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Children found naked and hungry on street....mum no where to be found

Children where found on the street naked and hungry. this where the mother was no where to be found. Later to find out that she was out with her boyfriend leaving the children with a 14 year old autistic child. The kids where roaming the streets, they where taken in and brough... —

Ads on plates to bail out states

The state of Illinois is hurting for cash so much, they are considering putting ads on the license plates of cars. First who woulda thunk that a state could be hard for cash/go bankrupt, I mean they get relatively free money from the people who pay taxes, having a chunk of ev... —

96 What is the beginning of Creation? Whois God really? -HOM Series By Jack

I transcribed a video tonight that gives cool perspective on starting point, and what it means to live in an effective starting point that's best for all. This by Jack, a being thru the portal at Desteni. Enjoy. 96 What is the beginning of Creation? Whois God really? ... —

Is our Youth being impulsed to be Imbeciles?

If one watch any movie that is out now or listen to the latest popular songs, one would be amazed at the content of what is being said or shown. This is the music we hear on the radio over and over again, which has a catchy beat, but the words are not anything that resemble... —

Writing Myself to Freedom...Check out How I Get it Done

Writing within the 'process' is used by self as a point of support to get a handle of who I have become here and how indeed I can change myself. I use writing as a way to put myself out in front of me, like uncoiling a spring, stretching myself out over the page to see where I... —

Playing sports as a Kid

I am starting a hockey league up where I will be playing on sundays for a few months in the summer. When I was little I was super competitive in sports, it's all I did and all I lived for, I loved playing all kinds of sports and competing to be the best in all of them that I ... —

We call Him Kooky

We have a gold fish in the house, he was purchased because he was according to my mom very ugly and she felt bad, and didn't think anyone would buy him so she did. Now, he is a fella that enjoys himself extensively it seems, although he swims in a tank thats 2.5'x1' doesn't hi... —

Walking the Pattern of Self Judgement...

Alot of the anti desteni material has been cool support for me to see where I stand in terms of how I can best explain myself in a way that does not carry energy, but just the message being shared. I have been semi-satisfied with this as I have judged myself as not able to giv... —

Barber Bites off Ear of Customer -- Check it out to find out Why

A dispute erupts in barbershop, and it end's with one losing half his ear. Yes, you read that right the barber bit the customer's ear nearly in half due to built up anger being released in a fit of rage. The customer was upset because the hair cut was taking to long, and got u... —

Being alone...

I am home alone tonight as D is on a training event for his work. I find it strange to be alone as I always have people around me within where I use to live, and pretty much growing up my whole life. This point of being around others was like a comfortability that I got use to... —

A New World- Is It Possible?

My perspective on if a new world where humans are equal is possible. Check it out to find out! Please check out theses links also: To further discuss this or any of my videos... —

Forget about Memories, Let's end War

5/30/11 Today is memorial day in the US, where we remember and honor the soldiers that have gone over seas and fought in wars and risked there lives for the sake of our own. This a day that most do not question the reason for war or why we are allowing war to continue, as it ... —

Stopping the Storm and Standing

I am looking at a point recently of walking process practically. I was looking at blame and how I use this to go in to points of self doubt and unworthiness not taking responsibility for who I am here but fucking around in the mind. What are these points of blame, but to cause... —

What's so alluring about being Sexy?

Why do we call ourselves sexy? what does that imply when one is a sexy person? Obviously it's right here in the name, sexy is someone that you desire to have sex with. This attraction comes on like a automatic laser beam consuming you with the desires to get near and get close... —

What Death is to me

A women that I worked with died tonight, she was quite old and her body gave out. Death is an interesting thing for me now because I have changed its living force in my world by becoming equal and one with the practicality of it. What I realized and what helped me stop the fea... —

Moving Houses and Working with Myself

I am moving this week and will be fully moved out this weekend from my parents house. I am getting a taste of the independent life, where I will be living fully without my family members to interact with on a daily basis. This is not fully true as I work at my father's busines... —

'Stink' Bugs - Wake Up the Sleeping Humans

The stink bug is threatening millions of dollars of crops across the United States brought over from suspected Asia to Pennsylvania. They have become a problem lately because they are growing in population and effecting now 33 states from Mississippi river all the way to Calif... —

Where is Heaven's Gate?

Well, heaven this word to me has always been a word of like a fantasy type place, somewhere there away from where I am here, and it so cool, but we cant see it yet because we have to die to get there. Thats when i go wtf? because why is death necessary to reach heaven. Death m... —

I am a Killer

Last night, I killed a being, I was in my room, cleaning and getting things sorted, and there was a fly flying around. It kept going to the window and the lights, to me, looking for a way out. So me going into the savior construct, I had to save the fly and get him outside. As... —

What is going on here?

A mother takes her son who is very young, maybe 5-7 years old, and brings him from Texas up to New Hampshire in the USA, that is from the bottom of the country to the right upper corner of the country, probably about 1500 miles in her truck, just up and left. She brings him to... —

What and Who are considered Altruistic in this world? You?

Altruism, the act of being selfless, in an effort to help those in need, basic understanding by myself. This usually lends it's hand to people giving to charity or giving there life to a cause. This is based on the intentions of the being, I would assume, to help others and cr... —

Self Forgiveness on some points with me

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then others based on the way I speak. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as less then based on the way I carry myself. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to judge myself as l... —

The Force of Nature: Will we Stop or will we be stopped?

5/15/11 Our earth has been very active within these last few years, many people have been effected by the sudden movement and expression of mother nature that has caused much damage and hardship within the human balance of life. I am not sure you could be ever fully prep... —

Standing with Desteni

5/14/11 Allot of what has come up recently has been staying true to myself sometimes in the face of people and statements that have been tough in terms of me comprehending what is being said and having to converse with them in a way that states what I want to say and make se... —

Honesty vs. Self Honesty

My perspective on how I see honesty vs. self honesty within my life. Thanks for watching. Please check out theses links also: To further discuss this or any of my videos go t... —

Northern African Refugees - Read About It @ my Blog!

Blog Link: Please check out theses links also: To further discuss this or any of... —

Sex and How I have defined myself by this

This point of sex and how I have defined myself by it has been something I have been looking at recently as I have always seen it in a distorted type way. This distorted way has been based on what I picked up as a kid as sex being forbidden and never spoken about openly. This ... —

Self Forgiveness on a thought I had about my hair

Thought- Others are judging me due to my hair being short and looking manly. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting to define myself by the thought ‘people are judging me and seeing me as manly because of my short hair.’ I forgive myself for allowing and accepting mysel... —

Life is for Living, Not for Killing

A man cuts off girlfriend's head at a university after she exited her exams. He was apprehended after committing this act, and said that he was going to kill himself next. The girlfriend and him wanted to unite, but where not allowed due to there parents. So if they couldn't l... —

Desteni-I-Process- Helped Me from Wasting Away

Fascinating that alot of our days are spent on wasteful things. We waste alot of time doing things that will not cause any sort of relief for the way of our lifestyle. We constantly complain about life and how it does not work, but we allow ourselves to exist in a system that ... —