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Michael McDonald

Resistance Strength Training

Real-Time Resistance Strength Training. Moving through resistances. Realizing and understanding the moments of seemingly overwhelming resistance are in fact the moments of momentum within learning and a great opportunity is here to see what previously c... —

Day 478 Real Rapper-Cale Sampson

Recently, a friend pointed me to some cool music from the Info-Rapper Cale Sampson. Listening to Cale is a breath of fresh air. He coined the term info-rapping because he packs his raps full of words like a history lesson with the what's up of what's really going on, while als... —

Pop Culture Media Revelations

Sharing Some Pop Culture Media Revelations. check out today's blog —

The Desire to Communicate

The desire to communicate,,,,when there's this energetic movement within yourself and you feel like You just gotta say what you gotta say without delay as like racing to say what you got say as like almost taking your breath away. I suggest this is no way to communicate effect... —

Positive Buzz within Talking

In this video I do a communication experiment as a point of opening up and expanding effectiveness within communication. —

Day 477 A Positive Buzz within Talking

I noticed that sometimes I lose awareness of my surroundings within communicating.Where I get excited within communicating and forgetting to breathe almost and then rushing to say what it is I would like to say as if I got to say what i am going to say before I run out of brea... —

Day 476 Consequence of Positive Energy

Check out the following recording which gives further perspective and insight into the consequences of positive energy. So, I noticed the point the other day where self-righteousness is connected and correlated to positive energy experience. I also noticed how I am blind and... —

The Consequence of Positive Energy

Giving a brief introductory low down on the consequences of brewing and projecting positive energy throughout the world. Warning, watching this video may change your life for real great benefit, Possible side effects may include thoughts/feelings/emotions coming up within your... —

Information F%$K YOU!

This is a comedic Educational Video that you may or may not find funny....might have something to do with your education and insight into the nature of self-righteousness. I share personal experience in a frame worked way to paint/illustrate an all to common portrayal in the d... —

Day 475 Information F%$K YOU!

Hey, Check out the Youtube video I did "Information F%$K YOU!" I had wrote a bit of a script...kind of a ranting and raving in relation to the point of wanting to fight others as a result of the accepted and allowed conflict within myself. So, below is the sc... —

Relationship Interest

Insight and support into the world of relationship connectivity. Sharing the consequences I see. See my blog for more detail as the point opened up within the blog and the Life review, "Isolating Myself within an Interest". Blog Link: http://michaelwilliammcdonald.blogspot... —

Day 474 Interest Alignment

I suggest checking out the Life Review "Isolating Myself within an Interest". Some points of reflection for me, in regards to the sharing in the Life Review: I see and realise how I have in many instances throughout my Life, deliberately isolated myself according to a parti... —

Day 473 Emotional Reflections

Sometimes I've taking peoples emotions personally, like mimicking their behaviour, within projecting blame back to like being emotionally about them being emotional. This behaviour is really ridiculously absurd. This behaviour is hypnotic trance like. Where I was ... —

Day 472 Craving a Cigarette

This evening I was out for a walk and I was craving a cigarette. I walked towards a store 2 different time...the second time closer to the store than I did the first time. I saw the point how earlier in the day I had thought about how smoking a cigarette would be nice...and I... —

Day 471 More Morning

I like being awake and beginning my day in the early hours of the morning. I like seeing the sun rise...I like seeing the sky just after the sun has come up. I like the smell of the air in the morning. I like maxing out my day from the perspective of getting up early and stay... —

Day 470 Programmed Limitation

Today I was outside walking with Daisy the Dog. I noticed a peculiar thing, sometimes when I see other people in the distance, I have a defensive reaction where I want to avoid communication and interaction with them. I looked at this point, and saw how I was educated from a... —

Day 469 Director and Conductor of the Symphony

I've come to see and realise that each being is the director and conductor of the symphony. What I mean is that every physical being is sound expression. Each of us is the director of the movement of our sound. I mean, sure we can allow our movements to be influenced as a re... —

Day 467 Self-Honesty, The Point of Daring to Be Different

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for compromising self-honesty within moments of fearing to be different. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lie to myself within compromising my practical living expression within moments of fearing to expr... —

Day 466 Reacting to Criticism

The point came up today where I was criticized for something I was doing, and I reacted defensively, being offended by the tonality of the criticism coming at me. I realised I reacted to the point of criticism and the criticism was actually pretty cool support. What bothered ... —

Day 465 Information Manipulation

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be manipulated by information as a result of blindly trusting information because I read it or hear it from what I believe to be a reliable source. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having believed the... —

Day 464 Language Relations

Language is a cool program of communication. I am taking the opportunity here to share some self-forgiveness as points of self-realisation have opened up within myself. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for being judgmental about language. I forgive myself ... —

Day 462 Attitude Part 2

Continuing from my previous post. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist within and as the point of attitude in relation to things based on the starting point of judgement. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating attitude about... —

Day 461 Attitude

"At it to do" Attitude: (n) 1. The way a person views something or tends to behave towards it, often in an evaluative way. 2. A theatrical pose created for effect (especially in the phrase "strike an attitude) 3. A position of the body indicating mood or emotion. 4. Informa... —

Day 460 Skiing and Golf

I'm here to open up some some self-forgiveness in relationship to the words "skiing" and "golf". Both words carry a very positive charged energy within myself. I see and realise that I have allowed myself to obsess about skiing and golf within my mind as a point of imaginati... —

Day 459 Import-Attributing Desires and Feelings

"Thus we have to see our emotional life as made up largely of import-attributing desires and feelings, that is, desires and feelings which we can experience mistakenly..........But once we admit that our feelings are import-attributing, then we admit the possibility of error o... —

Day 458 Every Little Thing That We Do

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the extent of impact as how I have been influenced by words. Like for example, I've been working through a mind construct within Desteni I Process Pro and I was looking at this particular m... —

Day 457 The Consequence of What We Don't Do

For the last little while I had only really been considering the consequences of my actions. I wasn't really considering the point of consequence for what I wasn't doing. This point seems more of an in my face acknowledgement because if I just focus on the things I am doing ... —

Day 456 Physical Body Talk

The physical body is always communicating. The physical body is an instrument of communication. The human body exists as a result of communication. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for neglecting to pay attention to my human body physical communication. ... —

Day 455 Quantum Time Energy Knowledge

After having written my previous post about "time" as kind of a ranting and raving exploration, I came across a discussion on the desteni forum entitled "Quantum Time Energy Knowledge" which I found interesting, I suggest having a look for yourself. some points of forgiveness... —

Day 454 Is Time a Question?

Continuing with a "time" investigation....beginning here with a ranting and raving about time as a way to further investigate my perceptions of "time" importance of time....time being undervalued is a serious global money as debt is a clear indicator as time... —