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Day 96 - I am Just Chilling today!

Today I was at the doctors surgery with an elderly friend that I help from time to time I was just waiting for her whilst she was in with the doctor. I have the luxury of having a phone that my partner bought me and I am able to sit and go online and read the blogs etc. I wa... —

Day 95 - Spoilt Brat !

Around this time once a month I used to become what I would believe was hormonal, whereby I would experience myself as wanting to eat a lot of sweet foods, and also I would become whiny and feel a little sorry for myself. Because it was that time of the month. So to me the ... —

Day 94 - Over analyzing and Not being HERE.

I was engaged in conversation with others about what I consider general chit chat stuff and in fact I found myself shutting off and going into my mind THINKING this is mindless rubbish, then I thought be mindful how you respond here Kim don't be rude. I really wanted to say t... —

Day 93 - Keeping My Mouth Shut

Over the last couple of days I have had three seperate occasions where I walked away from a situation and THOUGHT why the hell didn't I say something. 1. Someone I know well is talking about going to church and that she has found salvation in God. This is someone that... —

Day 92 - Who am I ?

Today I experienced a FEELING of lost ness and a slight panic crept over me. Not extensively so but enough to make me for a moment go into my mind in thoughts of "Who am I now" and in fact do I have to be anybody!? I am a separate being but part of a bigger whole and I don'... —

Day 91 - Glass Half Empty Character

When I woke this morning I got to thinking about my day and the fact that I have a lot of clients coming to see me today and I have a hacking cough, so I immediately went into thinking, oh no I hope I hold out and don't cough all day and lose my voice and make my throat sore..... —

Day 90 - The Reaction Character

The Reaction Character comes up when I believe that someone has behaved in a manner that whereby I have perceived myself as attacked or someone has been in my mind what I would consider rude TO me. "This, interestingly enough comes from a past of being bullied, for examp... —

Day 89 - What's The Point?

Today I experienced a despondency that we are all infinitely screwed in this world and I went into an experience of, perhaps its easier to just plug myself back in to the Matrix and go along with all of those that really are not interested in an Equal Money System or quite obv... —

Day 88 - A Day Out With Friends

I spent a day today with some old friends, people I have known for some time. It was interesting to see who I was with these people and how I still participate in points that come up. I found that I got involved in judgements that came up regarding certain individuals and I ... —

Day 87 - No Longer Psychic Shame!

I woke up this morning and basically couldn't think of anything to write about. I had done a lot of self forgiveness the day before, but I didn't know what to write. So within this waking up I went off into my mind, I had recently had a conversation with Bernard Poolman fr... —

Day 86 - Girlfriends!

Something prompted some old school memories today and at this moment I can't remember the exact train of thoughts...but some memories, as I suppose with all, are very vivid and these are three vivid ones, that I would say are defining moments of my life as a senior school girl... —

Day 85 - Much ado aobut nothing - Introducing " The reaction" staring Kim and her many characters!

Today whilst I was getting ready for work, I had a thought about something that had happened the day before and I hadn't paid it much attention at that time, but today I got to thinking about the situation and that perhaps it was rather unfair and that I really should mention... —

Day 84 - Scooby Doobie doo where are ' YOU!'

As I was cleaning up today I switched on TV to catch some news. I flicked through the channels and happened to find Scooby Doo - which I remember watching as a kid, so I sat and watched for a few minutes and my immediate thought was wow this is scary for a kid, it was a big m... —

Day 83 - Indignant character

Looking through my self forgiveness for today I am aware of a common thread, and that is the way that I have reacted to others - I reacted in fear to a client because she inferred I wasn't being helpful and then I reacted to a comment that another made on the Internet and then... —

Day 82 - I'm late,I'm late for a very important date!

I became aware of something today...This character has always been there but today I became aware of it. - I can be in the middle of doing something and I am completely engaged in the task at hand and not in my mind, and a thought comes in that I should be doing something else... —

Day 81 - It's not my problem, I tried to help - honest I did!!

