Gian Robberts

Rant and rave on Mall sucks

Wow, a mall on Saturday is really busy, lots of people and a shit load of money going around.It is a horror to go out and eat and ask for the bill afterwards, so being at the mall is horrible. But we have to go, we need food and we need clothes and we need to get some accessor... —

My Story and Life with Desteni

My story and life at Desteni Here I am sharing myself and my story about how I came to desteni and what my situation was in the system before I came to desteni farm, I will explain what and who i was and where I came from in short detail, I will alos be sharing a personal vi... —

Friends are not worth it am here expressing a point that many will face with in standing up for a new world in equality -- Friends, they will try and keep you where you are and they will attack you and they will ignore you later on and they will want you ... —

Friends are not Worth It

Equal Money System : Equality & Oneness : Desteni I Process - Equality Life Coaching: Expose Secret-Mind Back-Chat Demons: —

Wild Nile monitors I care for

Nile monitors at Desteni farm Description: a video by Gian Robberts from Desteni farm here in South Africa sharing my experience of having wild Nile monitor lizards on the farm and now I have them in my room t... —

Pre-programming visible in birds behaviour

Living with 4 birds in my room I have the opportunity to see how they all behave within each other's presence, since they are all different kinds of birds with different kind of set of programming it is quite cool to learn from them and see how they are with each other. We hav... —

Imagine... it is easy if you try, Equal Money

Imagine... it is easy if you try, Equal Money Vlogs to change the world imagine no war peace beatles animals life equality easy simplicity all wealth one equal oneness transcend fate destiny humanity mankind transcendence eart... —

bush cherry trees

planting bush cherry trees at the desteni farm november 2010 testing what's best and investigating the way to equal farming and equal life in oneness & equality planting bush cherry trees destenifarm equal farming equal-life ... —

The Bald Shave that Titan loved @ Desteni Farm Titan Loving The Bald Shave @ Desteni Farm november 2010 check out how my horse Titan loves the bald shave also check out and for practical solutions for our world! s... —

creepy!!! I talked to my bird for real!! he lives.

Consider the following, we all have pets and we all talk to them all the time, they listen to us and the respond to what we say and they actually get what we are telling them, then why is it that we can not hear or understand the animals as they do to us, why do we not resp... —

Baby Bird Research for Equal Life

Baby Bird Research for Equal Life -We found a baby bird on the road by our farm gate, this year we are in a drought and thus there is no greens and no bugs and no water, so If common sense is applied one would have noticed that the baby bird would not have made it in this envi... —

Who Decides for the Children - Equal Money

as Adults we all are in every moment deciding the future of the children we bring in into this world. Thus we all ar responsible for the children and their future just like how they will be responsible when they are the adults. Thus we must now while we can see out deception ... —

secret self and ending pretense vlog 3

I have come to finding myself pretense to be part of the secret mind and how it is kept in place, because we all have a secret self such as the secret mind where we all participate with in as different beings and being able to do many more things, we all have split persona... —

ending pretense and getting real!! Desteni I process Here I am sharing my latest point that I have been looking and recognizing again lately, I have faced this point in the past many times before, but for some reason i just can get this point more specifically. s... —

me introducing myself and vlogging..for a new world

Me introducing myself and basically saying that I am going to be doing vlogging and on what I am going to do vlogging and when and that I will eb doing vlogging once a week about equal money or the current system or about my process. I will be doing the vlogging to face mys... —

I am one vote for an equal money system

I am one vote for world equalit, equal money for all, equal life for all, there is no excuse for the abuse happening in this world and it is time that we take self responsibility and change the current money system to a equal money system, the money system at the moment can on... —

Animal equality.for activists

all animals and bugs and plants everything on earth deserves equality as life, mean that is what is demanded from each human why not from all other life, I am simply making people aware of this fact and that animals and the abuse that they are going through daily in a vast and... —

LOL Me and my Horse - Horse Running into Horizon

Bringing my horse out to the field in the Morning where he runs out to his friends who are far away in the field At the Desteni Farm we support horses as it is our duty to do so due to the extensive enslavement we have put them through, throughout all of History - we now have... —

Amazing Bird footage from our farm Desteni

Everey day I feed the birds at desteni farm so they have a save place to feed themselves and survive, because we as humans has intruded their natural habitat and now we have to take responsibility to provide that which we have taken from them, creating more work and extra shi... —

Desteni farm constructions, what we do at the farm

Building and constructing structures, to in the end have a complete stable building that supports and is able to sustain beings and other things etc. building constructions practically physically, meaning anyone is capable of doing this because it was built with common sense b... —

Visual proof that love and light works

this video should clearly show all light workers that love and light clearly does not have any effect what so ever in changing the world and what is here and any argument is just a justification as they deceive themselves this video will proof how light workers deceive themsel... —

Rat entering black hole (mouth)

Rat Cleaning my Teeth - my natural toothbrush I live on Desteni Farm see for a different gap year experience —

reptilians and Humans

at the desteni ranch we have many encounters with snakes, in this video you can see what we do when we catch a snake and identify it, it doesn't look special or like much it is simple and practical, I mean why make it more than what it really is cache the snake with care, and ... —

Why Children as Adults End Up totally Disliking their Parents

Why People End-Up totally Disliking their Parents - Text What is more interesting, is that all the Abuse that happens to Children comes from Parents when they have overfed their System - they require new Energy. How do they do it? They take the Child and use anger or sexual... —

How I do things with Common sense

playing around or working, you decide, I say working victor and I will show you guys how we do vegetable gardening in a very short video like always we keep it simple and practical —

Get some Sunlight, work with the physical

just showing you what we are doing at desteni farm putting up fences is simple using breath and common sense so let me show you how simple and easy it is once you allow yourself to get practical and dirty with the earth, why is it called dirt, the earth isn't dirty it ... —