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Have been watching videos since the beginning, started to participate a bit after. Stopped for a relationship then joined back again mid 2010.

Paul Quessy

Day 536 - Victimization and Self Absorption

I have been recently facing a point of self-victimization where it feels like the system is `attacking` me, or I perceive it as such, and in this point of victimization I can recall a memory of deciding that I was going to go back to school and upgrade my marks so that I could... —

Day 535 - How Life is Supposed to Be

I was listening to the audio recording How Life is Supposed to Be by Anu which is available on Eqafe and he touched on a few poignant traits that I have been facing in my daily life and have been facing for a while such as the point of working on a point for and being `gung ho... —

Day 534 - Work, Effort and Time

Recently I have been in a reactive state of anger and frustration and have been projecting that towards my reality but my reality is not what I am angry or frustrated with, it is my application of myself within my reality and within the time that I have available to myself. So... —

Day 533 - Self Forgiveness on Spitefulness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into the energy of spitefulness when it comes up in my reality when I compare myself to other people and when I compare myself to what/where I want to be and/or believe that I have done nothing and am nothing with ... —

Day 531 - Positive Reward System

So at work I had a reaction towards stopping smoking - or, well it has been here since I started the stopping lol - the reaction is one of apathy and sedateness. The first few days that I stopped smoking I found that I was in bed for a lot of the time, not wanting to do anythi... —

Day 530 - What I have been Denying Myself with Smoking

I recently had a chat with Lauri Kotaja about the point of quitting smoking as we are both embarking on the process of quitting smoking and what came up within the chat was really cool and really supportive. The biggest point that came up or more so an overall point that came ... —

Day 529 - Living Self-Honesty

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to access and become a systematic set of personalities for the purpose of being accepted or to fit into a group of people, in this allowing myself to be dis-honest with myself in/as who I am and what I live by and in thi... —

Day 527 - I Am Who I Am

This point opened up at work yesterday night. So I found out that a few people from my work play the same video game that I play and I was talking to them about playing together. So as it opened up and as we started to communicate about the video game they were speaking about ... —

Day 526 - Continuing To Work On Stress

Currently I have gotten a new job that is quite similar to my previous job and during my stay at that job I was living off stress, like who I was was constantly stressed and I basically went into adrenaline depletion or burn out. So the job that I am working now is like that o... —

Day 524 - Conception of Time

So as I stated in my previous blog, this point of conception of time, going from one point to the next, is causing me to be in a state of stress and it is slowly building up, slowly building up meaning that I am becoming more and more stressed out at the amount of time that I ... —

Day 524 - Trusting Myself Here

Now with this whole point of time, stress, and living the word initiative, there is still the point within myself where I am constantly calculating time and constantly in this point of worrying about time and how much I have of it and how long it will take me to do a task. In ... —

Dy 523 - Initiating Initiative

What I have learnt in the past week of living and applying this point of initiative is that it doesn't come easy to me at the moment. Like I have really needed to make the absolute choice to do something within a moment and then live that decision - meaning that in the morning... —

Day 522 - Living the Word Initiative Part 3

Again today was another time to apply this point of living the word initiative and it started off like the previous day where I did nothing, where when/as I woke up I was quickly tired after 1 or 2 hours of being awake and that is because, again, I was not giving myself someth... —

Day 521 - Living the word Initiative Part 2

Today was another opportunity for me to live the word initiative. I did sleep in today for quite a while because again, I had that point in myself of not having anything to do in the morning so I allowed that point to come into me, and it is because I simply did not give mysel... —

Day 520 - Living the Word Initiative

As I was stating in my previous blog, initiative is something that I have been lacking in my life and really something that I have not looked at within my life, like within my reality I have not asked myself what it is that I want to create or do here with myself or with my im... —

Day 519 - Self Movement

For a while now I have been sleeping a lot, but also struggling to sleep at nights. Meaning that when I try and go to sleep at a regular time I struggle actually falling asleep, it will take me about 2-3 hours until I finally fall asleep and by this time a lot of time has pass... —

Day 518 - Re-Cycling Patterns Part 3

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to be aware of myself when I make the choices to not be here with myself within that which I am doing and check up on myself to see who I am and where I am at within that which I am working on, specifically in writin... —

Day 517 - Re-cycling Points Part 2

In the last post I did I can see that I was in a reaction towards the point of the re-cycling points and what I have found fascinating or interesting is that if you take a look at it I am not specific in my actions, I did not write out exactly what was going on or what trigger... —

Day 516 - Re-Cycling Points

Depression is a point that sucks. I've gone through it quite often within my life and it re-emerges every now and then and today was/is a day that it has emerged. It emerged today because yesterday I was feeling unimpressed with my application of myself within process, like as... —

Day 515 - Money Morals

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a moral point around the spending of money, defining what is right and what is wrong to spend money on when the definition or belief system or idea system regarding what is right or wrong within spending money ... —

Day 514 - Money and Morality

Continuing from yesterdays post regarding money and morality In yesterdays post I was writing about the point that is existent within me regarding morality and money and I ended up writing, "There are more practical things that I could've spent money on" but in those words ... —

Day 513 - The Difference Between Right and Wrong

Today a point came up within my reality regarding morality which is essentially right and wrong. So a new game came out for many mediums but the one medium that I have it did not come out for and a company had the game and a medium bundled together as a promotional offer for t... —

Day 512 - Fearing the Negative Never Leads to Solutions

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to suppress the things that I define as negative within myself such as jealousy or hatred or anger or depression or sadness within a quantum moment - suppress them within a quantum moment, like noting that they are comin... —

Day 511 - Suppression, Negativity, and Self Honesty

Continuing on from the post yesterday regarding negativity and my suppression of it. When I am around people the who I am usually changes quite a bit, I will attempt to embody the definition of myself as being positive, I won't want to show anger, disgust, jealousy, hate, dep... —

Day 510 - Self Honesty and Negativity

Now I am going to touch on a point here that relates to the point of self honesty and the approach of comfort that I have been embarking on in my daily living. This point of self honesty is in relation to the idea that I need to be positive or upbeat around everyone that I mea... —

Day 509 - More points on saying fuck it

A point opened up recently that sparked the fuck it point to come up within me. What I was experiencing was this point of conflict between myself and another where I would try and fight for my say within the ordeal yet it was not being heard and from fighting I was like giving... —

Day 508 - Slowing Down and Breathing

Now with the point of allowing the mind to take the reins and direct myself this point encompasses both the stress point that I've been walking through and the point of comfort wherein as I allow the mind to direct myself and not give myself an awareness of myself in what I am... —

Day 507 - What Happens When We Give the Mind Reins to Direct?

Before I continue with the point of comfort within the physical reality and temporariness there is a point that has been hindering me from living my true potential in writing and online tasks and that is entertainment. Recently, as I have been writing I have been noticing tha... —

Day 506 - Comfort Within the Physical Reality

I have been looking for a point to write about how I experience myself within/as comfort or uncomfortable while being here in the physical reality. So as I was questioning this point within myself within what I have to work with in this point as I have not embarked on decorati... —

Day 505 - Temporariness and Comfort

In my last post I was writing about a dream that I was having and a point within that dream is a point of comfort and how I see my reality as temporary and how I have not allowed myself to settle down and create a home for myself in which I can be comfortable, like allow mysel... —