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At the age of 20 I grew more and more sick of myself, and my constant failures to produce something of enjoyment and meaning in my life. I searched for fulfillment everywhere but here, as the fulfillment of living breath; and so one day whilst I was contemplating what I could do in this world, and how come I experienced this world and myself as meaningless; I found desteni!

And consequently – I found meaning and a point to existence: birthing myself as life from the physical and stopping this world as it currently exist.

Viktor Persson

Day 259: OOD = Obsessive Organizing Disorder

Today as I woke up, I knew that I had a long day of reading ahead of me – and because I know that I can focus and concentrate better when I have had some physical movement, I decided to go out and spend my morning doing some ‘farm-work’. Now, I currently live on an old farm, a... —

259: Some Keys to Transcending Fear

I remember Bernard once said to me that if you still experience fear in someway, then you are not aware yet of life – and that fear as such was a cool cross-reference in terms of establishing where you are in your process of self-creation; when there is fear – there is still a... —

Day 257: The Ultimate Act of Revenge

When I have been in a quarrel with someone, and I accepted and allowed myself to go into a reaction, and in someway or another vest myself in the conflict, and take it personally, there is an interesting aftermath taking place within me. This aftermath will involve me having v... —

Day 256: Squabbling

Today’s blog will be dedicated to looking more deeply into a word that I have run into in my daily living. This word is ‘squabbling’ and in the dictionary squabbling is defined as the following: A noisy quarrel about something trivial: family squabbles. Now, not too unexpected... —

Day 255: Are You Easily Distracted?

Are you one of those that get’s easily distracted? For example, when you have decided to do your homework, or sit down to engage in a activity that you do not look forward to that much, you seem to find so many other things that are more important, and that you would like to d... —

Day 254: Stealing My Time

In the recent interviews with Anu on Eqafe, the point of how much time we spend on the problems we face inside of ourselves, compared with the time we spend on establishing and living a solution within ourselves is discussed. You can download and listen to the interview HERE. ... —

Day 253: Haunted By My Expectations

Have you ever felt haunted by your own expectations? For me this has been a recurring point in my life for some time, and the pattern basically goes like this. I will create an expectation about how something should, or is going to play out, and then I will begin to stress tha... —

Day 250: Drive, Passion, and Excitement

Drive, passion and excitement – three words that so many of us look for in life, I myself not excluded, which is why todays writings will be dedicated to this point. To illustrate my issues with these words, lets have a look the popular TV-series: Suits. In suits, which is abo... —

Day 247: Creating Movement – Part 1

This blog post will be the start of a series of blogs where I will share how I changed myself from being without movement and direction, to being motivated, driven, and proactive. I know that there are many out there like me – that just do not feel like doing anything – and I ... —

Day 246: The art of decision making

Oftentimes we do hear how it’s good to vent ourselves – which it’s apparently healthy to clear the air, get everything out there, speak it as it is, and show what is really going on. In theory this might be great, because we can discuss what is really going on – though in prac... —

Day 245: Extending The Family Unit

If we take a look at the base programming in human beings, one deep and very much influential pattern is the characters we create and live out in relation to the family. The average human being exists within and as the understanding that the family means more than ‘strangers’ ... —

Day 244: Revolt

In the adult world there are many traditions, habits and social niceties that just doesn’t make any sense. For example, if you’re invited to another, and they are offering dinner; you can’t start eating until they say it’s okay to start eating. Other strange points is that you... —

Dag 372: Existentiell ångest

Existentiell ångest, vad är det? Jo, existentiell ångest är den upplevelsen som dyker upp inom de flesta när man kommer in i vuxenlivet och märker att tiden faktiskt går ganska fort, och man därmed förstår att man inte kommer leva för evigt. Denna upplevelse har också getts an... —

Day 242: What is real evolution?

