Rebecca Dalmas

Day 565 Distraction away from Common Sense into an Idea of Gain

I realize that I have been having expectations, and then I fall because these expectations do not play out. I then go into analyzing the situation to discover a mis-step. Then a rant starts in wanting to blame something and become obsessive in figuring out how to address this... —

Day 564 Apathy and Sound Mind. The Journey of Limitation into Common Sense.

Apathy, I am looking at where and when I first wanted to participate and could not because I could not express myself. I remember being in the elementary schools and the middle schools, realizing that what children wanted more than anything was to be able to participate, an... —

Day 263 A sound form begins with each of us.

What does it mean to captain, and can humans “ captain” anything else but what they are a their form and function as men? Look at a captain of a ship, for example. Someone must care for the sails, another the tiller, another the longitude and the latitude measure. And I am t... —

Day 562 The Limitation of the Conspiracy of Self Interest in Zimbabwe and within Myself’-loss-of-land-increases-world-hunger —

Day 561 My Commitment as The Desteni of Living

The Desteni of Living Realising and living my utmost potential Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all Living by the principle of self honesty – t... —

The Economy of the Ecology Punishing the Poor For Egotistic Self Interest

Mr. Gaddafi had intended the scheme to be designed by Libyans, constructed by Libyans, for the benefit of the Libyan population. Now it is being redesigned by Frenchmen and women at inflated costs, constructed by French contractors, largely for the benefit of French shareholde... —

Day 550 The storied existence of the NOW and the presence of HERE.

I am looking at the word “ now.” It means to be a historical story as a point that is a sequence of events built from a past. This means that one is in a state that is of a story of a series of events. If I allow myself to be defined as this, then I am not here, I am a “ now”... —

Day 549 The journey to life is to rule equal to the measure of the physical.

I had a conversation with someone where they talked about a friend who had put together some entertainment to raise money for breast cancer. So what is good here and what can be changed into understanding what we as humans are doing and the sense of it practically? Orga... —

Day 548 Personalities within a group meeting.

I notice three personalities come up this past week, and I have had a tension headache ever since. One was a projection into the future, a desire to make some headway, the second was a past personification of failure, as in fear of making a mistake, and the third was a disli... —

Day 547 The inner-rest of interest in separation from physical life.

I am looking at my heart, an what is happening there. I notice that I have what feels like a solid “ block” in my left calf. It is getting better, but I have to slow down and breath, and “ read” the construction of belief that I have accepted and allowed within that is the cau... —

Day 546 The clock work of my emotions.

I remember in my forties that I would inevitably go into a reactive angry emotion the day before my period. Now, I have had my period every month, like clock work, never missing this unless I was pregnant. I am a perfect text-book in terms of this feminine cycle. Never missed,... —

Day 545 The Spin

The Spin I went to this conference and this woman explained this system. She spoke for quite some time. But she said very little. It was like a deja vu in words, so to speak. Like there were phrases that one could make one statement, but instead went round and round as a foll... —

Day 544 Slowing Down into Common Sense

Slowing Down into Common Sense. I was working with some people and I noticed that I became spacy, as in having a sense that I had lost control, like the spatial awareness of what I was facing was bigger than the practical steps necessary to get the job done. Later, when I ... —

Day 543 The limited measure of projecting values.

Today I feel tired. I realize I have to go and do something and I fear the outcome not being directive, not being clear in leading to understanding of how we are formed within, that is causing so much anxiety and malfunctioning within out society. How can I allow another to di... —

The Economy of the Ecology The Unacceptable Privatization of Water Just as the music rap industry was threatened by losing investments if rap did not impulse criminal behavior ( as private prisons need prisoners - paid for b... —

Day 542 Self forgiveness on looking for a purpose.

I had a long talk with a woman today. It was fun, because she had realized that the people in her world, were not using their common sense. She could see this all around her, and that herself trying to resolve this all the time was pointless, meaning she had to be true to hers... —

Day 541 The MAZING mind.

I am dealing with a family that has problems with their children. I have talked with both parents and the child. Having watched so many children, specifically read, their body movements, the way their eyes move, where the very music of them stutters, I look at the child speaki... —

Day 540 Being a Leader and Being Self Responsible

Being a leader and being self responsible. I remember when I first went and lived in Europe that I felt overwhelmed by the towns, like the very stones in the cities were filled with stories that were a burden, heavy. I would find solace in nature, under a tree. And I remem... —

The Economy of the Ecology Creating Values in Self Interest

Creating values, within making one aspect huge, and focusing on that, distracts up from seeing the whole, and thus, ensuring that there is no harm done to any part of the whole. Making one thing more, by touting it as a value and eating up the space in promoting that value, is... —

Day 537 Going into Mind Consciousness Self Forgiveness

So much knowledge and information as what I have learned, as what I was taught to believe as how I measure this world, has me comparing and competing based on a limited framework of survival. The mechanism of the social contract accepted and allowed by men, where money determi... —

Day 536 - The valley of the shadow of good and evil.

I went to this meeting and I noticed the diversion tactics embedded within the system to protect the money within the system and the emotional values touted again and again to fill the very space and time of the meeting. In all, this occupies that space and time as the very fa... —

Day 535 What is the total story?

I watched this preview of a movie about climate change, here. It says that there was extreme drought in Syria before the war, where many Syrians were hungry because of the failing waterless farms. They began to move into the cities to find food. Ones that complained and asked... —

Day 534 Seeing the patterns of administrators.

I was at a meeting last night, and I find that I react to administrators. I can bring myself back, but the reaction happened. What I find, is that the meeting with the administration has conversations where the speakers continually qualify with statements such as “ let’s be po... —

Day 533 Self forgiveness on the thought, "Why do I have to sort this out."

I have had a thought come up based on recent events in my family. The thought, when walked in detail, in relation to what is a practical solution would direct me into solving the self pity of the thought, as I have allowed an emotional value, based on judgement to be included... —

The Economy of the Ecology Mining Ore and DNA

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is an Eco-Terrorist Scientists have found that our memories can be passed down through our gene... —

Day 532 Dropping literacy rates and the consequence of special needs.

I am reading Weapons of Mass Instruction, by John Taylor Gato. This is a quote from his book: "WWII was over in 1945. Six years later , another war began in Korea and several million more men were tested for military service. This time 600,000 were rejected. Literacy in the... —

Day 531 I can't hear if I am not here.

I have had pain in my ears, this morning in my left ear. Just before this, I had a memory of an old “ friend” speaking with me on the phone. She had called to give me advice. I questioned her advice by asking her if she had all the information. I woke up thinking about peer p... —

Day 530 Being in Charge.

I get charged up with being unable to answer to what is essentially objections. The thought comes up that I “ don’t know where to go” or that I can’t answer it” and then I have no standing, I allow myself to become inferior and my fear is that of losing ground, which means I ... —

DAY 529 The drama of ego upon structure.

I had a talk with my son today and he said that he learned to remain calm and follow the structure of a process and in so doing he ended up being an exemplar in his responsibility. What he noticed was the ego game going on around him, the others making things into big issues a... —

Day 528 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting a separation from life. The process of Equality.

I was walking my dog, and I walked past the home of someone who held an annual party. About a block after I passed the house, there I was. It was like I placed myself in a projection play-out as a fantasy. I was not even aware of the physical world around me, because I was so ... —