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Here, gratefully, walking the Process of ReBirth. Until All Life is Free, as Me, in/as Equality and Oneness. This is Possible.

Kristina Salas

Day 10 - Self Direction = Self Satisfying

So today was cool - I was able to spend some more time I have been online - watching vids and working in DIP lessons. Mostly reading. And I have been able to slow myself down with breathing - and direct myself in moments of 'getting things done'. Specifically within the intern... —

Day 9 - Lead by Example

Talking with my mom today about certain actions of another family member - I saw myself become angry and disgusted. I was annoyed and agitated because of this persons actions and those of other family members that continue to support her in certain actions she takes. Yet what... —

Day 8 - Thinking = Self Interest

Have I changed? And is this Change Real? Certainly a lot of my actions has changed. What I participate within and 'who I am'. Yet - to the degree that matters? The biggest point I can see lately is 'losing focus' on breath. It is not within my awareness - it is not an action... —

Day 7 - Snap our of It

Day 7 "Snap out of It" Why would it be ok to have thoughts? Why do we defend ourselves as 'thinkers'? Why would we accept a 'secret world' within ourselves - as the Mind - when this World we all Share is in the shape it is. How can we consider it 'ok' to talk to ourselves... —

Day 6 - Get out of your Head

Day 6 And in Self Honesty - I don't want to be 'here', 'writing'. Ok, that's not Self Honesty really either - yet it has been a long day and I'm ready to go home and go to bed. Yet - I had not completed this responsibility - so here I am. There is hardly any resistances any... —

Day 5 - We Fear in others what We do Ourselves

Day 5 I had an ah ha moment today! As I was walking to work - there were many people walking around me. For every person there was - there was a judgment/opinion I had about them in the form of back chat (that voice in the Mind we beleive we are) - I had something to say s... —

Day 4 - Self Decides

Day 4 Establishing internet at my new place is slowly but surely moving along. Next week someone should be coming by to put it in. What I'm finding is that when I'm not 'attentive' to the internet point - specifically with what I do online - things tend to accumulate in a wa... —

Day 3 - Communication is Key

Day 3 So interesting point came up tonight with me and my partner. We both were experience a 'weirdness' between us - as one could call resistance. Something seemed to be 'off' and our interaction with eachother was not as it usually is when 'all is well'. Yet - either was in... —


Day 2 Here SO I got my internet back. Now we just need it at my place and we will be 'back on track'. Interesting point today while I was driving home from work - I was on the highway, just driving along. When I found myself not breathing - so I then began to take some deep ... —

Again - Day 1 of 30+ Days of Writing

Let's try this again. I sat down and wrote my entry to my blog last night, but not while I was online. I had to go to another location to get online - yet it was not as easy as I thought it would be. I couln't connect - and then did something that now prohits me from even s... —

Day 9 - The Body will Wake you Up

My body aches. And while I was working today - I allowed myself to slip into the back chat of constantly feeding myself, "I am miserable". "I just want to go home" "I should have called in" My whole beingness - my whole presence was in a slump - and I could feel it physically... —

Day 8 - Do you hear yourself?

Blogging - Day 8 What I see is people like to talk alot. This includes me. Yet what are we saying? Do we even hear ourselves? Do we speak out of expectation? WE talk a lot - about things and people and words just flying out - looking for someone to listen to them - to hear... —

Day 7 What exists is this moment

I haven’t done my writing yet today – and I see resistances in the form of the belief, I have no insights to offer tonight. Placing expectation or more so comparisions on myself from yesterday’s and previous writings. Like saying to myself that other’s got specific feedback –... —

Cool to Share - Vlogging in the Moment - Here

Only relevant comments will be approved. To Discuss this video, please visit : Vlogging in the Moment - realizing the Mind exists Only in Self Interest - sharing experiences within the moment of vloggin... —

Vlog 1 - Establishing Myself within Vlogging

Process of Facing Self through Self Recordings/Vlogs standing up, facing fears and resistances to vlogging. Only Common Sense, practical self support comments will be approved. to discuss this video, please visit —

Equality is not real unless it is Equality in All Ways

I am 1 Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System. You cannot half ass Equality. Equality can only Be in ALL WAYS. Take the Fear out with Equal Money To discuss this video, please visit : www.equalmoney.... —