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Talamon Joseph Berta

Day 275 – Suppression to stop

The EQAFE series of Quantum Physical provides exceptional support by looking at the physical manifestation of the self-acceptance and mind-personalities on the human face. These interviews are supporting with the point of SUPPRESSION: —

Day 274 – Redefining Stability

I was in a forest camping for almost a week and during this period I used my notebook to list up all the points I consider for redefining the word Stability. To simplify this process, I’ve focused to three layers: Body: Be aware of physical presence: inn... —

Day 273 – Presence as substantiating Awareness

Expanding on Presence. Process of bringing myself to Presence. If I have this thought/emotion coming up within me and influencing me, moving me, then I am actually compromising my presence here, because I allow some systems within me, what I have accepted and allowed and gave ... —

Day 272 – Why Presence?

Presence Something I always tried to push myself into, or explode myself out to and eventually realizing that it is something what only can be accumulated with stable, constant and consistent self-direction here, in and as the physical. By releasing the delusions of perception... —

Day 271 – Physical integration

After my last post I am continuing with the re-alignment from the conscious mind experience into physical awareness direction. Scripting some slowing down and preparing for practical change to prevent going into thinking while doing something – specifically some physical activ... —

Day 270 – Movement without thoughts

Walking through the mind-dimensions I’ve opened up last time. Starting with Viktor’s comment, which is really relevant here: This was timely Talamon. I am just now facing similar points in my life. I have also moved out on the country side, and equally as you, there are many... —

Day 269 -Moving without mind-energy: intro

A point opened up, which is related to physical activities I participate within. Since I’ve moved out from the city to the village, around the house, there is always something to do. For instance, recently started to do some gardening: dug up some area and then planted some ve... —

Day 268 – Contemplating on existence

Today I start with by my observations of my external reality and then reflecting it back to self here. So many impressions I have every day and so many things seem so solid, blunt and direct, which is obviously the physical world we live within, the infrastructure and human sy... —

Day 267 – Spiritual vs Common sense – words

In terms of why I found spiritual practices to be actually not really supporting in comparison to simple practical common sense is the following. What are the facts: we react to specific words, images, pictures, experiences, feelings, emotions, memories. Regardless of how much... —

Day 266 – Music re-alignment

Taking responsibility for the self-dishonesty I’ve opened up within my last post in regarding to how I used music – not always, but often. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use music as trigger point to re-live and re-react to my past experiences and ... —

Day 265 – How I used Music to remain in the past

I continue with the mind decomposition. Wrote about spirituality and drugs, party and dance. This time opening up Music. Almost everyone likes music. The genre and type can be different, but it’s equally important to question ourselves why and how we enjoy music. It’s worthy. ... —

Day 264 – Redefining Spirituality – Down to Earth

Sharing about what I walked within my recent blog posts about my journey from spirituality to practicality – when realizing what is power and where I have to stand for all – here in and as the physical. I commit myself to walk the process of self-honesty and alignment with rea... —

Day 263 Redefining Spirituality

Recognizing and decomposing the self-dishonesty, self-limitation and self-deception within my self-created spiritual mind is in a way the preparation for the practical re-alignment and actual re-definition of the words I am transforming my expression and actions into direct ph... —

Day 262 – Decomposing spiritual mind

Within walking self-realization I’ve acknowledged that I took refugee within certain spiritual agendas, what later proven to be limited, thus letting all go is common sense. Last time, within this post I’ve shared some of my story. Here I refer to the word Spirituality to any ... —

Day 261 – Decomposing delusions part 2 – spirituality

Continuing from the Previous post, where I reached the point of opening up Spirituality. Within the video I’ve linked below I am sharing some context, my story, before walking the Self-forgiveness about my experiences with Spirituality. 2016.03.27. Sharing how I realized that ... —

Day 259 – Party, Drugs and Awareness part 2

Dancing continued from where I stopped in the last post. This time I dig deeper into the mechanics of my mind, how I experienced myself and things, what was the reason I went into trance dance and how I tried to use to transcend my limitations and eventually how I realized tha... —

Day 258 – Party, Drugs and Awareness part 1

Recently I’ve visited a contemporary dance event, it’s type was psytrance. Since quite some years I visit these kind of parties and as I’ve changed during my process of self-realization, my starting point, experience and the very self-expression also have been transformed, whi... —

Day 257 – Why the devil is in the details?

