... —

Day 375 - What is Love?! (Baby Don't Hurt Me)

No more. (If you insist on listening to the song while you read my blog, GO RIGHT AHEAD AND DO SO!) I'm going to do a special post today for Valentines Day! Yippy!! To open up a point as big as love required some research on my part, so I'll sum up the key points to the ... —

Day 374 - Consistency Update and The Effect of Writing

My last post was a week ago. While posting blogs at this frequency is not yet as consistent as I would like to see from myself, I realize that I am well on my way to getting there. My consistency in other areas has significantly improved, and I'll tell you why: I got back into... —

Day 373 - Consistency is KEY: Realigning What I Want

So there is this point that's been opening up for me in my past few blogs (Day 372, 371 & 370), and it just keeps getting better. It is becoming increasingly apparent how exactly I'm automating my behavior, how I subscribe to a particular repetitive choice. A new dimension ope... —

Day 372 - Expanding on My Automated Lifestyle

Going with the theme of my last two posts: Day 370 - How to Program Yourself and Automate Behavior Day 371 - Accidental Self Programming I'm noticing more and more ways that I have subscribed to lifestyles that I don't necessarily want to have anymore. The nail biting open... —

Day 371 - Accidental Self Programming

This blog post is a continuation from Day 370 - How to Program Yourself and Automate Behavior. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to try an over analyze and make a moment of physical decision more than what it simply is. I forgive myself that I have acc... —

Day 370 - How to Program Yourself and Automate Behavior

This is a core concept that we study in the Desteni Group: How have we automated ourselves as human beings. It's a multidimensional point to look at because firstly there is the mind/body/awareness distinction, there's the unity amongst them, and there are the many layers of l... —

Day 369 - Playing the Fool

Things just got bumped to the next level of serious. I currently now reside in the small town of Medfield Massachusetts in a quaint little apartment house with Garbrielle Goodrow. She and I have recently embarked on a life venture together known as an Agreement by fellow Desto... —

Day 368 - Releasing Body Image Attachment

Wikipedia: Masculinity This is one of those posts that I resist writing because I have an idea about how it won't get finished, it won't be effective, or it's too soon to make this process point public. I'm not standing for my mind to tell me how to behave anymore. If I see a... —

Day 367 - Participating in the Creation of a Shared Reality

As the only person at the new years party that doesn't drink alcohol, I found myself awkwardly putting my fist up into the mix of plastic red cups as one of the random party goers announces a toast. Just before I did so, I was standing back and observing the situation as an ou... —

Day 366 - Year 2: Adjusting My Starting Point

It's simple to write, and yet there are all these reasons, excuses, and resistances that can come up in the mind. You can probably relate to the inner thought, "I just don't feel like it right now." I'm coming to realize that we are constantly and continuously creating our re... —

Day 365 - Making it more than what it is

Ahhhhh, this point has been compounding in my psyche for the past year! It's perfectionism. It's a desire to be perceived in a certain light. It's fuel for procrastination even. I was going to write a Desteni witness statement today and layout the changes that I've seen in my... —

Day 364 - Inertia Self-Forgiveness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to repeatedly give myself over to the mind in allowing it to direct me throughout my day. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I am being productive by getting my procrastination out of the... —

Day 363 - Why did the chicken cross the road?

Some say the motivation was just to get to the other side...and it's funny. It's funny cause it's true. Because, we were expecting something more. ...I just spent a bit of time researching this classic "anti-joke," and I've found some interesting things. Here's the Wikipedia p... —

Day 362 - What Happened to Daily Writing?!

Slip. Fall. oops. Now what? Get back up. Here, I am standing back up to share my realizations, insights, and process through the mind that's gotten me into this position. I realize now that I can't walk this physical process in my head. Duh, but why did I think I could? I... —

Day 361 - Enjoy the Process -OR- Focus on the Outcome

In Desteni, there are many tidbits of wisdom that can be breeze right through one's mind and not take hold. Today's topic is one of them: Enjoy the Process My initial relationship to this phrase was, "Yeah, sure, will do. Why wouldn't I?" And that relationship stuck with me ... —

Day 360 - Full Circle

360° When you turn three hundred and sixty degrees, where do you end? At the beginning. At the starting point. I've been experiencing many different forms of resistance in writing this post. I haven't yet given myself the time to self-honestly look at each form because I ke... —

Day 359 - Fear of the Unknown - Part 1

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” ― H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature “Fear of the unknown and the other is the root of almost all hate. It is born of ignorance and fed by... —

Day 358 - Why do I fear making decisions?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear making a decision. Some of the most prevalent contexts: Determining the future direction of my life path When my choice might/will cause others to judge me To be productive or procrastinate Self-interest vs. int... —

Day 357 - The Decision to Decide

A very cool point to consider is who we are when making decisions. Maybe it makes more sense to ask: "Where am I in this decision process?" Whatever language you use to see yourself in the moment of making a decision, the important part is to really consider all the motivating... —

Day 356 - Redefining 'Acceptance'

My partner and I were discussing and coming to an agreement on how we define the word 'trust' when I got hung up on the word 'acceptance.' She was using the word in a way to take responsibility for where we are in process. To me, I had for a long time been using the word 'acce... —

Day 355 - Specifying Clear Direction

I recommend reading yesterday's post: Day 354 - Being Clear and Direct for context here, Today I asked myself "what am I missing?" I am looking for solutions to my not doing what I really need to do. The procrastination system is so ingrained that even as I see it, I still ... —

Day 354 - Being Clear and Direct

By dancing around the issue, I've been leaving grey areas and back doors for myself to get out of my responsibilities. When I know I need to do something and don't do it, there was something missing from the picture. What did I not take into consideration when framing my tasks... —

Day 353 - Movement Responsibility

Related to this theme I've been working with the past few days, I am realizing that if I don't do it, it doesn't happen. While it may seem obvious, my life experience thus far has been very...automatic. I've just been going with the flow of life, and it's been working out fine... —

Day 352 - Back on Track

cc Ahhh 'tis but a mere decision! The process of application is that decision. Meaning that it's not a win-lose relationship when trying to change oneself. If I have a goal or a task in any given moment, then it's not to stand in a relationship of separation to the completi... —