There is a guy that I see on occassions that really doesn't take care of himself, I saw him today, he has a place to live and money and yet he always smells unclean and dirty and just generally abuses himself. He is often in hospital to 'get clean' but never does. I have ... —

Day 80 - My starting point

Today I was looking at what has been/is driving me. My starting point. The main thing that comes up is shame and regret. Shame and regret of how I have allowed and accepted myself to not have enough care/responsibility/trust with and as myself, in that I have followe... —

Day 79 - Cat crazy!

Today I was sat cuddling my cat and I was reading up on the stories on facebook and I came across one posted by Anna Brix Thompson about a Birman cat that taught her mute boy owner to read and speak. Here is the link: —

Day 78 - How I fucked my day with back chat!

Today, I became aware again today of the mindLESS back chat that kept me occupied. I got to work and the boss was stressed and I experienced a kind of walking on eggshells situation where I couldn't get near the office for fear of being barked at. So within this I had back ... —

Day 77 - Jack of all trades, master of none

Today I went into the Desteni forum - I don't go there often as I am pretty busy working usually when I am on the computer. I experienced a kind of new girl mentality, where I didn't believe myself qualified to participate with the new members so I put a couple of comments an... —

Day 76 - Shame and regret.

Today I realised that if those that created and played a part in the enslavement of man are prepared to change it then so can I.. I don't know many that wouldn't agree that we are the creators of our own reality, in fact I don't know anyone that doesn't believe that, especial... —

Day 75 - Happy to be here/but sad at the same time!

Today I was sat in my garden in the late summer sun enjoying a cup of tea with my partner and THINKING how lovely it is and how everything is grand and I was getting a little lost in my thoughts then in a moment I went to THINKING, oh don't be so sure, things could change in a... —

Day 74 - The Comedian

I want to write about regret and shame that I have experienced because I am playing a character. The Comedian... Now I have mentioned before in previous posts, how since I was a child I have tended to have the belief that I am an 'outsider' and I access this witty persona ... —

Day 73 - Self Trust.

So today I was reading Fidelis' blog about how he learned to trust himself and that before Desteni he considered himself lazy and over the last few days these words 'self trust' have come up a lot and it isn't really until now I fully understand what it is to trust self ! ht... —

Day 72 - Bloody Hell!!

Today I had to go for a blood test and last time I gave blood I almost passed out. When I arrived and sat in the chair, the nurse said to me "would you like to lay down for me to take it" because you struggle don't you?" No, I said its fine, I am fine, i'll sit and not think... —

Day 71 - Anxiety character!

One of my clients has expressed an interest in Desteni and when this person comes to me for a session we listen to videos and talk about self forgiveness etc... Now I noticed today that an anxiety/excitedness came up within me, where in I will try to say as much as I can becau... —

Day 70 - Who am I if I stop my mind? A Psychics Journey

I have become aware of an interesting experience that is so ingrained in me I didn't even realise that I am doing it until now and this is my tendency to when there is no thought for a moment, I fill it with the thought " wow I wasn't thinking about anything" then it starts th... —

Day 69 - Points to remember

Below I am going to list points that it is imperative that I remember within and as my process of birthing myself as life. 1. Breath - within and as awareness in every moment. 2. Stop thoughts as they arise within the mind - go back to breath and to do 4 count breath when... —

Day 68 - Fear Manifestation in my physical !

In a previous post I talked about a lump that I have found in my neck and since then I have been to the doctors. I have an appointment on its way for a thorough scan to see what it is as he doesn't believe that it is just an infection. Now I have been fine not too worried ab... —

Day 67 - Keeping people sweet!!

Now something that has come up in me from time to time and its this belief that I have to be super nice to another to get something that I believe I need. The boss when I want a sub on my wage or a friend when I want a favour done. I find myself putting on this baby like vo... —