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Michael McDonald

Day 617 Re-Writing Creation

By facing and self-correcting the nature of my accepted and allowed reactions, I am birthing myself here as new creation potential...because within self-correcting my reactions, I am taking self-responsibility for my creations here that are not cool that have been sustained wi... —

Day 616 The Error in My Judgement

Within investigating the relationship dynamics I have with various people I am ashamed to see how I have limited the development of many prosperous life expanding relationships as a result of my accepted and allowed self-judgment. It's interesting to see how one's ability to h... —

Day 615 Creation and Reaction?

So in looking at the word "Creation" I noticed that the word "Reaction" is within and as the word "Creation" when and as you move the letters around. It is interesting to see also the correlation and connection that Creation is in fact within and as the word, "Reaction".This i... —

Day 614 Creation

I'm looking at how it is that I create. I am seeing that how I in fact create is within the who I am as I create. Because I see the self-reflecting question within the 'how' as the 'who' I am as the starting point of creation here. What is interesting here is that I am noticin... —

Day 613 Self-Forgiving a New Beginning

Continuing from my previous post Day 612 Beginning a New Day I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to make sure when and as I go to sleep at night, I take the time to assess my day within and as how I participated, specifically investigating any ... —

Day 612 Beginning a New Day

Within beginning my morning movement, I have noticed that when first moving myself to lets say the washroom,..I have caught myself existing within my mind just kind of automatically thinking about yesterday and what I did and didn't do. What's interesting about this is it is l... —

Day 610 Could of, Would of, Should of...Didn't

Sometimes there is a point I see I can do...and then the point passes and I see that I could of done it if I was self-honest about my resistance that conflicted with me doing the particular deed.Then I see how I in fact had the will to do the deed...but I suppressed/didn't exe... —

Day 609 Emotional Attachment to Money Self-corrections

When and as I see myself having an emotional attachment towards money, I stop and breathe and say, 'I am here', I see/realize/understand the impracticality and detrimental reliance upon having a an emotional attachment towards money. I commit myself to stop accepting and allow... —

Day 608 Self-Movement

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for restricting/resisting myself-movement here.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understand my ability to move myself here is somewhat reflective in and as my relationship to words as lik... —

Day 607 Expectation

The word "Expectation" is a word in which I have flipped flopped within as a result of creating and projecting conflicting thought/feelings/emotions about future projections. It's interesting to look at how I have in many instances defined an upcoming potential experience/part... —

Day 606 Emotional Attachment to Money

Why is it that I have an emotional attachment to Money?Well, I feel safe and secure when I have lots of money in my bank account. Money provides me with a sense of comfort and security of well being. Have I created a false sense of security within myself that is relative to th... —

Day 605 My Personal Business Corrections

I commit myself to business.I commit myself to personal business.I commit myself to interpersonal business.I commit myself to universal business.I commit myself to personal responsibility.I commit myself to interpersonal responsibility.I commit myself to universal responsibili... —

Day 604 Prioritizing My Life Business

So, I see/realize/regard/understand that my every moment participation here is a reflection/presentation/consequence of Myself/Life/Business/Here. So, I see/realize/understand how I have negated to regard the significance and magnificence of my every moment participation he... —

Day 603 Fear of Conflict

I noticed that within the word Conflict I have accepted and allowed myself to attach a negative energetic charge to the word conflict. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how having a negative energetic charge associated and ... —

Day 602 Conflict of Interest

I find the point of "conflict of interest" to be a ridiculously absurd scenario that is far too regularized within society. Here is why: I see that "Interesting" comes from Interest and so I relate the point of "conflict of interest" to that of "Conflict of Stimul... —

Day 601 Compassion

See the Compass within Compassion. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how I resisted seeing for real within and as compassion for my fellow beings here.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing... —

Day 600 Certainty

CERTAINTY CERTAIN So, I'm investigating with playing with the word "Certainty" and within and as the word "Certainty" I see the word "Certain" quite clearly as it is easily visible within and as the word "Certainty". So, I'm looking at how I can take on the word "Certa... —

Day 598 Morning Rhythm Self-Corrections

When and as I see myself regarding my morning as whether I have to go to work or not, I stop and breathe, I realize and understand that my morning exists as the beginning of my day and within this that there is so much potential opportunity to do things for myself within and a... —

Day 597 Morning Rhythm

I have noticed a couple patterns that have been playing out with regard to my participation within the mornings. I'm either go go go...or slow slow slow. It's interesting and ridiculous because in both particular scenario's the rhythm of my movement is justified/enforced by th... —

Day 596 Rhythm

So,I'm looking at the word "Rhythm" and how everything has a "Rhythm" like a timing and a things move within a movement/moment...and I am looking at the point of rhythm here because I see how sometimes I have lacked real flexibility and versatility in my mo... —

Day 595 Mourning Morning!

So, Mourning sounds like Morning. Mourning is what people typically do when someone they like/love dies. Is it possible every time you wake up from sleeping, You die a little bit more? I've heard it said that sleep is the cousin of death. Interesting how many many many pe... —

Day 594 Postponed Greatness and Self-Forgiveness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to suppressing my living potential here on planet earth.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how I have suppressed my living potential of greatness here.I commit myself to to l... —

Day 593 Postponed Greatness?

Planet Earth is the place Here as Heaven on Earth. Obviously the living potential on planet earth is being largely suppressed due to the conditioned nature of humanity. Within and as this consideration, the question comes up, "Why are we postponing the living of Greatness as H... —

Day 592 Postponement

I notice that I am very flexible to re-adjusting/re-scheduling/delaying participation within particular engagements. I am questioning this flexibility because I see it as a false sense of flexibility in certain circumstances because the point of postponement becomes like a rea... —

Day 591 Self-Satisfaction

Satisfaction is pleasure/gratification/harmony within and as the physical alignment of the fact of the matter here. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how I have self-sabotaged the living of satisfaction as pleasure/gratific... —

Day 590 Sad is Faction

Continuing from my previous blog post S-a-t-i-s-f-a-c-t-i-o-n. Sat is past tense of sit. Is is past tense of be. Fact is the physical truth here. Ion is an atom or group of atoms. Sit + be + the physical truth here + an atom or group of atoms = Satisfaction Playing around... —

Day 589 Satisfaction Question

I started questioning what is "satisfaction"? Sat-is-fact-ion. Sat-is-faction. Sat-is-f-action. S-at-is-fact-ion. S-at-is-faction. S-at-is-f-action. S-at-i-s-fact-ion. S-at-i-s-faction. S-a-t-i-s-f-act-i-on S-a-t-i-s-f-act-ion. Sat-is-f-act-i-on. S-a-t-i-s-f-a-c-t-... —

Self Image Part 2

Continuing from my previous video entitled "self-image". In this video I explore the meaning and understanding of "self-image". Self-Image —

Day 588 Personal Self-Interest?

"Do I fear letting go of my personal self-interest?" Within looking at this question I see there are words I must investigate more in order to have a well rounded response/answer/solution here. The words I am looking at here are "personal", "self" and "interest". In lookin... —

Day 587 Questions Give So Much Support

Continuing from my blog post, "Day 580 Gifting Myself Within Self-Reflection" Here are questions that came up within me in my previous blog that require further investigation/exploration. "Is it wrong for me to exist the way I have existed?" I forgive myself for acceptin... —