Sylvia Gerssen

I was pissed 06/11/2010

Yesterday evening the phone rang and a friend of my partner P. called.  From what I heard, the conversation was about hiking. When P. hang up he didn’t say anything and went on doing his things. Normally he tells what it is all about. When we went to bed I asked him if he was ... —

Me and the blood type diet 05/11/2010

I really enjoyed watching Katie’s video’s on the blood type diet, like her, I’m also a blood type A. Katie isn’t following the diet in a rigid way, she keeps testing and experimenting with foods wether they’re assisting or none assisting to her body. This inspired me to google... —

Nothing to say or write to myself 04/11/2010

This morning, while cutting endless peaces of fabric for curtains for a client, I was reflecting upon yesterday. I had made the commitment to write everyday a blog and yesterday evening I was sitting in front of my computer and staring at an empty template. I couldn’t think of... —

Money has fallen from the sky 31/10/2010

It’s almost as if money is falling from the sky. It’s the end of the tourist season, or at least the large amounts of tourist that’s coming to our region is over. So I’m left with 1 cleaning job and my work as a dressmaker. More time to write and more time to reflect, but inev... —

A conversation between moms 30/10/2010

I was working on my computer as one of my clients came by. My Jehova Witness client who seldom comes alone. By now, I could feel myself like a rare specie, because every time she passes by she brings somebody new with her. A few weeks ago she finally did what she had been tell... —

finger pointing —

changing my name

For a full inside of the story, read my blog at: —

Using my birth name 21/10/2010

A couple of days ago I received a comment on one of my You Tube video’s from DesteniIncome that started of with:”1968piov thank you…”. That turned out to be my trigger point and than the same day or a day later I saw Bernard’s video on “The future of the internet”. When I was ... —

Watching soaps. 18/10/2010

Yesterday when going upstairs to get a print out of the printer, I noticed my son (J), watching video’s behind his computer and I asked him what he was watching. I looked at the screen and saw immediately what he was watching, a Dutch soap called Spangas. It’s about kids in mi... —

Hands of Light 12/09/2010

This blog is connected to the following vlog The temptation of the desire to be noticed and resentment to work on myself takes me into the defense mechanism as personality of: Self-justifier and Self-perfecter. With my participation w... —

I have been taken hostage… 04/09/2010

I have been taken hostage by my own mind and I didn’t do anything about it. I manipulated my inner and outer world and knew there was something smelling fishy, but didn’t do anything. Now I’ll stand and do a chart on one of my mind control issues. Chart 30/8/2010 event 1: Havi... —

Vegetarianism 05/07/2010

October 2009 I became a vegetarian. One and a half year earlier I already  quitted eating meat and the years before, I had build down the amount of meat intake. It started with cutting meat delicacies out of my menu, because I didn’t like the taste anymore. Then I felt pretty ... —

Dinner party, cook to impress 11/12/2010

Today I felt quite tired or more like drained. It was the first cold day after several warm days and already after the alarm clock went off this morning I felt the desire to stay in bed forever. Of course I got up, but blamed the cold weather for my lazy start. I did the thing... —