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I'm a human being before anything else, that would not like to support abuse and would like to prove that to myself in every moment. This is the proof, as a living example to myself that I am in-fact standing for a world where everyone may have the freedom to push their self-expression to the greatest potential. If all is not free as one and equal, none are free, and therefore freedom does not exist

Having fun freeing myself at Desteni, to see and hear for myself what Desteni has shared

Kasper Kwan

Update: Daily Writings 30 Days

by Kasper Kwan There are days when I look in myself and find nothing to write about.  This project has been cancelled by me, and the focus at present, for this blog is to share my writings about any topic relevant in my life, to share my experiences and to reveal hidd... —

Conversation and Competition: Example + SRA Course update

Another experience I wanted to share + self-realisations and SRA course update. How it looks at the moment, I will have to enroll in at least a year's time, i.e. when I am at university and can participate in a part-time job In case I took too long to ask my question: ... —

The Consequences of Not Self-Forgiving in any Moment: Practical Example

It's so simple, yet with the excuse of time, I allow myself to believe that being self-honest and self-forgiving in every breath becomes tedious after 'doing it for a long time.' The consequence of this belief: mind-possession. Nobody has to abuse themselves this way to walk... —

Experiences with Porn Part 2: Self-Corrective Application

Further support for those seriously committed to themselves to stop their sex addiction Do not be angry/resentful/frustrated of yourself for porn addiction - just self-forgive in writing and speaking aloud like no tomorrow. Forgive your anger as well, reveal to yourself th... —

Experiences with Porn Part 1: History

Feeling very shaky inside after recording this, pain in my right eyebrow region, and feeling like something central to my self-definition was ripped away from my flesh by me. An explanation about inner shakiness would be helpful. Yet no matter how traumatic I feel, I rem... —

Day Seven: Falling In Process When Dreaming, Sleep, Self-Worth, Self-Judgment

by Kasper Kwan Woke up from a dream, that made me feel very convoluted inside, confused and frustrated at the confusion.  Why do I dream?  I dream because I accept and allow image manifestations around me to define who I am.  Who will I be when I am alone, in the full... —

My Experiences with Education Part 1

This is me documenting the various 'mind games' I allowed myself to be screwed up by, with regards to going to school almost daily. One thing I'd like to add is that the frequent going-to-school placed me into a survival pattern of: go to school, sit, lunch, sit, go home, d... —

Day Seven: Barriers to Aloneness, Doing Stupid Actions, Sexual Fantasies

by Kasper Kwan (Hadn’t posted this up earlier because I wanted to finish all of the SF statements before I posted.  Working on the self-discipline point in real-time, there will be a gap in my daily writings.) I decided to go out today to have lunch alone.  There were... —

Day Six: Importance of Physicality and Physical Consequences of Remaining Here

by Kasper Kwan Today, I had make-believe ideas about other people.  I allowed and accepted the projection of the Desteni group rejecting me after starting my blog and vlog. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting the belief that my future projection image of the D... —

Realisation: Living Words

A point I revealed to myself about living words related to common sense and knowledge. And that related to a fear of being judged and the self-worth connected to that. (related writing posted below) As I was particpating in YouTube comments and attempting to record a vi... —

What the fuck is this? Is this what we call a world with equal fucking rights?

by Kasper Kwan RESPONSE TO “8 The Power of Money & Project Humanity Lifestyle Experiment” by DesteniProductions I just took out a 20 dollar note with the intention to draw on it: a less extreme test of testing the power of money.  I feared.  I feared the possibility o... —

First Vlog: Hello World! Be Forgiving

August 08, 2010, 05:17 PM I never knew that I presented myself as such a stiff person. I'm from Canada, but unknowingly I developed a "half-English" accent over 5 years. It's revealing to record yourself, I highly recommend it to anyone watching this video. You don't HA... —

What Do I Stand For and Against?

by Kasper Kwan This piece of writing I’m about to share is intended to clarify my process because often I am confused about what to ‘leave it be’ and what to ‘do SF etc.’ Do not hesitate to add to this list!  Thanks WHAT I STAND FOR: - Oneness and Equality - Self-move... —

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