Why people keep saying that? What does it really mean? I approach this from the concept of Self-honesty today. Let’s imagine a self, someone who is capable of not lying to oneself. It does not seem too far fetched at first – especially when somebody considers things in overall... —

Day 256 – Act Immediately

A reminder to act immediately when there is something to do – the more I accept myself not moving when I feel I should, the more I sabotage myself. Why it is common sense to push myself through resistances to direct movement without hesitation/fear? Why it’s not self-honest to... —

Day 255 – Opening up wounds to fully heal

I had a blister yesterday, which I am going to use as an analogy for Self-realization. My stove has the pipe into the chimney, which is covered with white enamel paints and at one part it is wearing out from the constant heat changes and yesterday, while I started to make fire... —

Day 254 – Walking through resistances to driving

Talking about practical change – in this practical example: learning to drive. I had resistances for decades to driving and having a car until it was frustratingly limiting. Some years ago, as I was walking Desteni I Process courses with the group since some years, I’ve decide... —

Day 253 – Urban Judgements to Stop

Last time I wrote about how I got attached to the pre-defined idea of ‘undefined’. This is a process of investigating what blocks me to effectively expand with the skill of navigation and realizing that it is of a form of self-sabotage as I am automatically making myself busy... —

Day 252 -Attached to Undefined

In my last blog post I’ve opened up memories and reactions, associations in regarding the word ‘navigation’ and I’ve realized that there are some tendencies I would like to purify from my personality. I’ve mentioned before how I was deliberately developing ways to sabotage my ... —

Day 251 – My resistance to urban navigation

Budapest, 2002 I am becoming effective on remembering routes I visit multiple times and I see my navigation skills also starting to expand, which was previously prevented by focusing more to driving, car handling and traffic situations. I see as supportive to write about navig... —

Day 250 – Driving self-correction part 2

Self-correcting statements continued in regarding to driving. One might ask why I bother writing down these, am I not that super-aware that I just simply decide and do these – it’s question of self-honesty really, one must see what is the most effective way to realize all patt... —

Day 249 – Driving Self-correction part 1

After opening up some points with Self-forgiveness about what to change: Day 246 – Part 1 Self-forgiveness Day 247 – part 2 – positive Day 248 – part 3 – hesitation I start to write some self-correction too. As I mentioned before, it’s not ‘just’ about driving, because the p... —

Day 248 – Driving Self-forgiveness – hesitation

Continuing with Driving Self-forgiveness I’ve wrote down two events, what occurred yesterday quite detailed in fact while driving; when I went into hesitation and ‘followed thoughts’ in my mind, indicating that I stop applying directive principle, but became reactive, from par... —

Day 247 – Driving Self-forgiveness part 2 – positive

So, driving – in the previous I sketched most of the fears, now let’s bring the opposite side to the table…positive! One would ask why to investigate positively defined reactions, but in truth, it still can be self-interest, self-delusion the same way as the ones defined as ‘n... —

Day 246 – Driving Self-forgiveness

Continuing with the fears I held onto before starting driving. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from hitting by a car and thus defining cars as things I do not like. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from identifyi... —

Day 245 – Seeing the Matrix with Self-forgiveness

Today wanted to continue with the fear-paranoia aspects I had before started driving, but this point opened up to be able to explain Self-forgiveness. As more people asks about what and why I do with this Process around me, it’s supportive to clarify it, even to myself. And sh... —