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Have been watching videos since the beginning, started to participate a bit after. Stopped for a relationship then joined back again mid 2010.

Paul Quessy

Day 591 - Flexibility

I have been looking at being flexible recently, being flexible with the reality around me and being flexible with myself and in my movement. I started to look at this point when I was driving to work and I was very tense within myself because I was fearing that the car would b... —

Day 590 - A Moment Of Resistance

Today the point of resistance and self judgement came up again. It wasn't from like a point of just waiting around and going into resistance but it came from physical points. I had things that I wanted to do, like cleaning and basically organising the apartment a bit more, but... —

Day 589 - Resistance To Applying Myself

I have been approaching the point of resistance in the past few weeks and there are points that I do resist that are easy to move through and do and then there are other points of resistance which are more of a struggle for me and these points are within applying myself. So th... —

Day 588 - The Resistance Part 2

Resistance still comes up quite often and, as I wrote in the previous blog, it is hard, or I make it hard on myself to get myself out of the resistance due to energetical experiences of self interest and of bringing myself back down to earth. It's like I enjoy this experience ... —

Day 587 - The Resistance

There is still a lot of resistance that exists within me resistance to writing, resistance to letting go of self interest and resistance to letting go of myself basically and allowing myself to simply be here without desire and without internal movement and basically a resista... —

Day 586 - The Origin of Defeatism

Defeatism is a point that, as I look at it now, has been something that I have gone into a LONG time ago and basically only realising this point now and how I have allowed myself to participate in in thoughts and in my experience of myself within points of work and in points o... —

Day 585 - Defeatism

Currently, within my life, there are a few points that I have been feeling defeated by in relation to the money system and world system in and as how it operates and functions. Within these points of defeatism I have been allowing quite a bit of backchat to exist within myself... —

Day 584 - Suppression and Sharing

There have been a few events within my life recently that I have been going into suppression about. I have been going into points of isolation and bottling the points up, and within the points of suppression I have been creating this heavy feeling within myself where it feels... —

Day 583 - Not Wanting to Be Here with Myself Con't

With the process of being here with myself, specifically during work, I have been applying a point of not allowing myself to become bored or go into these points of simply not wanting to work and rather be somewhere else. How I have been applying this point is by allowing myse... —

Day 582 - Not Wanting to be Here with Myself

I have been going into this pattern at work where I have not been wanting to accept the situation that I am in or the time that it takes to get through work. For the start of work I am fine with working and expressing myself within the job and then after a while, like when it ... —

Day 581 - Learning to Problem Solve within Groups

Within my previous blog I was looking at who I am within groups and the point of survival interlaced within our actions to the extent that we cannot truly express ourselves, or rather hold our true expression back from other people because of that dynamic of fear that persuade... —

Day 580 - Survival Within Groups

I have been watching this show called naked and afraid which is about these 12 individuals who attempt to survive within the jungles of Colombia for 40 days without clothing. Since this is a reality show they always have this moment where they speak directly into the camera sh... —

Day 579 - Self Forgiveness on Stress, Work and `Me Time`

Within the last post I was writing about work and wanting my time and within this point of self interest creating the point of stress as I stress to get home so that I can have this `me` time, so within this post I will be writing self forgiveness on those points I forgive my... —

Day 578 - Stress, Negative Mind Set and Self Interest

I am going to continue with this point of stress and laziness and resistance that I have been writing about because it is a predominant point within my life at the moment and one that needs directing as I write it out within the blogs. So now that I have started a new job th... —

Day 577 - Laziness and Negative Experiences

Before I continue on with my last post, regarding comfort and my expression within my environment I am going to write about the last point that I was working on previously - the laziness and the resistance and the self interest. So today was a stressful day for me. I had no s... —

Day 576 - How Expectations Change Our Expression

Recently I have been finding that I haven't been less expressive in the environment around me. I have been wanting to have manifest this idea of this point of comfortable expression within my environment, you know, like an environment where we can open up all points that exist... —

Day 575 - What if Money Wasn't God

I had a conversation with a few of my former colleagues when one asked what would you do if money was not an option, like if we didn't need to work for our survival - if our own survival was a guaranteed human right. I answered that I would most likely live on a communal farm,... —

Day 574 - Creator of my own Resistance

Within this point of resistance and the point of self interest I have been applying myself within the point of stabilising myself more within breath. As I am working on a point within my reality that doesn't have a point of stimulus within it I have been working on breathing, ... —

Day 573 - Energetics, Stimulants and Resistance

Within the past blogs I have been touching upon a point of self movement and resistance and an inherent point of self interest within the resistance. Like when it comes down to moving myself within a task I will allow the mind to jump in with thoughts regarding doing something... —

Day 572 - Focus And Attention

What I have been looking at within this process of resistance and laziness and this overall feeling of not wanting to do anything is a point when I am sitting down and wanting to do something, like wanting to get off my ass and move myself within the physical reality and then ... —

Day 571 - Separation, Evolution and Survival

Before I continue on with the point of resistance and the laziness and self interest inherent within the design of resistance that I am looking at, I want to touch upon life and the separation of life that we live. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day an... —

Day 570 - Correlation Between Self Interest and Resistance

Within my last post I was taking a look at this point of resistance and how it relates to the point of self interest in relation to allowing myself to go into resistance within the thoughts similar to "I just want to watch this one episodes" then that turning into another epis... —

Day 569 - Movement and Resistance

A point within resistance that I have been looking at is in relation to this point of distraction or, things that are easily `lost` within, such as movies or facebook photos or memes lol. So what goes on within my mind is a statement of "I would rather give all of my attention... —

Day 568 - Resistance and Removing It

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow the thoughts that are inherent within resistance, thoughts such as wasting time with a meaningless task or with accepting a thought of "I will get to it later" when in fact I have the time now. I forgive mysel... —

Day 567 - Resistance and Instability

As I approach a subject or task that involves a lot of resistance within myself I start to feel quite unstable within myself, start to feel anxious and jittery, like as if I really want to get away from whatever it is that I am about to do and go do something else. Within this... —

Day 5 - Diabetic Depression

Depression, for most diabetics, is certainly a possibility. With the constant injections, with the constant management and with the point that diabetes is going to influence our lives in a manner in which we do not necessarily enjoy or want for ourselves. With managing stress,... —

Day 566 - Direction and Purpose

Going back a few blogs I was touching upon the point of purpose and what I have been looking at recently is how I have been accepting and looking for direction from other people. I have allowed myself to frequently look towards other people for direction and purpose within m... —

Day 565 - The Design of Self Judgement

I was having a conversation with a buddy and we were talking about ourselves within self judgement and what exists within ourselves in relation to the judgements, how the design if accepted into ourselves and how we hold judgements against ourselves for our past mistakes and h... —

Day 564 - Understanding Ego

So what is Ego? Ego is currently how we have defined ourselves within our lives, it dictates what we accept and allow ourselves to participate within, it dictates who we are going to be within any given situation and decides what/how we will direct ourselves throughout our liv... —

Day 563 - Self Forgiveness on Backchatting Ego

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use self judgements as an excuse and justification for not taking the initiative within myself and making a change to that which I am judging - enslaving myself to the emotions of judgements and not making a step for ... —

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