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I'm a human being before anything else, that would not like to support abuse and would like to prove that to myself in every moment. This is the proof, as a living example to myself that I am in-fact standing for a world where everyone may have the freedom to push their self-expression to the greatest potential. If all is not free as one and equal, none are free, and therefore freedom does not exist

Having fun freeing myself at Desteni, to see and hear for myself what Desteni has shared

Kasper Kwan

I Am Not A 17 Year-Old Student

I am not the generic idea of a 17 year-old student that is daunted at the challenge of university and absolutely fearing the uncertainty of whether he can make money for him to survive or not. The future does not exist because it is determined by the past: what the fuck? I am... —

People Actually Want To Be Helpless?

Speaking about a pattern related to introvert behaviour and consciousness, what I must give or provide for effective communication, and a shocking observation: do people actually want to be helpless? Is taking responsibility that frightening? It's the most self-empowering ... —

How To Manage Ourselves?

Speaking about homework, inferiority, and how I deal with them —

Failing is a Good Thing: We Have Always Been Secret Failures

Pushing through a point of judging my failures that I commit in each moment. Pushing to realise that these failures as 'what is here' is more trustworthy than the temporary illusory image of goodness I use to 'hide' from myself. I cannot hide from myself. I am here In ... —

You Have No Choice

You will have to stop abuse in all ways - within yourself and toward others. Or else you will learn as I have: by 'digging myself deeper' into a living hell until I cannot bear to experience myself any longer. You choose: actually considering the common-sense of stopping abu... —

Self-Forgiveness is The Secret

The secret to real enlightenment and real ascension is in living self-forgiveness in every moment. No I am not going to emotionally manipulate you to be convinced. Hear and digest the words Simple to know for-yourself: apply self-forgiveness for one month about whatever p... —

Vlog: November 07, 2010, 06:16 AM

Speaking about the most interesting parts of my day. Will specify when I re-view this vlog Enjoy —

Vlog: November 06, 2010, 10:20 AM

Speaking about what I noticed about social interaction between individuals, and social interaction between groups, perspective on how writing can be more assisting than vlogging (for the purpose of deconstructing a mind-construct), another perspective on how other people suppo... —

Vlog: November 05, 2010, 09:35 AM

Speaking about my day - in no particular order or any purpose to convince - just me sharing myself. —

Vlog: November 04, 2010, 08:34 AM

Striving is futile, stop. —

Vlog: November 03, 2010 Social Anxiety, Fear, Panic Attacks

Delayed: failed upload two times, luckily it uploaded this time Speaking about panic attacks I had today, how I dealt with that Social anxiety as 'worrying about what other people may think about me', how I am dealing with that Compulsive behaviour Discoveries abou... —

Vlog: November 02, 2010, 08:17 AM

Starting over to 'build' self-trust in sharing myself as 'what the moment is revealing' within self-vlogging. —

Vlog: November 01, 2010, 06:56 AM

No-longer titling my videos in a 'provocative' style - re-establishing a point of humility and ordinariness in my vlogging by dating them now. Speaking about points where I have not established myself yet, such as observing instead of participating, living self-enjoyment (o... —

Vlog: October 31, 2010

Though I have shared some valid points within myself: Seeing within me the point of seeming self-confidence - it is actually of feeling 'inferior' and identifying with the need/want/desire to become famous, attain fame so that I may be 'worth' being myself. This vlog wil... —

Breaking Point and Giving Up

..When I was about to 'transcend' the point and 'establish myself' within the point. My perspective on 'falling' in the face of 'temptation' - all it 'takes' is just one moment Yet we walk moment-by-moment Therefore if I 'took care-of' myself in every moment, this wo... —

Gender Relationships: Are We Pretending? Part 2

Late upload: vlog on 30 10 2010 Facing points of self-confidence related to gender and relationships, and the one and equal value of images. The images themselves are not 'evil' or 'un-assisting' - it is ourselves and how we 'manipulate' these images. And, in the seco... —

Gender Relationships: Are We Pretending? Part 1

Late upload: vlog on 30 10 2010 Facing points of gender roles, relationship in conversation with people. —

Don't Believe What Other People Say: Practical Solutions

Exposing a 'deeply-rooted' pattern of myself, where I would unconditionally accept and identify with whatever self-definition another person would suggest. So for example, if a person would say "Just stop, you're making it worse", I would near-immediately identify with the se... —

Vlog: October 29, 2010, 09:32 AM

Stopping myself from slacking off and self-generating a feeling of complacency, and other points that I faced. —

Day ???: Sharing About My Day

The upload failed yesterday. Will not 'observe' and 'interpret' that as some 'sign' to-not upload it - it will be uploaded. —

All Stories Have An Ending

Speaking about how every person at the moment, including myself, adopts different personalities in different moments, and a perspective on why walking process is simple always. —

To the Secret Viewer: A Rant

Please do not deliberately misunderstand and vehemently judge me according to my vlogs. People it seems, relish at the opportunity to assume points about Desteni, and then hide their ignorance by simply referring to Desteni as Desteni. Please I encourage you to stop that... —

Running in Circles

Please visit the Desteni forum for most of the 'meat' of today and the week I spent in Nepal. Under "Writing Yourself To Freedom" and to a topic I created in my real name. Search "Relationship" (it is the title of one out of two posts related to this vlog) —

Vlog Update

I won't be vlogging for about 6 days. I am going to a school trip to Nepal to participate in maintaining an orphanage - probably will vlog on that when I return. Continuing to completely 'vlog-out' my day to 'make-clear' what I need to 'take-care of' when I am in Nepal. ... —

Other People As Self-Support

Speaking about the role other people 'play' in assisting me to stand up for 'equality' lived in every moment as myself, and other related points that 'opened-up' in the moment. The 'focus' is on myself within the point of facing other people - that is the 'relevant' point i... —

The Secret Does Not Work - Wishful Thinking is Bullshit

Things happen when you make it happen through your physical accountable action and participation in every moment. Do the maths Speaking about taking without giving first, the 'shithole' of 're-living' past moments as 'wishing'/'dreaming', 'freezing' time, another spontaneo... —


Process is summarised by one living statement: "I apply myself in EVERY moment." Will you live it? Never be concerned about the results more than your process. Think of it this way: when tweaking the machine that is you to produce a product of Oneness and Equality, dreamin... —

Judgment, Fame, Expectation

Speaking about my experiences today. The main 'theme' was the point of stopping judging other people and placing myself 'on a pedestal'. —

Procrastination Sucks

Fascinating to see how I, in this moment, doubted my own self-sharing and speculated about whether to start over again. I seem more grim in this vlog: that is because I was temporarily holding onto regret and shame for doubting myself. Related support video: THE WHINER ... —

Abuse Is Not So Far Away: It is You

-how you identify what is abuse and not best for all. -Utilizing the accumulation effect of that which accumulates forms - the sum total of it's parts. Part 3 of a mini-series as response to vlog suggestion by DesteniProductions If you have not watched this mini-series,... —