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Manuela Destonian

Self-forgiveness is the only tool that I have found that renders the layers of self-manipulation, self-dishonesty, self-abuse, and self-deception visible to my Self. The only tool where I learn to see without emotion, where I recognise who I have become - where I experience my Self intimately in the 'dia'logue of self-forgiveness. At the same time, I establish a closeness to those around me, as I start to truly 'live' them as me.

Through Desteni I have understood what limitation means. I have seen within myself what I have accepted and allowed, the ways I have limited myself through looking at the world for answers to my questions. Through the process of breathing and using the tool of self-forgiveness I am learning to trust myself again. I say again, because many of the ways I understand the world to be now, I already understood to be this way when I was a child. Between now and then I lost this ability, to see things for what they are- that is seeing without the thick lens of programming - yes, I do recall this to be so. Adults call children innocent, but really children have common sense. In the course of growing up this ability is suppressed and drilled out of children through education and compliance with the societal structures we must adhere to in order to make it in the world.

How Destonian actions are no longer limited by human nature – a call on the scientific community to investigate the effects of self-honesty

From the perspective of a self-willed, responsibility-taking individual in process, all actions are performed in equality regardless of the nature of these actions. In other words, Destonians do not simply execute an action but are standing as equal to the action itself. Inevi... —

Orwell would change the world through Equal Money

It is an interesting phenomenon that citizens of the world are astonished by their fellow citizen’s ability to predict the future and get it right. Whether such predictions are made in the economic sector by the ones who saw the worldwide recession rolling in prior to 2008, or... —

Predictions of economic change!

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. The Book - Equal Money System will Release September and onwards 2011 -- More than... —

the middle of the road is delusion —

Judgments and Ridicule

Investigate Desteni for yourself: How do the Basic Mind Construct Components, Judgements and Ridicule work. Judgements and Ridicule is part of the pre-programmed design within self that one have given negative a charge to and is now using these words as weapons against others ... —

History of Man Overview - Dimensional Beings in the Physical

History of Man Overview -- Dimensional Beings infused into the Physical -- Discussion with Bernard Poolman in the quest for universal equality for all life to have a world where l participants act in ways that is best for all life. The Equal Money system will be a first step i... —

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