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At the age of 20 I grew more and more sick of myself, and my constant failures to produce something of enjoyment and meaning in my life. I searched for fulfillment everywhere but here, as the fulfillment of living breath; and so one day whilst I was contemplating what I could do in this world, and how come I experienced this world and myself as meaningless; I found desteni!

And consequently – I found meaning and a point to existence: birthing myself as life from the physical and stopping this world as it currently exist.

Viktor Persson

Coffe and Cup

Hi everyone, I am a coffee cup as the manifestation of me in this world at the moment. In my current manifestation here as I type my story, next to this computer I am blue cup with a brown outside. My contents of course coffee. I write to you today from the perspective of wha... —

The shit that nobody wants to do

Equal Money for All - The shit that nobody want's to do, Who´s gonna do it? With equal money - no more slaves - are we willing to honour each other as life and actually take care of our own shit? —

Equal Money For All Does anybody give a fuck?

Does anybody give a fuck? For more information visit: fuck, money, equal, spiritual, energy, desteni —


THE SOLUTION TO THE POWER OF MONEY ENSLAVEMENT All human beings on earth are the power behind the agreements, the consciousness and the manifested consequences of the existence of money. Money has become the GOD of ourselves and GOD in this world. Thi... —

The story of love

This is The Story of LOVE: Love is the Prophet of Doom The Great Damnation Sensation With Divorce as the Source That closes Loves Doors As if all the Elation, Was after all only a Sexation When Love went Bust, and Dreams turned to Dust, were all trying to Adjust, looking for... —

Equal Money for All will it work?

Equal Money for All will it work? —

I'll give you love for money

I'll give you love for money - Viktor Persson My love is cool My love is .... My love is ..... I'll give you my love I'll give you my love I'll give you my love for your money We kill in the name of god We hate in the name of love And in greed we have funny As we grab all t... —

Money Money Money

Money Money Money I go out and interview people. I share what I find and go around in my town looking at the practicality of how the current money system operates. And what could be done better in a money system where all have equal amounts of money visit: —

Somliga går med trasiga skor

Somliga går med trasiga skor - Cornelis Vreeswijk Viktor Persson —

Scientific scientist song

A song dedicated to scientists Is science needed? Have evolution brought actual change? How come millions die from starvation? Will science ever solve anything? Is science a ego-trip? Yes. Enjoy —

Blood Money

Blood Money Music by Viktor —

You are the one you have been waiting for

You are the one you have been waiting for Music - Viktor Art - Marlen Vargas —

My love is with me

My love is with me Music = Viktor Art = Marlen Enjoy —

Music Video I am coming home

Song by Viktor, art by Marlen Vargas Well I stay here in each and every breath Present in full with no fear And my vision is so clear And I know I am coming home I am in my feets as I touch the ground I am in my voice as my music sound I am in my hands and in this... —

Music Video Fear and Waiting makes no Sense

Viktor stands for the music. Andrew Gable is presenting the art. He doesn't know it. His art-piece was as made for this song. Well I see people live for tomorrow Even though tomorrow never comes Even though tomorrow never comes here We all go around in fear We have jobs... —


MUSIC THE MEANING OF LIFE Abraham Hicks Monthy Python Look there is a man who says he has found the meaning of life He says open your heart to Jesus Christ But in the end This christ will die Because its a lie Based on a fear to die And then hell see There is nothin... —

Viktors VLOG 2 Apathy, Supression, Sadness

Viktors VLOG 2 Apathy, Supression, Sadness visit —

Viktors self-support dairy vlog 1

Viktors self-support dairy vlog 1 —

Music Video - The Human RACE - The truth is in your FACE

Welcome to the human race This race offers a real blaze And there goes the whistle for the game Trophy is money,diamonds and fame The white man goes good and brave He invented the idea of the black slave Lots of money for the lucky few The loosers have stones that the... —

Music Video -- When Love and Light fails

The footage is from a river which is right beside my house. Full of ducks, crap and plants. We close our eye's As we pretend all is nice We pray to god As we hope he can fix the fuck in which we live We imagine there is something called peace, As flesh is torn apart with ... —

Music Video-- My life in a song

My Life in a Song Lyrics: Bernard Poolman My Life in a Song What went Wrong? Why did it take so Long To find where Life is From I thought it was all Love and not any other stuff But it seems it was a Bluff Because when Life got tough and the Moments toge... —

Music Video - When will we stop - Is love real when rape exists?

When Will We Stop? Freedom has never been felt Love has never been lived It's always just been words Not spoken for all the world It's always just been lies To cover up our demise Power has never been here We have been hiding in fear Desire is all we know Suffering... —

Music Video Hello Fuckkers -- Whats My Honey?

Lyrics: Bernard Poolman Hello Fucker I am the Fucker that´s been calling You Yes we are both Fuckers We are all Fuckers We´re in this fucking World A fucked-up world We always want fucking Money But all our Money is fucked-up We´re always wanting fucking Sex But af... —

New world order? Money Crash? Starvation and Murder? A fun world?

Super-Sonic Money Machines Costume guys with big dreams House wives with security needs Oh what a fun world we have War in the desert for oil Trying to make money out of soil While a kid is blown to pieces Oh what a fun world we have Fear of another day Don't have... —

I declare war on love

I declare WAR on LOVE as the Illusion trapping man from standing up and changing this shit hole to a place where we are all equal. I declare war on love I swing with Iron Glove I crush the illusion of grace And see the real face Lies to protect our maze A partner so that ... —

Adolf Hitler - Words to my people

A draft from Hitlers new book. The complete book can be found at —

Viktor - No more love Jesus

No more Compromise No more love ties It ain't my size No more money No more Love Honey I had enough of all this shit I walk away now I quit "I suggest we get down to some motherfucking forgiveness" Bernard Poolman No more knowledge No more College No more masters or... —

Viktor - I give myself the key

A breath in a breath out that is what it is all about No more no less I stand for all to confess All the fuzz is gone as I accept me as one I lie down to rest I give up my nest And my desire to be best I am free to be me It's free for all to see I give myself the k... —

Viktor - Endless whisper of silence

Someday it'll be aright There won't be anyone left to fight We wil lie cold and stiff We'll lie at the bottom of the cliff And all that seemed so important Will be long lost and forgotten The humans will be gone since forever And no one will be there to talk about the s... —

Viktor Persson - One road

Lyrics: Bernard Poolman One Will, One Road, One Equal In My Hands I hold the Sands Of the Earth of my Birth Through my Fingers Time slips as I Lingers Ten Fingers, Ten Roads Which Road to Follow That will Fill the Hollow Which Road am I Equal to Which ... —