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Born in 1983 and raised in Washington in the USA, I discovered the Desteni material in the course of studying / experiencing 'Spirituality' and 'Ascension'. I immediately understood the Desteni message and material as it was the first practical Common Sense insight into the nature of the 'Human Experience' I had ever heard - which I immediately was able to verify myself through simply looking at myself self honestly.
I began applying myself with Breathing and the practical self-tools of stopping the mind as Self Honesty and applying Self Forgiveness in late 2007 or early 2008 and have experienced within my self application a process of Self Realization and Self Perfection unfolding gradually as I started to take apart my mind and release myself point by point, layer by layer from the preprogrammed, illusionary alternate reality of the mind consciousness system.

As I began stopping myself existing as a mere programmed system, and began living and expressing directly Here as Myself in every moment of Breath, I found myself becoming a much more effective Human Being, as I am now able to take responsibility for everything that I experience within myself, and come to a direct understanding of what is going on inside me, and also what is going in this world / existence and what practical action is required to be taken in changing ourselves and changing this world - to bring about a New World / Existence that is Best for All as Equal and One.

I naturally express myself with Music and Singing, which I am busy developing and perfecting. Quite a satisfying experience, as previously I had suppressed my natural expression through the mind - where I was not aligned with who I really am at all - but only existing as / experiencing myself as a programmed system consisting of patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, anxieties, fantasies, etc. In my Process I have experienced a fascinating emergence of myself - emerging from the alternate, mental reality of self delusion and suppression and conditioning - emerging as who I really am as Life, Equal and One with All - and within this - WOW - there is a lot to be expressed because - when standing as All as One as Equal - standing Equal and One with what we have created, accepted and allowed ourselves to become, and our world to become, you can see -- we have quite a mess on our hands. And now it is time to use our hands in ways that practically accumulate towards a new world and way of living that is Best for All.
Within this, daily I am investigating, exposing, and expressing what I am seeing and realizing within and about the daily goings-on and events in this world, and sharing how we can apply ourselves as Human Beings within taking Responsibility, Standing Up, and bringing about a new world through Stopping the accepted and allowed abuse, suppression, and separation within ourselves, through which we have manifested / created the current manifested reality of consequence as this world as it exists, and bringing about a new world / existence through re-birthing ourselves Here as Who we Really Are as Life, as All as One as Equal -- 'beginning' with the practical step of implementing an Equal Money System to support everyone to transcend their self programming, and also end Poverty and Starvation and Crime caused by / created by our current accepted money systems of inequality.


Matti Freeman

Day 16: A Program of Unawareness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that having the idea that my thoughts and beliefs are all that I am is an acceptable, cool way to participate in this world instead of realizing that in this I allow those with power and control in this world wh... —

Day 8: Deciding Who I Am so I Can Live

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that Who I Am is what I Do, and to within this try to create myself through doing, and express myself through doing - within this not allowing myself to see that what I am doing has been based on what I've see... —

Day 7: Relationship Failures: But we were both so Spiritual!

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I met X, and learned that she shared my interest in spirituality and new age, believe that I am 'supposed to be in a relationship' with her, because, up until that point I had not met anyone who shared my intere... —

Day 6: Relationship with Change

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that, I cannot expect humanity to just 'evolve' and 'eventually change' - because within this I am accepting humanity as it is right now, and not taking responsibility to change myself - the example I will leave for th... —

Day 3 - Ego of wanting to Receive but not Give Support

Matti Freeman and Paul Quessy at Desteni Farm As I walk my days here on the farm, working with a group of people who are also walking their processes, working together to get all the work done that is required to ensure farm life flows smoothly and effectively for all, I have ... —

Day 1. Self Forgiveness on Accepting a Subconscious and Unconscious Mind

Today I watched an episode of Stargate Atlantis. In the episode, one of the characters gets trapped in a small spaceship underwater, and has limited time in which he can be rescued. A little while into his ordeal, he starts hallucinating that a colleague of his is down there w... —

Money Fear: Fear of failing at new job

Here I'm sharing my experience with the fear of failing at a new job, or more specifically the fear of failing at a new job that requires me to take on and learn more responsibilities and skills, and how, because of this fear, I always ended up staying with the easier jobs I c... —

Spiritual Fear: Praying for White Light to Protect Me

In this Spiritual Fears video, I discuss the point of praying and asking for white light to surround you and protect you - based on the fear of negative entities / influences that will 'lower your vibration'. If fear did not exist in you, would you still pray for white light p... —

Self Forgiveness: Lifting the Veil to see the True Spiritual Path

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame an idea of 'negative energy' as the cause of the world's problems, because when I saw the problems that exist in this world I felt useless to change them, I didn't understand how, and within this I forgive mysel... —

Spiritual Fears: Fear of physicality and being trapped on earth

Looking back at my experience of myself as a lightworker, the truth of me was that I feared physicality, feared being trapped and stuck in a physical body on earth -- because then I would be stuck in this world, faced with the huge mess, the struggle, the pain and suffering. ... —