What is real evolution? The general accepted view of evolution is that of external shifts in form, techniques, and designs – and mostly the word is connected to survival – and from the human point of view – evolution is most often seen in the context of career or spiritual awa... —

Day 241: Existential Anxiety

Do you feel stressed? Do you have this experience of stress because you feel that you must ‘use’ life to it’s maximum, yet the time just seem to be slipping away from you? Do you feel like life is moving away day by day and no matter how much you try to retain the time, be eff... —

Day 371: Många åtaganden = Stress?

Att vara stressad, jäktad, är det samma som att vara effektiv? Många bär säkert på illusionen att desto mer man stressar, desto mer ångest man har, desto bättre går det och ju mer saker kan man få gjorda. Under mina studier träffade jag flera gånger på människor som inte kunde... —

Day 240: What Is Real Independence?

If you who are reading this have reached an age above 18, I’m quite certain that you can relate the phenomenon called teenage rebellion, or the ‘breaking away from your parents’-phase. My own breaking-away period was to put it mildly, very aggressive and destructive, and the f... —

Day 239: Feeling criticized

Today I am going to open up a physical reaction that came up today as I was barbecuing. Now, basically, I was standing by the barbeque, tending to the meat – and then another person enters into my environment. This person began to speak, and utilized a piercing tonality, where... —

Day 238: Self-neglect – and how to correct it

A couple of awesome and inspiring interviews have been released from Eqafe in the last few days covering the subject self-neglect. Here are links to the products: Self Neglect: How you Neglect Yourself – Atlanteans – Part 307 Self Neglect: Changing the Pattern – Atlanteans – P... —

Day 237: Greed and the drive for survival

Recently I walked through an experience where I had made a deal with person, that they would give me some money, and in turn I would give them a product. Though what happened was that I gave the product, and the recipient didn’t give the money – and this is what in law is call... —

Day 236: Boldness

Boldness – to be bold, to be daring, what does that mean when we look at the words from a starting point of what is best for all? That is what I will investigate in this blog. So, for some context, I’ve been looking at the point of fearing to speaking up in moments when I see ... —

Day 235: Relationship with Money

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Many bundles of US 100 dollars bank notes Money is a very important part of our lives, and it is thus important to have a clear and precise definition of the word money. Many believe th... —

Day 234: Authority In Relationships

A couple of days ago I had an interesting event take place in my life, which effectively shows how I still have to practice living and bring into my life, the word authority. The context was the following: I had decided to meet up with a friend so that we could study together,... —

Day 370: Modet att bli avvisad

Att ta kontakt med nya människor, skapa nya relationer, nya möjligheter, lära känna nya kulturer, komma in i nya hem – vad är det som håller oss tillbaka från sådana äventyr? För min egen del är det svaret ganska uppenbart, till stor del går det tillbaka till rädslan för att b... —

Day 233: What You Focus Upon Grows

What you place your focus upon will grow? Yes, that is how it works and to take an example from my own life: I had planned to start my own business for quite some time, I’d made tons of research, gotten to know all the laws, many secrets of the trade, and I felt ready to go ou... —

Day 232: Being Super-Serious About Life

Being Super-Serious about life – isn’t that something we tend to become, as we grow older? At least I can see that this has happened to me in many ways, though primarily with regards to survival, future, career and money – and thus – in this blog I’m going to open up the minds... —

Dag 368: Generad

Under vissa omständigheter blir jag generad, och en av dessa är när jag frågar någon om den skulle vilja göra någonting med mig, eller hitta på någonting. Jag upplever inte mig generad med alla människor. De som jag har haft ett mer långvarigt förhållande med brukar jag inte a... —

Day 231: The Art of Doing It

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, ... —

Dag 367: Nostalgi

Ibland kommer det upp inom mig glimtar av mitt förflutna. Det kan röra sig om ett minne på någon skola jag gick på, eller när jag gjorde värnplikten, eller något annat. Jag har olika emotionella och känslomässiga reaktioner beroende på vilket minne det rör sig om, men med viss... —

Day 230: Too Much Luggage

At my job as a taxi-driver I sometimes have to help people with lifting heavy baggage. This is most of the times relatively easy, as the great majority customers have only but a little luggage. Though some make out to be the anomaly, and accordingly they have more trunks, bags... —