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Here, gratefully, walking the Process of ReBirth. Until All Life is Free, as Me, in/as Equality and Oneness. This is Possible.

Kristina Salas

429: Consider Something New - Living Forgiveness

This is a continuation from the previous blog - here writing out and committing to how I can and will change in a moment in relation to reacting to another's reaction towards me, and the pattern of 'same old, same old.' When and as I see myself wanting to automatically react ... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: From Social Anxiety to Social Presence

Do you experience anxiety in social settings? Do you understand where this anxiety comes from, or that you can in fact transform it? Join us in this LIVE Desteni I Process Google Hangout where we'll be discussing our guest's journey from social anxiety to social presence; how ... —

So I was stuck in the illusion that things happen over night, if you just think positively about something, or you wish hard enough, or you were hopeful and somehow open to things happening, then it would – not realizing I would have to be the cause to create an effect as the responsibility for bringing something into being.

Practical Self-Empowerment: Finding Your Way Through the Age of Information

What does it mean to expand one's use of knowledge and information? How are we currently using knowledge and information and does it support an effective understanding of ourselves, our relationship with others, and the world around us? Why do we so often find ourselves lost i... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: From Submissive to Self-Directive

Continuing with the Practical Self-Empowerment Series, today's hangout we'll be discussing with our guest the process she has walked from being submissive, meek, and avoiding in nature to becoming self-directive, a self-leader and how that has impacted her life and relationshi... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Living Words

What does it mean to become the Living Word? How is one able to redefine words so that they are practically lived? Why is it important for us to understand our relationship to words? How does your definitions of words influence your life? Join Us as we discuss these questions ... —

Relationship Success Support: Long Distance Relationships

In this next episode of the Relationship Success Support series with Cerise Poolman, we are talking about Long Distance Relationships - the benefits, the challenges, the lessons and how one is able to practically support themselves and their partner in a long distance relation... —

Desteni Movie Night Hangout: Revolver

In this movie night hangout we will have a closer look at the movie Revolver; the similarities to the human condition, as well as the symbolism hidden in plain sight, and how this relates to who we are as the Mind. What is the game? What is the con? Join us for the Destonia... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: From Insecurity to Confidence

What are you insecure about? What consequences does insecurity have on your life? How can you practically change from being insecure to being self-confident?  Join us in this week's DIP Live Google hangout where our Guest will talk about her process of letting go of insecurity... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Moving Beyond the Rock and a Hard Place

What do you do when your world collapse? How are you able to practically empower yourself to move beyond the initial doom and gloom of being in between the rock and a hard place? How are you able to create something out of nothing? In this DIP Live Google Hangout, we talk to o... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Understanding Your Mind

Why is it important for you to understand your mind? How does the nature of your thoughts influence you and your relationships with others? How is understanding your mind, and thoughts, an act of self-empowerment? What can you do practically to better understand your own mind?... —

The Consequence of Suppression: A Stronger Police Force does not Equal Less Crime

The other day I watched the movie Chappie. There was one scene that really caught my attention. The city (and the premise of the movie) was based on the fact that the crime rate in this South African city was outrageous… 300 murders were happening everyday, people were be... —