CHILDHOOD FEAR: Fear of losing my parents and being left all alone

My childhood fear of my parents dying, being kidnapped, getting in a car wreck, not coming home at night - being left alone. Share your experience of this fear in a video response! Join us in exposing and facing all fears in 2012! —

2012: Self Forgiveness on Spirituality and Responsibility

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to allow myself to be programmed by the stories, pictures, and messages of spirituality that that described oneness as an 'experience', and as a 'feeling', and as the idea of 'existence giving me what I want', and 'me be... —

FEAR WEEK: Walking down the hallway at night

FEAR WEEK: My childhood fear of walking down the hallway at night, feeling like someone is going to grab you from behind at any moment. Relief would always come when I get back to bed and get under the covers, because as long as I was covered by the blanket I felt invulnerable... —

2012 Shift: Showing True Compassion?

What is Compassion as a Living Word? What we need in this world is compassion lived practically - actual actions that will make a difference for those that we 'feel compassion for'. Let's look at the starving people of the world. Obviously, one likes to feel compassion for the... —

2012 Shift: Realizing our Divine Potential

It is through our relationships with each other, with the Animal Kingdom, and with the Kingdom of Nature that we shape the destiny of all on Earth. If we are to fulfill our potential for Divinity as a Species, each must face the reality that to give to each other on Earth wha... —

2012 Shift: Self Transformation of The Energetic Individual

Read the blog on Standing One and Equal with the Matters at Hand 2012: Self Transformation of the Energetic Individual Join the Desteni forum Equal Mon... —

2012: Self Transformation of the Energetic Individual

When energy (emotions and feelings) directs our participation, and we present as personality the self definitions that define our energy - then we are showing the world exactly how we can be manipulated through using words and pictures that will interplay with our self definit... —

2012 Shift: Astral Projection and OBEs in Detail

Spirituality: Out of Body Experiences pirituality: Out of Body Experiences (OBE/NDE) In this video-interview, we walk the history, development and manifestations of Out of Body Experiences (OBE) and Near Death Experience (NDE) in how it developed/was programmed into the Mind... —

2012 Astral Projection and OBEs - How it actually works

Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences -- what is actually behind the experience? How do these manifestations actually work? We have the experience - but how is it really being created, where are we actually 'going'? These 2 interviews give detailed behind the scenes pe... —

Do Drugs And Alcohol Let Me Experience My True Self?

"Won't drinking suppress my mind so I can temporarily experience my true self to some degree?" Understand that although 'who you really are' - which is who you really could be, is not the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions. However, you've, through many breaths, and many mo... —

2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 2: To Each His Own

In 2012, it is time to seriously evaluate our starting point as an individual, here, participating on Earth. Because, when we for a moment take ourselves out of our 'spiritual experience', and simply stand here on Earth, in the physical, no inner experience of light and colors... —

Vida y libertad

Vida y libertad (Desteni) HD —

2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 1

In 2012, when I ascend into a higher vibrational existence, how will I participate in existence? How will I participate in relation to Earth, and all the beings on Earth? Will I be off in a beautiful, colorful, glowing reality, filled with a constant experience of bliss, withi... —

2012 and The Future of Money - Equal Money

2012 Equal Money is an approach that has been formulated in response to the human's proven inability to take care of life on earth in all its forms. Taking into consideration the state of the world as it currently exists where war, abuse, exploitation of resources and surviva... —

2012 What is it to Care for Life? Is Light and Love Real Care?

What is it to care about Life? To care for Life? Is it to say words like: 'I am light and love and the essence of all things is light and love'? '2012 is the time when I will ascend into a higher dimension and be less physical' Is it to believe that: 'when all ... —

Matti Destonian Freemans foton | Facebook

Facebook är ett socialt verktyg som förenar människor med vänner och andra som arbetar, studerar och lever runt dem. Människor använder Facebook för att hålla sig uppdaterade om vänner, ladda upp ett obegränsat antal bilder, dela länkar och videoklipp och lära sig mer om de mä... —

2012 The Only Mantra We Need is Breath

Years and years and years and years and years spent in meditation and the repetition of mantras have yielded NO practical solution to end suffering on earth. The question thus for meditators and spiritualists to ask Self is - what is my starting point? Am I here caring about L... —

Practical Tao Te Ching: Work is done, then forgotten

Creating, yet not possessing. Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten. Therefore it lasts forever. ~Tao Te Ching A practical example of this is where one removes a nail from the path so that another will not step on it by accident. And maybe no one even ... —

2012 is the year we must apply the Tao Te Ching

"If powerful men and women could remain centered in the Tao, all things would remain in harmony." ~Tao Te Ching At Desteni we realize those of us with money are the powerful ones who must bring about a system that is best for all. We are here for a limited time, for a lifet... —

2012 - the Year to End Anonymity

To remain Anonymous is to live double lives. I do not use anonymity or a fake name because I will not live a double life, hiding behind personality. I will not pretend change, and I will not pretend I care when my moment by moment actions only reflect self interest and accept... —